Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As the weather has changed at the moment from very very hot to cool and misty, I thought I would cheer myself up with some photos I took when the sun was shining…
My John loved his aquilegia flowers in the garden and of course it looks messy but oh so pretty, we love a wild garden and it is at the moment, very high maintenance sometimes, and I get tired of pulling the weeds, but I cannot use chemicals one reason because the cat likes to chew on the nepeta etc, and I would not like to harm all the birds and bees, so hard work but worth it.

As you know…click on the photo to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This weeks line up is smaller but never the less so full of talent, and of course you never know who may turn up to join in to sing…

Tim Densham back from his holiday… playing his Saxophone 
and Clarinet…joining him will be Ron Hockett with Clarinet 
and Saxophone… pleased to see him returning to play again…

The back line who we cannot do without is 
Alan Cugnoni… Banjo/Guitar…

Tony Jullings (the prof) who always provides such great 
Double Bass… and we have Neil Kane back again on his Drums…

With that line up looks like another great night of jazz, so hope to see a nice lot of support for the Sole Bay…

Start time 8pm

Monday, May 28, 2012

Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Sunday

What a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday in May.

Thank you  Tim, Keith and Sheila for my day out,  what a glorious day of sun… music … and the meeting of friends.

I really appreciate being invited to all the jazz, and the sound was really good at Reepham, the courtyard lends itself to a cosy friendly space, even if the seats are hard!

Sorry I have missed Vic and the double bass player off, but they, like all the players were very good, but I did not like to get up in front of everyone and take a different shot.
 Nice little duet pieces from Tim and Pete and some singing, no Bill I am not going to mention 'you know what'. John giving us some great cornet playing.

So thanks again, for a sunny musical Sunday.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last year the two girls who are 'Toccata' sang and amused at the Beccles Conservative Club, and last night they were back to give the audience a lovely selection of songs and laughter.

I could not resist these as last year Jim got ravished by the ladies and this year it was the turn of Gordon!
As you can see he was not enjoying it!
The girls have so much energy and the singing as I have mentioned is really great, we had a good rendition of one from The Phantom of the Opera, very moving.
Sorry Gordon could not resist just another one!

Today the Club have a live session of Jazz with the Footwarmers and they have a BBQ as well.

Everyone is welcome… you can sit outside as they have a rather lovely bowling green that has seats round the edge …a lovely way to spend a hot sunny day in May!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Well photos do not want to load, and I had some really great ones, but managed to download these…
Thanks to Neil who spotted the next generation watching while I was busy, it was so lovely they will be jazz fans in the future we hope!
Well at last a few more downloaded, hope you can see from these how hard they play to give us such pleasure, so thanks to everyone, and of course roll on next Thursday night.


Well what else to call it, a great night of happy jazz! Thanks to all of the folk who turned up as well to watch and hear another good night of live music.

You never know what to expect as every week it sounds different, but always great musicians that give us all a night of enjoyment.

Photos are taking an age to download so will try again in a while, meantime as well as the planned members playing, Peter came and gave a couple of numbers on the drums, and Simon Brown who plays such wonderful piano did some numbers for Ray, I have always admired Simon's playing, seen him a few times at the Green Man, Rackheath and he did us proud last night.

So with all those folk you have a great mix of music.

Such a  good crowd as I have mentioned, maybe we will have to open the doors soon Jon and sit outside as well! Thanks as always to Heidi and the staff as they do a good job of looking after us all, and thanks again to all the fans who come and support the gentlemen every Thursday, Alan said a few words of thanks to everyone because as he says without the support they would not be able to share their music.

I will try and load the photos on another page hopefully they will appear.


Wow a great night, the browser too slow this morning to post photos, so after I get back from shopping I will try again.

Watch this space!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I do not know where the time goes it seems to fly nowadays, maybe because Thursday nights seem to be what part of my life revolves around. I am not sure how come I got so involved with the Sole Bay Jazz but oh so glad I did, I am a newbie compared with a lot of the people who attend the jazz and they have become such good friends …and you know age does not matter it is what you do with your life that makes you, it is such a pleasure to watch the audience on a Thursday night, all ages enjoying the music, I am really thankful  to be part of it. I am also pleased they allow me to chat about them on my blog.

So this week we have another change in the line up Alan has done a good job again getting these fine musicians to entertain us.

Alan Cugnoni…Tony Jullings… Craig Hipperson 
who are the backbone of the line up, and fronting this week we give a big welcome back to Bill Skinner with his saxophone skills…Bill Brewer will also be showing his skills on the trombone and he keeps it quiet but I hear he has a good singing voice, but he will deny that, and I will get wrong for putting that on here, sorry Bill! however he  does play a really melodic trombone…Ray Simmons on the piano, a man of many skills what a good job he did last week… and heading up this week young Simon Nelson… who manages to tour all over the place, but still comes and plays with the Sole Bay when he can…

Well that is a line up not to be missed, so do come along and join in you know where it is…
 The Pavilion,  Ditchingham, near Bungay… 

I am so pleased that the team at the venue gave the band this great place to play, they do such a good job with the football. cricket plus lots of other sport related goings on, but let us loose on a Thursday night to take over with wonderful live music.

Friday, May 18, 2012


 These photos do not allow you to appreciate how great last night was! but suppose I was so enjoying the music the camera was shaking (so you will have to forgive me but dear Craig who played some wonderful drumming and Alan on the Banjo and Guitar) are not shown.
I am not sure I can put into words how GREAT last night at the Pavilion in Ditchingham was, we were entertained by some brilliant musicians and I can honestly say the audience were all enthralled by the performance.

Ray hosted the evening and played some wonderful Trumpet and Piano pieces, with the really talented Ron Hockett (who we are so pleased he decided to come to our little corner and let us hear his talent for playing the Saxophone and Clarinet).

Backed by Craig on the Drums … Alan on the Banjo …Tony on the Double Bass…and what a pleasure to hear young Simon Denny giving his all with some gorgeous moody songs.

Gentlemen you gave us all a thrilling evening of music which I am sure will remain with us for many a day, a great privilege to have been there, and I would like to thank you all for such a memory, and I know I speak for the crowd of fans who were there, and judging by the amount of applause and cheering that came from everyone you can be assured you were a HIT.

Alan did mention again last night that no one leaves  a comment on my blog, but my Stat counter tells me that a lot of people do look in, so I am not that bothered, but in case you would like to comment (nice ones would be good!) you need a google password and just press comment, where you can leave a message, and then you have to write the silly words that will appear there and put your password in press and hey ho you will see your comment appear, but as I have said it does not matter as long as I know that a lot of people look in, after all it is my blog diary so I do not mind if I am talking to myself!

Once again Thank you so much Gentlemen for a wonderful evening of Music.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz 17th May 2012

We have a great line up for the 17th May at the
Ditchingham Pavilion…

Ray Simmons…Trumpet…Ron Hockett…Sax/Clarinet…

Craig Hipperson… Drums…Tony Jullings… Double Bass…

Simon Denny… Songs… 

and back from holidays…
Alan Cugnoni…Guitar/Banjo…

Hope to see a nice crowd to support these fine muscians…

Start time 8pm

Live music rocks!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This morning I awoke with the sun streaming in and it was only 6am,. Sunshine? so strange, so the urge to clean came upon me, washing in the machine, I started on the conservatory, long over due as have a leak in the roof, so have been putting off cleaning. Looks good now!

Oscar has been rather poorly over the past months after much visiting to the vets I decided to treat him with my Aloe Vera, also got the animal aloe from my forever living source, and what a change, he has been getting better daily, this morning while I was cleaning I noticed him in the garden eating his nepeta plant, and the next thing heard all this commotion lo and behold he had climbed the red robin tree, he has not been up there since he was a kitten!

The problem was I had it cut down a few years ago and although parts have grown again I planted a rose (very prickly) and a clematis to climb up it, so having got up there he could not get down, I know I do spoil him, but in the end I did coach him down.

So even if only for a short time Spring has arrived, all the windows and doors thrown open to welcome it, lets hope it stays a while after all the rain it is so lovely.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Roy's Boy's

It all went very well last night with Romping Roy and his Musical Mates at the Pavilion…
…A really good night of music that everyone enjoyed…
A nice different mix with singing…laughter and fun…we heard some great playing and I have to say Barry you get more confident and your voice is great, Roy, Ian,Tony, Neil and Barry thanks for all the melodies, Dave took over for a few numbers from Neil, with some drum solo's…

So thanks to one and all for sitting in for The Sole Bay …

Thanks for good company…good music…and for the lift June…

Looking forward to next week, I have not got the full list yet but hear Ray Simmons and Ron Hockett are playing… watch this space.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Romping Roy

This Thursday evening we will be entertained by
 'Romping Roy and his musical mates' as I have mentioned before.

Some of the Sole Bay are off on holidays and other commitments, so come and enjoy a splendid evening of good music and singing, also a load of fun.

If you look to some of the other Romping Roy posts you will find we all have a good night with them, so hope to see a nice lot of folk to support them and enjoy live music.

Monday, May 07, 2012


The sun is shining this morning and as it is so unusual for that to happen of late, I thought I would pop a pretty clematis on here.

Actually it belongs to one of my sister in laws, I took her to a shop that opened a little while ago in Beccles, and it is one of those cheaper bargain places that has a few plants, and she bought a couple of clematis, but I thought they would not grow so I did not bother, silly me they are rather lovely so serves me right being a snob!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Night Out!

Last night at the Beccles Conservative Club a very talented young man, gave a  fully attended crowd of happy people a really fun night.

Kevin Barry played the guitar also banjo and sung so very nicely, he had the whole place joining in so many of the songs, and the dance floor was crowded.

I missed him last time he played, but so glad June and I decided to go along as it was well worth it. He is also playing there in July.

The whole staff did a grand job of making it a successful night, and the crowd of friends who I am so lucky to have, and a lot of people I have never seen before had an evening to remember.
Lots of dancing and singing good friends what more could one ask.

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Hope this works! Wow it did …now I have to remember how I did it.

There are now 3 chicks hatched and they are all being fed by both birds, one more egg to hatch.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Pavilion Jazz May 3rd

Just a few photos from last night at the Pavilion at Ditchingham, this new photo shop is a bit strange although I should remember all I have been taught, like write between the photos before I put them on, whoops, never mind it is a learning curve, so at the top we have Tim who as always provided us with some smooth playing and some witty remarks and even some singing! (I think?)

Then Chris and Barbara, she is great on that banjo, and dear Chris looking rather hot and bothered on this photo, but did some good songs for us. With the aid of Tim making him laugh!

Followed by Neil on the drums, back from his holidays, and Tony actually looking up for a change, great bass playing as always…and John who came and played his cornet for us for the first time at Ditchingham. Hoped you liked the venue John, nice to see Judy again.

It seemed a strange night to me, but maybe only me, not as many people as usual, although the hall was full when we went in as the cricket players were still there, and so us fans found ourselves finding different places to sit, after all it is their club, but after they went we seem to settle down to listen to the jazz.

Nice to see a few new faces, and thanks as always for the great support of the folk who turn up week on week to support the Sole Bay in its different guises. Such good friends and a great night out. And of course the band really appreciate it.

Thanks Heidi you did well hope you feel better soon.

Next week we have a different line up, as because of other commitments and holidays, we have "Romping Roy and his musical mates" to provide some great live music and singing, and you can be sure of a lot of fun and laughter. but I will remind you next week.

In the meantime it is back to the drawing board, to remember all the details of this new photo shop, I will get there in the end.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Thanks to Duncan for reminding me that the Peregrine's on the side of Norwich Cathedral have hatched 2 of their young with 2 eggs to go!

We had the most terrible storm last night but they have managed to keep their chicks safe, this is rather a time consuming thing to watch but worth having a peep at now and again, I hope they do not mind being a part of reality TV but it is so interesting.

For those who have not seen it google Hawk and Owl Trust.    Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz 3rd May

Where did April go? 1st of May has arrived so quickly with more rain!

But to bring us sunshine on Thursday night in the Pavilion at Ditchingham we have the following line up…

Tim Densham…Saxophone/Clarinet…Neil Kane… Drums…

Tony Jullings…Double Bass…

Joining them will be John Gooding Trumpet…

Chris Capocci… Trombone and a song or two, not at the same time!

Babara Greene…Banjo… 

So come along and support the band live music is great… 

There is a lovely atmosphere and lots of rather nice people that follow the band, so join in the fun and hear some live jazz.