Friday, December 31, 2010


I just could not resist putting this gorgeous photo on as it is of very special people, who I love dearly, my dear niece, hubby and baby..and want to wish them a very Happy New Year and a very healthy one.

I took the photo from the grandparents Christmas present..hope you agree it is a lovely family photo.

Jazz Flixton Buck

Yet another great night of jazz, several of the band were suffering with colds, but managed to make wonderful music well done to them all and you were appreciated. .great singing and harmonies from Simon and Tony.

Happy New Year to you all ..a special thank you June once again for taking us.

Looking forward to next Thursday I will put the line up on when Alan gets it together.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

30th December jazz

Just heard from Alan that the line up at the Flixton Buck on the 30th will be:-

Alan Cugnoni..(guitar and banjo)..Neil Kane..(drums)..
Tony Jullings..(double bass)..

Front line ..Tim Densham..(reeds)..Simon Nelson..(brass and singing I hope)..
Tony Parsons..(trombone)..

And maybe Ray Simmons..(piano)...

So looking like yet another great line up,well done Alan you managed it once again.. do hope to see a nice lot of music lovers there, to see the old year out, as it will be 2011 the jazz after this one...

Thank you guys for another wonderful year of live music and for all the friends who turn up to listen.

I do hope all the folk who have been unwell will soon recover, and that you are not suffering too much from over indulging on Christmas Day!

Friday, December 24, 2010


I did not take photos last night at the Buck but..Wow what a great night of music from the Sole Bay Jazz.. It was Derek's birthday and he played like a young un!! Thank you so much it was a pleasure as always to listen to you all..nothing like live music to make you feel alive.

Well done to you all what a lovely way to start the Christmas feeling..

I need to firstly say thank you June for driving last night and your lovely company I was so tired and did not think I could go, you are a star...

Also for the other good friends there..Heather you looked so nice in your santa outfit. pity Colin and Duncan were unable to see that, I should have taken a photo! (get well soon Dunc)

Thanks Keith and Sheila for you know what! I hope you feel a lot better today..

I know a few of you look in on my blog and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thank you one and all again for making Thursday nights such good fun..

Alan no doubt will be managing to get a line up for next Thursday, and I will put it on here, hope that the weather is better then.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jazz Flixton Buck 23rd December

Just heard from Alan that the line up for Thursday night will be:-

Alan Cugnoni..(banjo and guitar) Tony Jullings..(double bass)

Neil Kane..(drums)

Front line:- Tim Densham..(reeds) Derek Cubitt..(reeds)
Ray Simmons..(trumpet or keyboard!)

And of course one never knows who may turn up and give a tune or a song.

Hope the weather holds so we can all get to the Buck and back to enjoy the great sounds that the Sole Bay produces. and meet up with friends

Happy Christmas to all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jazz Flixton Buck

What a night! weather was terrible but those who managed to get to come to the Buck had a warm welcome, the bar was full and all decorated for Christmas...and lovely and warm with a nice fire and lots of folk having their Christmas parties.

Sadly the long room was cool and not many of us to fill it, no decorations, and not at all feeling like Christmas BUT when the guys started playing it warmed up, really great music, very upbeat and lots of laughs so in the end we all had a great time...thanks to all the lovely people there.

Poor Phil the landlord is getting tired and still a week to go to Christmas, I know how hard it is to run a public house and do food, it gets so tiring, but you have to make the most of the folk who do turn out in all weathers and the food is really good, so Phil enjoy it, it will soon be spring! and you will be busier than ever! Sorry...just put a smile on your face and welcome us all as we love coming to see you, and do appreciate that Jazz is not your kind of music, but you would not like to be without us all! (I hope)..

I only hope everyone managed a safe journey home. I want to thank Linda for our safe ride although very slippery and slow, when we arrived at mine I stepped up to my ankles in snow! but safe, Linda took a while getting to her's but she rang to say she was home...and as I said I do hope all you others arrived without to many problems.

I hope the snow goes soon ,it is picture postcard pretty, but lethal on the roads, maybe my memory is failing but when we were young we had weather like this a lot in the winter's and the farmers used to clear the country roads, and the main roads were always clear, but of course we all have cars nowadays and journey a lot further, I do hope that those who are able to get out and about and make lots of snow men (and women)! and get the sledges out, oh those were the days when one never worried about the snow, just enjoyed it.

Jazz next week we hope this space to see who will be playing..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jazz Thursday 16th December

Oh dear late putting this on this week.. the line up for Thursday at the Buck is:-

Alan (banjo and guitar)..Tony (double bass)..Craig will be on (drums)..

Front line is Tim on (reeds) ..Dick Mayhew (trombone)..
Ray Simmons (keyboard..

As usual we never know who will turn up to give us a song ..

So let us hope the weather is not as bad as they forecast.

Come and have a great night out with the music and good friends to make the night one not to be missed...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jazz Flixton Buck

Yet another great night at the Buck with the Sole Bay Jazz, did not get good pics of all of them but it was a really upbeat night.
Nice to see Zeb come and play his Trombone again ..not sure about the hat Zeb!! but the playing was good.

Looking forward to next Thursday already!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


My friend took me with her for a drive this afternoon to pick something up, and we had a sat nav with us, ha ha that was so funny obviously we must have put the wrong destination in, and we got lost, however we found the place she was looking for in the end, then we took another wrong turn back and ended up on some very icy roads.
But with the bonus of this gorgeous sunset..
Plenty of snow out there still, but thought these were pretty.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Just posted this on my "stitching bints blog", thought I would put it on here as well in case everyone thinks I just have jazz posts now!!

Nice and cosy for the evenings! ha ha not the image my friends at jazz have of me..

Now that is finished can start on the Christmas cake decorations.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Well seems I missed a really good night at the jazz on Thursday evening, really sorry not to have been there... but well done to all who made it I hear that the Sole Bay guys played a great night of music..

Really hope the weather improves by next week.

The musicians playing next week will be Alan Cugnoni..banjo and guitar..Neil Kane..drums

Tony Jullings..double bass..Tim Densham..sax and clarinet

Derek Cubitt..reeds ..Ray Symonds..trumpet..

So another great line up, just hope we can all make it there, do not want to miss another night of jazz and meeting up with all the lovely people who follow the lads.

Fed up me!

Had to miss jazz last night because of the weather and a very bad head yesterday, so hoping that one of the folk will let me know how it went.

It was so strange to spend the evening not being there with friends and listening to the great music. Hope you all had a good time and looking forward to next week.

Had spent so much time making sure everyone had all they needed early in the week, as the snow was not as bad, then got stuck in for a couple of days, but had plenty of phone calls and e mails from friends who were unable to get out as well....never mind hoping to get to the shops today but the road looks pretty icy out there.

The pavements and the road up here are shocking, maybe our council thinks that we do not matter, I was hoping that all the fit people without jobs who are on benefit could get out with some sand and salt and help clear the paths, but I suppose Health and Safety would not allow that.. I wonder where all out council and road tax is going this year?

Better not moan any more, but getting old is not good in this weather.. take care all who venture out in the ice and snow.. keep safe and warm..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jazz ..Flixton Buck 2nd December 2010

Alan has just sent me the list of the Sole Bay Jazz members playing on Thursday night at the Buck:-

Weather is a factor this time of the year, so drive safely all who can come..

So weather permitting.. Playing his double bass Tony Jullings..

Craig Hipperson on the drums..Alan Cugnoni ..banjo and guitar..

On the front line Tim Densham..clarinet and sax.. Simon Nelson..Cornet..and
Tony Parsons.. trombone.

Looks like another great musical evening so hope to see a nice of of people supporting the band, come and have some fun.

If you are thinking of a meal please book a table.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


It may look pretty but would prefer this snow to not have fallen in November, never mind just hope everyone who has to venture out will be careful, always someone who thinks they can still drive fast and furious, so stay safe. As age creeps on like it less and less such a shame as it is just nature.
I hope my poor fish are sound asleep under the ice and snow! have got the barrel wrapped in bubble wrap which was Ok last year, but have to get out and clear the bird station asap..

Brrr roll on Spring!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thursday evening with the Sole Bay Band at the Buck turned out to be a really good night despite the terrible weather outside the guys warmed us up with some great jazz... I did not get pics of them all but Ray played a rather yummy keyboard with a nice lot of little tunes which some of us picked up on, well done Ray, and Peter sat in for Neil a while on the drums, just managed to catch him behind Derek, who as usual gave his all.
The prof on his double bass always a pleasure to listen to him. Alan on banjo and guitar, love seeing his grins back there, often wonder what his thoughts are!
Roy gave us a couple of songs as did Chris. Who was the Tramp Roy?
Tim as always wonderful sounds from his clarinet and the sax.
Bill playing his trombone with zest. and bringing lots of different music from his little electronic music book!
Sorry Chris and Ruth could not resist putting this one on lovely to see your smiling faces, and nice singing Chris.

Thanks Phil for managing to tolorate the great music.. you love us all really!! Missed you Heather hope you soon feel better..Colin and Duncan for the great company as always and the many friends who make the night special, thanks to Linda for driving in that terrible frosty weather, even if I did have to clamber over your seat as we could not open the passenger door.. glad everyone got home safe and sound.

Roll on next week hoping that the weather will be better, and some of the folk who have not been able to come of late, will return, we do miss you..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flixton Buck 25th November

The line up for next Thursday will be..

On the banjo and guitar Alan Cugnoni..Neil Kane..drums.Tony Jullings.. double bass.

The front line will be Tim Densham ..reeds Derek Cubitt..reeds.
Bill Brewer ..Trombone. and Ray Symonds on his keyboard.

What a great line up really should be a musical night worth a nice lot of folk turning up to cheer them on, so hope to see many of you there.

Come and join Phil and his team at the Buck for good food ,fun and great music, because as I have mentioned many times live music is wonderful.

Jazz 18th November

Sorry gentlemen I did not make the best use of my camera on Thursday night, but the music as always was great.. Nice to see Mike again and Dick (trummy) with such great trombone playing.
I have to say thank you to Alan who makes it all come together, and so glad that Phil (our landlord) has decided that we make good customers! Even if I have to take a lot of his strange humour to keep him nice and sweet....(sorry Phil) but it is worth it.

Tim who always manages to play such clear notes, our dear prof. who makes his double bass speak..and Neil who hides away behind his drums..and this week the sound different again with Dick and Mike, nice singing Mike as well...and of course Alan on banjo and guitar, (not at the same time).

So once again thank you for the music and thanks to all our friends who come week after week to appreciate the music and company.
See you on the 25th I hope..I will put the line up next..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday David, glad you enjoyed our lunch ,,Phil you missed your favourite, but there will be others. Love Mum x

Jazz11th November..

At the risk of saying the same thing again about these musicians.. and those who do look in here will be fed up with hearing it I am sure!
they were really really great on Thursday night at the Buck.
A different line up and a different sound, even Phil (who is not keen on jazz) enjoyed it! and we like to please our landlord!

Alan who does so well, as I have said, in organizing the players here with Derek who is Mr Music man ..
A little song from Roy who as we all know puts everything into giving us a performance ,with Tim on his clarinet, sorry about the lighting looks like he has a halo,well perhaps he deserves one..
Chris giving us more songs with the prof and Ray there with him, Ray you were really on form after your hectic day Ruth said you had, so what can we say but 'thank you for the music' such great fun everyone had.
Here with Francis a little snowman which she too gave away for a youngster, as I did last week..we are soppy us women!

The line up for the 18th Alan has just sent me is:-
Tony on double bass..Neil on drums.. Alan banjo and guitar..
the front line Tim on reeds with guests Mike Leigh ..trumpet and songs (good to have you back) and Dick (trummy) Mayhew on his trombone.

Another good line up and we never know who else may appear, so if you want a good night of jazz, good company and fun join us at the Flixton Buck.

Let us show those who play live music that we appreciate that in this day and age live is best.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Seagull..

Well not the bird Seagull.. but the theatre, what a great night of music and laughter from
"The Art Deco 'Hot' Orchestra."

Or as we know them the Sole Bay Jazz folk but all dressed up! and what a show.
Simon Denny did a really good job of the singing as usual, and don't you look good Simon ..liking the togs!

Lovely music and singing thanks to one and all, Roy and Janet for taking me and June for getting the ticket, so good to see a lot of the Thursday night folk there and we all did a little PR talking to some of the people who had not seen you and telling them to come on Thursday nights.. because Alan does a huge job of getting it all together, and they all love to play whatever mix it is.

So tonight, hope to see a nice lot at the Buck for more fun and jazz...Look out Phil here we come!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jazz Flixton Buck

Another good night at the Buck last Thursday, even though just two on the front line you did a great job. and nice songs Tony.
Keith this is for you, hope your great grandson liked it!

The line up for the 11th November will be:-

Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar)..Tony Jullings(double bass) ..and Craig Hipperson(drums)..

On the front line we have Tim Densham (reeds)..Derek Cubitt(reeds).. and Ray Simmonds(trumpet)..

So looking forward to another great night.. lots of different music with this line up, so do come and have some fun on Thursday..

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by, so tomorrow night Thursday the 4th November at the Buck we will have the Sole Bay Jazz guys again... this week the line up is:-

Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar) Tony Jullings (double bass) Neil Kane (drums)

Front line Tim Densham (sax and clarinet) and Tony Parsons (trombone).

One never knows who else will turn up to play as well.. so if you want a great musical evening come and join us at the Buck...

The food is great by the way...

Monday, November 01, 2010


A good lunch time yesterday at the Conservative Club here at Beccles with the Footwarmers..

Hope it sounds OK..Whoops just listened to the video, afraid it sounded much better live!! however they had a good time, think the banjo forgot his way for the first time ever..and I will have to improve on my camera work!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last evening I had a phone call to look at the sky as it would make a nice photo!
So thanks Ivan for the call, and hope I have at least got some of the beautiful sky.
Autumn is upon us, it is not a pleasant month for me as my John passed away this month eight years ago.. but it is still good to look up and wonder! He would have loved these.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Line up for the 28th..

Hope we will see a nice lot of people to support next week at the Flixton Buck.

The line up will be Tony Jullings (double bass)...Neil Kane (drums)...Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar)... and the front line is Tim Densham (clarinet and sax)..Dick (Trummy) Mayhew(trombone).. and Simon Nelson (trumpet) and we hope some songs..

These people work so hard to give us a good evening of jazz and so please come and support them.

And one never knows there may be some more musicians popping in..

Jazz Flixton Buck

Well another great night of jazz, thanks fellows...not too many people last night, but hope we who were there made up with our clapping..

Phil the landlord did say he enjoyed the music last night, I am glad about that.

As I said in my last post a good line up, and added to that we had Ray on the keyboard, so those who did not come missed some really great jazz ...different this week again because of the line up.. some yummy playing and singing.
A couple of solo's from Tony on his double bass, he makes good sounds. and the front liners blowing their socks off for us.
Alan does so well getting everyone to play each week, maybe we will have a few more followers back next week to cheer them on.
Lovely evening ..Colin and Duncan thanks for the laughs and the chips!! Nice to see Heather back as well....and Simon of well as all the other pals there, what a great bunch of people.

Thanks for the lift Ivan, and just want to say a get well soon for a very dear fan of the jazz who is in hospital at the moment, hurry back Peter we all miss you.

Alan will let me know who is playing next week, so watch this space..

Those who just want to see the jazz click on the banner above please..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flixton Buck 14th October

Yet another great night of Jazz last Thursday, nice to see everyone there enjoying themselves.

What a great line up as well. Neil on the drums and a change over at half time with Peter on drums...Tony as always our lovely man on the bass.. Barbara so good to see her again on banjo. and the front line of Simon Nelson who did a really good job of fronting the jazz this week, both playing and singing, ( not at the same time)! Chris on trombone, plus singing..and Pete Scott, who is also a great player, and songs from him as well, a bonus of Simon Denny who popped in with some great songs, so all in all a very enjoyable evening.
The jokes were great Simon!
A nice smile from Barbara...

Next week the 21st of October, the line up will be Alan Cugnoni ( banjo and guitar) who does all the business of getting the gigs together and it is a hard job to find all these good musicians every week. Tony Jullings (double bass)..and Neil Kane (drums)..front line this week, is Mike Leigh (trumpet) so nice to see him again..Bill Brewer (trombone) and Pete Scott (clarinet and sax).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jazz 14th October

This Thursday 14th October the Sole Bay Jazz will be at Flixton Buck again ..the line up is....

Tony Jullings(double bass)..Neil Kane (drums)..Barbara Greene (banjo) on the front line is..

Simon Nelson.. Pete Scott..Chris Cappoci..

..Another great night of jazz looks to be heading our way, so come and join in the fun..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wheatacre White Lion

On Thursday evening another great night of Jazz from the Sole Bay folk..

Then on Friday, Chris Capocci's Big House Jazz Men did a gig at the Wheatacre White of course many of us went to hear them play..

What a great night good music lovely people as always, and so tried another little video.

Hope you enjoy, thanks guys looking forward to the 12th November..

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jazz 7th October

This coming Thursday 7th October the line up at the Filxton Buck is:-

Alan Cugnoni (guitar and banjo).. Neil Kane (drums)..Tony Jullings (double bass).. and on the front line Ray Symonds (trumpet).. Derek Cubitt (reeds) and Trummy Mayhew (trombone)..

That sounds like another good line up, so hope to see all you jazz lovers there to support these great jazz musicians.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

St. Louis Blues

Yay! At last here is some more video of the amazing Sole Bay Jazz Band playing live at Flixton Buck. A great version of St.Louis Blues featuring Tim, Derek, Chris, Tony, Neil and Barbara.

Enjoy (except my camera work - I am still learning).

Friday, October 01, 2010


Those of you who look in and missed last nights jazz, well you missed some great music.

I cannot believe how different each week sounds with the wonderful musicians that come and play for us fans.

What a line up we had, Tim Densham (reeds) Tony Jullings (double bass)and sitting in for Neil on drums Craig Hipperson what a really talented drummer he is, and for Alan on banjo, our dear Barbara Green, she can make some really good sounds and always so happy..
Derek Cubitt (reeds) one of the lads guesting, and Ray Symonds who I was not expecting to play but he is so good on his keyboard, and can he tinkle the ivories.. also Tony Parsons on trombone and wonderful singing voice. You sang some good ones last night Tony!
As you can see we had young Zeb on his trombone again, and what a pleasure to see young people playing jazz, and how good for him to play with so many talented did a really fine session young Zeb, thank you.
A great night thanks to everyone, such a lovely crowd of friendly people who I have the pleasure to call so many of them 'my friends.'. you make Thursday nights such good fun and great listening. Thanks for taking me Ivan .. Duncan and Colin so good to have you back again.. A pity we cannot get all in the same room so many had to sit in the bar, but luckily the music sounds in there as well...

I will hear from Alan soon and will post next weeks line up on here, my goodness each week one thinks it cannot get better but it does!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jazz and Swing

Sunday September 26th, wow what a musical day!

This is the Big Band at the Flixton Air Museum, they are so great, and although it was pouring with rain outside, the warmth from all the lovely people in the hangar was just like in the war.
Just a few of the swing dancers, Stella and I are getting a bit past it to dance, but our feet were tapping away longing to be young again!
A few swing guys and gals during the interval. so good that they all dress up in the forties gear.
This is not line dance although it looks like it, I was taught this at the hangar dance the other year, but it is quite hard to pick up, they are good at it though.
This is where we went first the Club, and the Footwarmers playing great jazz...Craig and Chris also play with the Sole Bay Band..
Pity they were both playing the same day, but thanks to Ivan we managed to get to both, and have a wonderful time.

Such a talented lot of musicians, and everyone is so friendly both here and the Hangar at Flixton, great to meet up with lots of friends at both places, and of course a nice lot of the Sole Bay Jazz crowd were at Flixton as well...hope you are not too tired today Stella.

Looking forward to the Sole Bay on Thursday, see my earlier post for who is playing this week. come and enjoy, it will make you feel good!