Monday, September 27, 2010

Jazz and Swing

Sunday September 26th, wow what a musical day!

This is the Big Band at the Flixton Air Museum, they are so great, and although it was pouring with rain outside, the warmth from all the lovely people in the hangar was just like in the war.
Just a few of the swing dancers, Stella and I are getting a bit past it to dance, but our feet were tapping away longing to be young again!
A few swing guys and gals during the interval. so good that they all dress up in the forties gear.
This is not line dance although it looks like it, I was taught this at the hangar dance the other year, but it is quite hard to pick up, they are good at it though.
This is where we went first the Club, and the Footwarmers playing great jazz...Craig and Chris also play with the Sole Bay Band..
Pity they were both playing the same day, but thanks to Ivan we managed to get to both, and have a wonderful time.

Such a talented lot of musicians, and everyone is so friendly both here and the Hangar at Flixton, great to meet up with lots of friends at both places, and of course a nice lot of the Sole Bay Jazz crowd were at Flixton as well...hope you are not too tired today Stella.

Looking forward to the Sole Bay on Thursday, see my earlier post for who is playing this week. come and enjoy, it will make you feel good!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainbow day!

Whilst hanging my washing out this morning, a lovely rainbow appeared, no pot of gold at the end, but very nice, but of course since then the wind and rain returned, so the washing got another soaking!
Hopefully the washing will get dry in between, but autumn is here now!

Flixton Buck Jazz

The line up on Thursday for another great night of jazz, were..Tim..Mike..Bill.. on the front line, and Alan..Tony.. and Neil backing them.

I apologize for the grainy photos as we had a good lot of people crammed into the room, and I had to take these from the back! well that is my excuse, but the new little camera is so good, it was me that was at fault no doubt, but you can get the feeling that the music was really first class as always.

Of course with the different musicians joining in each week, we get lots of really good sounds.
Zeb again joining in ..great to see the younger folk loving jazz, and he is really good. Alan as always so good on his banjo. He organizes this each week, and at the bottom he has e mailed me the line up for 30th `Sept.
Tony ..Tim and Neil.. making it look so easy.
Dear Mike, who has really retired from playing, but oh so good that he keeps coming in now and then, as he is a great music man, and always a pleasure to hear him sing as well.
Bill with Zeb, Bill of course another great Trombone player, actually we had 2 more trombone players in the room, but they declined to play, but so good to see them come and lend their support.

So if you did not make it there, well what can I say, you missed a great night of fun and music, no food last week, but Phil the landlord has assured me it will be back next week.

Great to see so many people there, and to see some of the regulars that have been missing for a while, it was really good to see you.

I hope the new folk that now have found my blog, enjoy .. but if you like to let me know you can always comment if you care to, but please remember this is just my own opinion, so hope I do not offend anyone.

The line up for the 30th September will be..

Front line Tim Densham (reeds) Tony Parsons (Trombone) Derek Cubitt (reeds) Tony Julling (double bass) Craig Hipperson (drums), and a welcome return of Barbara on the banjo. I must admit that sounds such a good line up, so hope to see you all there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Henham Steam Rally

Not a health and safety person about here! wow the saw cut through the wood so quickly, scary! No guard!
Just one of the steam rollers, I was going to take them when they were all in the ring, but my batteries ran out on the camera...
A morgan car, 3 wheels. we named our dear old cat with 3 legs after one of these!
One for the boys ..Wymondham with our accent called windam here!
Only one shire horse that I managed to get, but on my last years post, there are some lovely suffolk punches. this one looks like it is eating some visitors!
An owl taking a quiet time out, the birds were lovely, and they flew a hawk later, but as I said no camera, that will teach me to check batteries first.
However a great day out sun was shining although a lot of wind blowing, well done to all involved hope you made lots of money.

Met up with a nice lot of friends as always, such a good turn out, and the weather stayed good for the Sunday as well.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sole Bay Jazz

Thursday September 23rd at the Flixton Buck.

Just heard from Alan, and the line up will be.Tim Densham, reeds, Alan Cugnoni, gtr/banjo, Neil Kane, on the drums, and Tony Jullings, double bass, and sitting in Mike Leigh and Bill Brewer, two great muscians.

So that sounds like a great night, look forward to seeing lots of you there. Come and support the band and enjoy great music.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flixton Jazz again

Tim and Derek jazzing away! with Tony in the background.
Derek,Neil and Barbara..
Chris giving his all! while Neil and Barbara concentrate!
Chris with Zeb..great to see him again a young man with a lot of talent.

Chris again, singing this time.

Another great night of music, looking forward to next week, as my post below says we will be at the Buck as usual, and when I hear from Alan will know who will be playing, so come along and enjoy. As usual watch this space....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jazz at Flixton

Morning folks who look in! (if you do not want to see all my waffle just click on the bar above and you will just get the jazz news.) another great night with the Sole Bay Jazz lads last night, I have some great photos looking forward to getting them on here, but new camera is a bit daunting and am still learning so it takes longer! or is it that I am getting older!

News that Phil the landlord has agreed that he WILL be having the Sole Bay play next week, he needs a holiday, as an ex landlady I know how tiring it can be, but of course the band really needs to have continuity as the followers like to see them weekly, so hopefully after Phil has a rest all will be well again for the near future.

So when Alan gets back off holiday we should know who will be playing, so watch this space.

I will get back to trying to download some photos from last night, great line up with Tim, Neil, and Tony, Barbara sitting in on banjo, Derek on reeds and Chris on trombone, also another welcome visit from Zeb, so great music, thanks guys as always.

Monday, September 13, 2010


A few shots with my new little camera! thought this looked interesting!
Should have given this one to Dive for his Monday spot! never seen the tide so high, neither had this chap obviously!
Young seagulls, should have put a video on so you could have heard them!
These ones posed!
A lone sail boat, being targeted by more seagulls!
Lovely ocean going sail boat off to somewhere nice.
More seagulls!
Three hulls are better than one?
Yet more seagulls..
The tide was the highest I have ever seen.
Just a lovely walk along the harbour on a Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoy. I did!

Click on the photos for a better look.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Oscar agreed to be my model for trying out the new camera! great clarity, am really pleased with it, hope to pop out today and see if I can find some interesting things to take, it will be a change from jazz!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

new camera

Thursday night at the Buck .I took some photos with my new little Canon, some better than others, but have learned how to do a video, so watch out folks that should be a laugh.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Another great night of music from the Sole Bay Jazz, at the Buck.

Sad news that Phil the Landlord will be having a break from the Sole Bay after next week, for one week, so watch this space.. hoping he changes his mind.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

At Last! Hollywood Beckons!

At long last I have managed to download my first attempt at a movie.
This is an Oldie but Goldie from Chris and Ruth's wedding, just as a try-out.
If this works properly I'll be posting some clips of the jazz more often.

Please forgive the camerawork (sheesh).

Sept 9th Jazz at Flixton Buck

Have just heard from Alan that the line up for 9th September will be:-
Tim Densham, reeds.. Alan Cugnoni, banjo and guitar..Neil Kane, drums..Tony Jullings, double bass..and Dick Mayhew (trummy) on trombone.

Looks like a great line up, lots of people on holidays at the moment, but one never knows maybe some more guests may pop in.

Alan does such a great job organising the line up each week.. somehow making the sounds so different with the mix of muscians.

It will as always be a great night at the Flixton Buck, great company and wonderful music, so come along and enjoy.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Another great night at the Flixton Buck on Thursday .

The line up being Tim Densham on reeds/Alan Cugnoni, guitar and banjo/ Neil Kane, Drums /the Prof Tony Jullings on double bass/and guests Derek Cubitt on reeds, and Simon Nelson with his cornet and vocal...

A return of Zeb a young trombone player, who we have watched over the years, made another great night..

No photos this week, but will try next week...Thanks to the staff, as always for making it fun, and the lovely friends and fans who make it all worth while for the great musicians, it gives them such good feed back when week after week people turn out to hear the jazz.

Also no line up information for next Thursday at the moment, but watch this space...

I am trying to make the blog a bit better, but at the moment if you are interested in just the jazz, just click on the top banner, but if you want my ordinary chat, just keep with cakes and al!!