Friday, July 29, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

Another great night of jazz at the Buck..

Just a small photo as I did a video of 'Summer Time', with Simon singing, and somehow it has decided not to be compressed and on here, but will try again, although Elsie is singing on it unfortunately ,I did not realise she was so close! but it is still not too bad, so fingers crossed I can find out how to get it on again..

Anyway what a wonderful night of jazz and fun, such a different mix once again, and although we were hoping for the swing dancers to visit that did not happen, but a very good night of music and singing..

So thanks to one and all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The other evening I was gazing out of the window and thought how good the sky looked, I am rather partial to sky photos! as some of my past posts show.
I suppose not everyone just stops and stares, the world seems a much better place when you just look and relax you can then appreciate the elements..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Have not had many cakes this year so not bothered to post the ones I have done...also have been trying to get the garden in order after last year having so many cakes the garden got left...

However this sponge was rather cute obviously a Norwich City Fan..

I looked in a Norwich City book that John had, to get the Canary right, and had a lovely surprise, as a photo dropped from the book, signed by some of the players from 1985 as we won the Milk Cup that year, we were at our pub 'The Angel' at the time and some of the players lived nearby, so we had a party I remember I made a 'milk cup look a like' and the pub was all green and yellow balloons... brought back a lot of good memories.

So Happy Birthday to the recipient, hope you enjoyed it..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flixton Air Museum Sunday

What a lovely summer day yesterday was, and what good company, and great fun, so thanks to all concerned.
I know the Spitfire is a long way off but I just pointed the camera up and hoped for the best. And the shape just tells you what it is..

A great fly past from a wonderful areoplane, and the noise.. one can tell what it is from that alone.
Another climb....and look at that sky!!
Then on to the swing dancers in the hangar..
Just a few images of these lovely people that bring a good memory of the old war days, and how we used to spend every moment enjoying life because we did not know how long we had... and the Americans brought a lot of was very hot in the hangar so they did very well to use all that energy, great to watch and oh how one longs to take part, but the mind may be thinking it can, but the body may think otherwise....
Not line dancing as in country and western, butgood fun...

A great day out, thanks folks..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz

Thursday 28th July.. the line up for the Sole Bay Band will be..

Tim Densham..Sax/Clarinet..Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar..

Tony Jullings .. Double Bass..

The guests will be a welcome back to Mike Leigh..Trumpet and Songs..

Dick Mayhew.. the great Trombone player that earns him the nickname of "Trummy Trombone"

Also our Craig Hipperson on the drums..

should be a really good night once again so please come and support these musicians who play the greatest live jazz music..

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jazz with a difference!

Could not resist this one Keith and a lovely young lady from the swing dance people, and Keith you were great well done to you both...
What a great night.. once again thank you to the Sole Bay band who played some really lovely music..and Tim.. with my favourite of your solo's.. with the added extra of some great dancing.
Such a fun time was had by everyone last night, great music and some nice singing from Tony as well, and made funnier by the mic. deciding to pack up sounded just as good....
Just managed a small photo of Barbara, who did a good job on the banjo..

What a great crowd of people some new and some regular fans, it was just such a relaxed and happy time, so thanks to everyone..

Would have loved to dance.... just need some coaching, after a lot of years not keeping up with dancing, oh yes and a partner!

On Sunday there will be some dancing again at the Flixton Air Museum Hangar, and hopefully I will be there with itching feet to watch, takes me back to the forties..

Thanks once again everyone for a wonderful night. Hope to see some of you again now that you have found live jazz..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jazz Thursday 21st July

Another week and this Thursday
the following line up will be providing some great jazz at the Flixton Buck...

Tim Densham..Sax/Clarinet..Tony Jullings..Double Bass..
Neil Kane..Drums..

Three guests this week and maybe more one never knows..
Derek Cubitt..Reeds..Tony Parsons.. Trombone..
Barbara Greene Banjo..

So hope you will go along and enjoy live music from the Sole Bay Jazz Band..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

Once again a great night at the Buck with the Sole Bay Band, this week we had seven musicians who gave us a good mix of jazz....

Nice to see a good crowd and some new faces which is very encouraging for the band...
A bit blurred again ,should stand still instead of going with the beat of the jazz! but got a bit of Tony at last he hides and so does Neil on the drums..John gave us some songs as well.
Wow! is all I can say about the piano playing what a night of different types of jazz thank you Ray. Alan again looking very serious...
Peter had a session on the drums just managed to take a photo of him..A little piece of Bill and his trombone, he really can play that instrument with great feeling..

So Tim,Tony,Alan,Neil, with your guests Ray,John and Bill you gave us a really enjoyable evening..

Thanks June for the lift and the good company of Colin and Duncan...
and Phil for the nice prawn salad!
What a great crowd of folk come to the Jazz.. too many to mention them all, but they know who they are.

I really must talk Phil into changing that wall colour!!

Roll on next Thursday..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This afternoon the committee ladies who volunteer in aid of the Lowestoft Lifeboat gave a marvelous strawberry tea, and it was not just strawberries, very good buffet and lots of happy faces. It was a hat day as well and some great ones .

The gentleman taking the photo and his wife opened their lovely place for the afternoon.
One of the ladies had given a garden party and presented a cheque for £800 for the Lifeboat which was greatly appreciated.
Just a few photos from which I hope you can see what a lovely crowd of people were there...

This lady is the owner of the lovely garden and house and it was a pleasure to be there.
I did take a few photos of the folk on our table. like me no one likes their photo taken!
June at last got you..Thank you for the invite...
oh dear... me!! can't wait for your comment Dive! and it was fruit cup!
Pat lovely colour...
So a very pleasant afternoon, nice people, lovely food and I hope a nice lot of money raised for the lifeboat.the rain held off until the last....

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz 14th July at the Buck

Alan has just sent me the line up for Thursday night..

Hope to see a good crowd as we have..

Tony Jullings..double bass..Neil Kane..drums..

Alan Cugnoni.. guitar/banjo..Tim Densham..sax/clarinet..

Guests this week are John Gooding..trumpet and songs..

Bill Brewer..trombone.. and maybe Ray Simmons on the piano..

So a great line up of live jazz come and listen and have a good night out...

Friday, July 08, 2011


Six Jazz gentlemen giving us another great night of live music, and some of those songs were very yummy Simon!

Nice to see some familiar faces, still a lot of regulars missing, but maybe holidays?

Thanks for the great company, and even if we did have to leave early just for last night, still a good night.

Look forward to another one next Thursday..

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Thursday Jazz at the Buck July 7th

This week the line up is ....

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..Neil Kane..drums..Tony Jullings..double bass..

Tim Densham..sax/clarinet..

guests ...Derek Cubitt..reeds..Simon Nelson ..trumpet and vocal..

That sounds like another good line up and of course we never know who may come
along to play...

Look forward to seeing a nice lot of people to keep live music going....

Monday, July 04, 2011

Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band

Another lovely Sunday afternoon of jazz, how come I am so lucky!

Thanks to three great people, I was taken to see the Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band again ..this time at Reepham, a very nice venue and a great pub! lovely food and a really jazz loving crowd in a flower bedecked courtyard...good to meet up again with the wives and followers of the always make me feel welcome.
Vic,John,Pete and Bill giving us some happy jazz..
Another Vic, the leader of the band... he always hides up, but I managed to creep up on him..
Tim as always giving us some great music, I know you get fed up with me taking photos, sorry, but I will still take them! it helps to promote live music, and you do not mind really (I hope). anyway I am one of your "clappers"!
Pete who plays a finger picking great banjo and guitar, sang as well yesterday, well impressed...

Thanks again for my day out, thanks to everyone who made it so good...
Hope to see some of you soon at the Flixton Buck for the Sole Bay Jazz Gentlemen..

Friday, July 01, 2011

Flixton Jazz 30th

Well that was a real fun night of jazz, thanks to one and all...lots of happy banter....
Ray lead the team with his trumpet of Alan,working hard on his banjo, guitar, (also on his mike work you know what I mean)...well done Alan.... Tony (the prof) and Tony (trombone) with Craig giving a great performance on drums and Pete giving us some superb clarinet and sax jazz.
Tony sang some really good songs, liked the japanese jokes Tony..rery good!
Craig as I said.. great drumming and lots of smiles...looking serious here!
Another blurred photo (must try harder) but of course am inclined to move to the music so hard to hold the camera still..well that is my excuse..
Pete giving us some super sax..

Thanks for the lift June, and for the company of good friends..

We were in the big room, which to me does not have the same cosy feeling as the small room but the walls are a better colour!

Not a big crowd, but a generous one especially with the appreciation of the players...

Hope to see lots of folk next week, the need to support good live music and keep it alive is very important....