Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yet another great night of jazz and good company..

Actually got you all in again folk..The prof..Craig..Alan..Tim..Bill..Roy..
Great playing and different again because of the content..
Not like Craig I have caught you without your smile!! Alan serious as well sorry lads...
Could not resist this one Bill, love the grin, all the attention is on Roy who gave us some great songs..
Hi Tony makes a change to see your face... you usually are looking down..but as always great bass playing..

Thanks again June for taking us and Duncan and Colin for all the laughs cheeky lot...

And all the dear friends who make Thursday nights great..

Don good luck with the chemo we will keep your seat warm until you return...

Alan has given me the line up for next week..I will post it this weekend...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jazz 24th February

Another good line up coming to the Buck on Thursday..

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar.. Tony Jullings.. double bass..

Craig Hipperson.. drums..

Tim Densham.. reeds.. Bill Brewer.. trombone..

Joining the above for a nice change..Roy Symonds.. Reeds..
and hopefully some songs!

It's "Live Music" folks so come and join in the fun.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Gentlemen you certainly did wow us all last night.. thank you for a great night of jazz and fun.

I could not get too close because of all the fans last night, but the little camera managed the following..Craig great drumming.. lovely smile as always.
It was the best yet I thought, but then the line up was a good mix, and Pete gave us a few numbers on the drums...also had a lady singer for a song....
Simon, pity I could not get the great sound that you provided you really let it rip! and sung some really good songs...
A serious Alan and Ray for the moment, but the music was wonderful. Live music at its best..
Tim providing great music as always and some jokes as well, you all seemed to be on top form.
Another serious one Ray sorry, but you rocked the keyboard....

Great company, live music and fun..see you all next week...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jazz at the Buck 17th February

Wow looks like a great line up for Thursday as Alan has said ..
7 of the best..

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar..Tony Jullings..double bass..

Craig Hipperson.. drums..good to see you again Craig..
Tim Densham..reeds.

Guests.... also include Derek Cubitt..reeds..

Ray Simonds.. keyboard..

Dick Mayhew.. Trombone..

Looking forward to a nice crowd to come and enjoy a live jazz evening ...



Friday, February 11, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz

Another good night of live jazz on Thursday night..

Lots of different music.. because when other guests come to play..they bring their favourite tunes.

Chris gave us some trombone and a few songs. also Pete sang in between playing the sax and clarinet. So thanks to them...joining:-
Tim, Alan, Tony and Neil as always making it a great jazz evening, and of course good friends to chat to in between the music.
Well a few last night decided to chat all the way through some of it, and upset a good few of us, but they went in the end to allow us to listen in peace, of course it is a public house and not everyone wants to sit and listen, so must not mind really!

Will post the line up when Alan sends it to me for next week...
Thanks June for ferrying us all safely there and back...really appreciated..

Monday, February 07, 2011

Me and Jazz

Sorry about the short post on the jazz Thursday, it was really good. I had a bad back on Friday so was a bit tired...and did not want to sit at the computer for long..

Had a busy day Friday, with a funeral to go to in the afternoon! A good send off for a lovely man..I will miss you Peter, but I will keep an eye on Pam for you..

A busy weekend, had to let down some friends where I was going for lunch on Saturday, sorry folks, but I would not have been good company...Had some more friends Sunday, (sounds like I have a lot of friends!!!!) Glad you enjoyed the meal folks..just wish the old back had been better...Hope I did not moan too much..

So onward and upward, washing in the machine, and housework to get on with...and below is the line up for Thursday 10th February at the lots to look forward to..

Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar.. Neil Kane..Drums..Tony Jullings Double Bass..

Tim Densham..Reeds.. Chris Capocci.. Trombone and singing I hope..
a visit from Pete Scott.. Reeds..who I think may give us a song as well.

So if you want a good night of live Jazz with some great musicians.. come along and join us...

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Great night of live jazz music on Thursday night again ..

Will put the line up for this weeks in a day or two...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


This weeks line up at the Buck will be:-

Tony Jullings..(Double Bass)..Neil Kane..(Drums)..

Alan Cugnoni..(Banjo/Guitar)..

Tim Densham..(Reeds)..Derek Cubitt..(Reeds)..

Simon Nelson..(Trumpet/Singing)..

also 'Art Deco' may pop in and give us a song as well..

So hope to see a nice lot of folk enjoy live music amongst
good company.