Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jazz this Thursday..

Well here we are nearly in December how this year has flown.

Thank goodness we have the new venue to continue hearing the Sole Bay Jazz on a Thursday evening.

This week the 1st of December..we have another good line up.. well done Alan..

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo.guitar..Tony Jullings.. double bass..

Tim Densham.. sax/clarinet..

This week we have Craig Hipperson on the drums again..

Ray Simmons on piano..Dick Mayhew.. trombone..

And..... Ron Hockett will be there again on the clarinet.

So hope to see a nice crowd again to support these fine musicians ..
Remember 8pm start and 10.30pm finish .

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jazz with the Footwarmers plus!

Sunday lunchtime at the Beccles Conservative Club brought forth another fun time.

Lovely to see some of the "old crowd" from Ipswich who paid a visit and kept everyone in high spirits, they are a lively bunch, and the bass player who will be 91 next year gave us a melody.

Dave and Tony gave us a melody called Cute and it was..Craig gave us a few numbers on the drums as well...Barbara on the banjo you were great, well everyone was really and thanks for the trumpet player who came to stand in.

Live music is always good as mistakes are turned into fun, and somehow there were a few this week, but handled well as it is a cosy venue and they took the laughter well. Hope we did not offend, as always the music is always appreciated, I must mention Chris how well he managed to carry on with one of the songs as he had a lot of help! I think that is what it was called.

So all in all a great lunchtime thank you all.. Next one January.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thursday 24th November

Just a few photos 
Another good night at the new venue, and they had a  football match going on at the sports centre, so lots of football fans about, Hope they liked the jazz and then we will have a few more people to appreciate the Sole Bay.
Lots of concentration going on in these photos.
As you can see we had Simon singing for us, and very nice to... also Ron Hockett who came along and played some very good clarinet.
I have just heard from Alan that Ron Hockett is on u tube and wow if you get a chance watch him. my goodness no wonder we all thought he was good! Maybe he will be there again watch this space..

Another very good crowd of regulars so good to see, and the staff provided some food, even though they were very busy with both the jazz folk and the football crowd they did well so would like to thank them  for the good service, a very good bar.

I hope they are enjoying saying yes to having the Sole Bay at the sports club, I think I can say for us fans it is a nice place to be...

I would like to also add, that Keith has been very unwell of late, and so we wish him a speedy recovery, nice to see  the family there to support Sheila and Simon..

Looking forward to the line up for next Thursday.

Will just remind folk that the Band now starts at 8pm until 10.30pm, also that on the 15th December we will not be able to use the club as they had a prior engagement from before Alan was able to book the venue.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Been rather busy so photos and report later, but a great night of jazz lots of folk and some football folk included! watch this space!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chocolate cake

This received good comments on the taste thank goodness, 10" square took a lot of chocolate....looks a bit rich, and a bit untidy, but that is what they asked for ! The customer is always right!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Great Line Up

Hope to see a good crowd to support the Sole Bay Jazz at the Maltings Pavilion Ditchingham..again this week..
another great line up ...Well done Alan..

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar.. Tony Jullings..double bass..

Guesting on the drums this week, Craig Hipperson..

Tim Densham.. sax's and clarinet..

Guest Derek Cubitt.. sax/clarinet..

Also  Ray Simmons on the trumpet this week.. 

Who knows who may turn up and sing as well.. 

Remember this winter the jazz will start at 8pm and finish at 10.30pm, a good time for those who travel a long way..

Look forward to seeing a good crowd again at our nice new venue which is proving a hit with us fans. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another good night at Ditchingham Jazz

Although the number playing was reduced this week to 5, they gave their all, and it was really great..Simon sang a nice lot of songs, also Chris gave us a number..

Very pleased to see a nice lot of jazz fans turning up, some more of the old crowd found the new venue thank goodness, and by the sound of it they really enjoyed themselves..

The Club did some meals so that was good of them, and the service and friendlyness of the place was commented on more than once, so well done Alan for finding this little gem for the Sole Bay to play. And thanks to the staff we appreciate you. As Alan commented it is the fans that encourage the band to play, and they are loving the feed back from everyone.

Thanks Dave for  making some posters which are now spread far and wide, so hope they may bring a few more people to join in.

Next week the session will start at 8pm and end at 10.30pm this will be nice for the winter months especially, and will allow the staff to clear up after us all.
 Sorry Simon could not resist this one of you dancing!
Just a view of some of the crowd enjoying the music.

I will post the line up for next week when I hear from Alan.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz at the Maltings Pavilion.. Ditchingham

Here we are again, this Thursday the 17th November line up so far is..

Alan Cugnoni.. Guitar /Banjo.. Neil Kane.. Drums..

Tony Jullings..Double Bass.. Tim Densham.. Reeds..

Guest this week...is Tony Parsons,..Trombone.. hope the throat is better Tony..

You never know who will come and join the Sole Bay on a Thursday evening, and this week it will be from 8.30-11pm..

Just heard from Alan that Simon Denny will be another guest, looking good ..

Starting next week the time will be 8pm-10.30pm, I know I have mentioned this before, but if those who look on here can let others know it would be good.

Also I must mention , and will again, that the Pavilion had a prior  booking on the 15th December, so there will not be any jazz there that evening.

I think Alan has managed to sort such a lot out for us all to have our Jazz with the Sole Bay, so hope a nice lot of people will support as always.

Again I believe the staff will be providing food this week, and I am sure they will try and accomodate you if you enquire as to what they can supply on the night, very good of them to offer.

So look forward to our second night at Ditchingham..

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by, I wish you good health and happiness, and I will be good and not post any baby pics today ha ha! 

I thought I had better post this on here rather than your blog, just in case some of your folk do not know it is your birthday.. whoops I have just remembered how many of your pals look in here...sorry.


Friday, November 11, 2011


What a great night as I have said in the last post below, the photos were taken very early on in the evening, and I was so pleased that in the end over 60 people turned up and it was such a friendly happy evening.

There will be food of some kind, as no one knew they could provide it at all, this will be appreciated in the future and I am sure Alan will be able to get some idea  on suggestions that may be used in the sort of food the fans may like, without it being too much trouble for those providing it.

I have been asked to say that next week the 17th the jazz will start at 8.30pm until 11pm as usual, but from then on they will be starting at 8pm and finishing at 10.30pm.

I would also like to thank Neil for pointing a few facts to me, as I had spelt something wrong and I do appreciate that he looks after me as to the contents of my blog,  usually I just write how I feel, but as now a lot of folk look to see what is coming on I must be more careful.

One of the facts is there was a flyer last night about a DixieMix gig at the Pavilion at Southwold . Which I am sure will be another good gig on the 9th of December, I am sure a lot of jazz fans will be going to it!    

This is of course different to The Maltings Pavilion at Ditchingham and the Sole Bay Jazz that is the new venue for the them on a Thursday night every week.

Now Neil have I nicely muddled everyone up by putting that on here.!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Venue a Hit!

I will post photos tomorrow, but I had to pop on here as I am just back from a great night at the Maltings Pavilion and wanted to say some thank you's.

The Sole Bay played as always great.. but somehow it was even better tonight, we were in a great new place and very good bar and club staff, so thank you from the Sole Bay, it was a pleasure to be made welcome, and hope it will be the start of some really good evenings of jazz.

Thanks to the fans as well I was so pleased to see so  many there to support the band, and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did..

Photos and more tomorrow..

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This Thursday the 10th of November 2011, is the date for the Sole Bay Jazz to play at the new venue.

The Maltings Pavilion at Ditchingham.

I do hope that a nice crowd will come and support the band  I have no idea how it will work out for them but I am sure a good night of jazz will be the order of the night.

Playing for us this week is Tony Jullings..double bass..
Neil Kane..drums..

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..Tim Densham.. reeds..

The guests are.. Dick Mayhew..trombone..
Simon Nelson..trumpet.. 

with Ray Simmons on the piano..

So it is sure to be a nice mix.

Look forward to seeing as many as can make it to support these great musicians.

Spread the word please those that do look in on here to those that are not on a computer. thank you.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Dixie at the Diplomat

I have borrowed the title from Jean and Vic's flyer as it is cute!

Yesterday I was spoilt again, (getting a habit! )

I was invited to the Diplomat at Coltishall to see the Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band, thank you Tim and for lunch, great company as always...hope I did not chat too much. thanks also to the three "J's" for making it an enjoyable lunchtime, Jean, Judy and Jill.

I think the guys were really good, I am very partial to the guitar as both my boys play, so maybe the old ears are tuned to that... it was jazz which was uplifting and fun, I am sorry I clap so much Judy, habit from the weekly gigs. 

Vic on the drums, Tim reeds.. Bill trombone..another Vic on double bass..and John trumpet and songs..as I said Peter on guitar.

Why they always put a light behind people when I want to take photos I had better get back to the drawing board with this camera, hope yours came out better Jean.

A lovely venue and such friendly people, (nice clean loo's). Thought you ought to know that. An ex landlady always looks for clean loo's..

You will notice Jill singing with the band she did a couple of numbers,she is with the double bass player Vic, Jill has her own band where she lives, and what a gorgeous voice and great personality, she  hopefully will be moving this way in the future, so I do hope she will sing sometimes with the Sole Bay Jazz, will have to chat Alan up to include her. Tim I think would be pleased to hear her again.

We always used to go to the air base to watch the displays when it was a working base, and so brings back good memories.

So thank you all..

Friday, November 04, 2011


I have chosen 'AMEN 'as the title of this post, as last night the landlord of the Buck at Flixton, decided he no longer wished for the Sole Bay Jazz Band to be held there. For strange reasons I must admit, as having been in the trade for many years, I would have loved to have such a good friendly crowd in my public house , but after nearly 3 years we say goodbye to the Buck.      

So it was our last night..

All night I have been going through what I would like to put on here, but 'so be it' will say it all and we start a new Thursday night Sole Bay at a new venue.

First I would like to thank Alan as he has worked hard with others to sort this problem out, I cannot believe that such a brilliant crowd of jazz musicians cannot find a decent place to play on a Thursday night, but thanks to him and friends the Thursday night venue will be..

NR35 2RU..

They have a bar and a dance floor I have been informed but no food, but do we need food?  have something to eat earlier before you come and hear these great musicians. I am sure we will have a wonderful time.  Alan has sent the line up but I will pop that on the next post, because, I wish to say a few things on here.

Last night was a great night of jazz, thank you all the band and although spoilt a bit with the worry of being the last time there, the music and singing was a really high standard.  Among the line up ,which was in the below post, we had Roy singing as well...

I would just like to say a big thank you  to all, I  think myself so lucky to have found such good friends to share Thursday nights with.

Now Sheila, our dear friend who has had her operation, which thank God has turned out well, and such a brave lady, would like to say a huge thank you for all the cards and messages of good will she has received since her op..I must say her family rallied around to make life more comfortable, and Keith we know how hard it has been for you to see your loved one go through all that, but onwards and upwards, keep up the good work Sheila we are all behind you.

So Adieu to the Buck and on to the Maltings Pavillion. Look forward to seeing a good crowd to ensure  the Sole Bay know how much we think of them.. 

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jazz Night

I know I have mentioned below that tonight the Landlord of the Buck at Flixton is having the Sole Bay Jazz  Band back after a two week break, so thought I would just remind the folk who look in here. I know a few are going to telephone me who have no computer.

Alan has been very busy getting it all up and running again, so come and support them please.

Would be nice to see a good crowd to hear these great musicians...

So as our Delia has said in the past.." Let's be having you"