Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flixton Jazz once again!

Another great night at jazz last Thursday, do look on Neil's Sole Bay Jazz site to read the proper details! we had a nice young lad James playing his trumpet, so good to see that some young talent want to learn from the great older players..
Roy gave us a few songs, and as usual had a good reception, great voice.and he also sang to Heather our lovely lass who makes our Thursdays a lot better, and of course all the staff at the Buck....
Ray gave us some great notes on his horn, as did Derek, of course all the team were as good, we had Craig on the drums as Neil was away..... and Tim, Alan and the Prof on his great double bass.....Sorry about the red eyes, did not hvae time to fiddle this week......

And you Neil this will teach you not to make faces at me. ha ha hope you do not reciprocate with one of me though!
Thanks for the lift and the company Ivan! hope our friends who we took enjoyed the jazz as much as us.....and of course must mention our dear Duncan and Colin who always like to make fun of me...

Lovely evening as always look forward to this week.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Cakes

Congratulations Kerry and Stuart hope the cake was enjoyed.
This was the top I have posted before the wedding.
Pity you cannot see the work that went lovingly into all the flowers, but to see the brides face made up for all.
Ruth and Chris got married Friday.this is their wedding day cake. did not take a photo of it finished no idea what happened, but I put rings and a dove on the finished cake.
This is the party cake where the jazz folk and me attended! great night, and glad to eat a piece of cake to make sure it is still up to standard!
Hope the chef saved your Trombone wish I could make one like that.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ruth and Chris Wedding Party

Hope you two stay as happy as you were last night, great party thank you hope us mad jazz crowd did not disturb your well behaved guests!
Roy was singing one of your favourite songs, looks like you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Poor Chris had to play but he did a great job, as did all the players and singers what a good lot of musicians they are.
Simon as well, playing Georgia ,have it on video.. hush should not say that, but it is great hope I can pop it on here soon.
The lads worked hard and great sounds.we had a great time dancing, or should I say dad dancing,. but great fun...and we amused the band!
Dear Neville how wonderful to see him there, and our lovely Heather having a cuddle, have so many good pics from last night was lost for choice, but will probably make another post later
Deserted Chris already for Colin Ruth! naughty.
Heather and Emily what stars thanks for a great laugh and good company, hope you managed to get all the sparkles off!

Could not resist this Heather, hope it is one that you approve of, Simon should be proud. You make our nights on Thursday jazz.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flixton Jazz again

Once again another great night at the Flixton Buck with the Sole Bay Jazz lads. I really will get a good photo one of these days, but dear Neil says never mind, he does encourage me.

It was the last time (at the moment anyway) that Bill Skinner plays before he emigrates to Australia, and he so kindly decided to join in the second half of the night with some great Sax.. of course as usual some fine music to make one feelgood, and good friends with which to share it with. Nice to see Mike Leigh and his wife there again, next time Mike lets hear some playing we think you are great. to young to retire.
See Colin and Duncan I caught you!

Our great pals are always making me laugh, and guys the video of you two is a blast.

I decided to try and video the jazz, not a great first effort, but has given me the start, and will have another go next week, as soon as one of my Sons can manage to help me put it on I will do so, but of course nothing can make up for hearing the jazz live, so get along to the Buck on a Thursday night for some great music.

Pop along to the Sole Bay Jazz news that Neil puts up, worth a look.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Rosemary and family at her party today, so if you look in John and Lynne nice to see you again.
Hope I got you all in, ha ha except me! and Russell!
Southwold Pier, yesterday the sun shone thank goodness, have more of Southwold to come later.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Flixton Buck Jazz

WOW! well that is one word I can say about the Jazz at the Buck last last night. and if you look in David, do not reprimand me too much about the grammer and dots etc, as I am on a high with such great music. I should be more careful I know as many jazz fans look in here, and so ~I apologize for mistakes.

Once again I forgot my camera, and I am sad about that as we had a great line up, but several people did take photos so am hoping someone will let me have them and I can get them on here...also hope some of them recorded it, (I know we should not) as it was worth it.

I do not know if I dare start to mention names in case I forget someone, however will have a try..if you need to know all of them of course pop over to Southwold Jazz site as Neil will be writing a proper report.

Tim is still away, so Simon with the great 6 pack took charge, (sorry but he is fit), maybe I should not say he was in charge! but he made such a great job of the main mike, many jokes and lots of fun. we had dear Bill who is off to Australia soon and we shall miss him, on the sax.. 'Trummy ' Mayhew on the Trombone and his silver baby tuba as I cannot spell what it is called whoops! and of course Alan who gets it all organised on the banjo and guitar. Craig who is sitting in for Neil on the drums, and what a great lot of drumming last night well done Craig. and of course my dear Prof. Tony on his wonderful double bass, who I could listen to all the time.

Then Mike L was there who said he was not going to play again, oh Mike how glad we all are that you changed your mind thank you. and a very nice man the name eludes me at the moment who played Trumpet. Singing we had Simon , and also Simon Denny, Chris and Roy so as I said such a great line up.

They played their hearts out, and I think I can say so enjoyed by all..

Thanks Ivan for taking us. my cousin is over from South Africa, and my dear sister in law Jan came with us and so pleased to know you both enjoyed it.

Dear Heather you are such a sweetie, and daughter. Simon and of course Phil the landlord, making the night go well.. and our dear friends Colin and Duncan who put up with me every week. all my lovely friends who also make the night go well. far to many to mention but you know who you are.

Tomorrow night a lot of jazz fans will be enjoying a farewell party for Bill, and we are sad we will not be going, but we will be thinking of you, and know you will have a ball. Ruth and Chris will be there, so hope you can get some good photos Ruthie.

Already looking forward to next week. Thanks for all the great music folk, you deserve much more praise than you get, so if anyone reads this that has not yet been to see the jazz, please pop in the Buck on a Thursday night and you will keep coming back for more.. and the meals are great there as well, hows about that for a good plug Phil!