Sunday, May 29, 2011


This week on Thursday 2nd June
(Goodness where has the year gone?June already)

The line up is..

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar.. Neil Kane..drums..
Tony Jullings.. double bass..

Tim Densham..reeds..

Guests this week are Ray Simmonds .. trumpet..
Dick (trummy) Mayhew.. trombone..

You never know who will turn up and join in, so hope a nice lot of you
who look in here will
come, support and enjoy the live music and have fun..

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

How can I make the wording different about the Sole Bay lads, that can give you the feeling of the wonderful music these gentlemen play for us each week..

Another great fun night of live music with some good friends. Lovely to see our friends from America! and all those who travel a long distance to hear the band.

Very hard to get all of them in the shot, and I really will have to ask Phil (the landlord) to change the colour of that wall!

But hope you can see that they play their hearts out to us fans every Thursday night at the Buck, they travel a long way some of them to entertain and keep live music going.

Great to see Ray again on his piano that man can tinkle those keys, miss his trumpet playing but what a talent, wish I had kept up my piano playing..
A lot of puff going on here, from Derek and Tony..and clashing colours, better get practising my photo shop.
Tony gave us some great songs as well, and I still do not believe the Russian one Tony !!but great singing. Craig who always cheers us up with his drum playing and that smile.. Peter Elliot did a few numbers on drums before the interval as well..
Alan at last got a good shot of you, was going to play in photoshot and get rid of that wall, but think I will show it to the landlord hoping he realises just how much a new coat of paint is needed, (sorry Phil)...

As I have said another great night so thanks to all concerned, and if you want to keep live music please come and support these musicians...

Alan will send me the line up and will post it later to tempt you to come and listen..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz 26th May

Looks like Alan has put together another great night
of live music with the following....

Tony Jullings.. double bass..Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..

On the drums again Craig Hipperson..some more solo drumming we hope..

Tim Densham.. Reeds.. with some witty comments as well..!!

Derek Cubitt..reeds .. once again making us feel the music..

Also joining in the fun is Tony Parsons...great trombone player..

And our lovely Ray Simmons on the piano..

Wow! again looks like a good place to be on Thursday night ....
What a fine way to spend time with some great musicians we are so lucky..

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have been trying to get a photo of the goldfinches that are at present eating their way through niger seeds...
These are not very clear photos, but hope you can see them, pretty little things.
This one saw me! Will have to try again without looking through the window!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden again

This Rose is called Deep Secret, another of my John's favourite roses. The perfume is gorgeous.
This little corner is near the old summer house, and the blackbirds have been in and out of their nest in the Wisteria while I sat there with Oscar, just hope he keeps ignoring the birds!!

The rose is Golden Showers, and the pink one in the background is a thornless Zephirine Drouhin, they also smell delicious..
The roses have all come out early this year, just hope they keep blooming for a nice long time...The Iris is a lovely flower . I won a competition to go to Art School many years ago, by painting an Iris, so it has always been a favourite of mine.


Tim, Tony, Mike, Bill, Alan, Ray, Craig.. all giving us a great live jazz session..
Bill is a great trombone player, and he did a grand job for us last night..
Dear Craig, what a drummer, loved the solo...and a great smile as always..
Tim as always playing all his instruments (not all at once) and providing us with a lot of laughs as well as great music.
Alan and Ray again as always fingers flying to make music...


Well I think 'Wow' seems as good a word as any, as Gentlemen you played us a blinder, what a night of live Jazz, wonderful audience, and great fun and laughter, all rolled into a
fantastic night, so thank you all..

The line up was as I have posted, plus Ray was on the keyboard as well. We have had a lot of good nights but think this one beat them far!

I really wished I could have bottled the music and laughter .. but hopefully next week we will have some more great live music, come and join us..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More garden!

I could not resist taking a photo of the early morning dew on the Schoolgirl Rose, it smells good too!
This is called Compassion just coming into bud..
This if you look very carefully is the blackbirds nest in my Wisteria..., she is actually sitting on there and you can just see her tail, so far Oscar has not been too interested, but I think I will be having to keep a look out when the babies arrive in there, and start making a noise! as we have a lot of cats around here.


Thursday the 19th of May, and what a great line up Alan has arranged for us all..

Tony Jullings..Double Bass..Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar..

Craig Hipperson returning on the drums..

Tim Densham.. Sax/Clarinet..Bill Brewer..Trombone.. it will be warmer at the
Buck Bill!

And Mike Leigh.. Trumpet and singing we hope, great to have him back to entertain us.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Garden

I cannot resist showing my Poppy off again on here, this year seems just as lovely as the past years..
A bit of woodland garden that my John loved.. his Aquilegia which some folk think as weeds were one of his favourite flowers..
The Paeonia which has shown itself again this year. Pity it does not stay in bloom for long, but is so good while it lasts.
More Poppies, they are even better this morning out there in the sunshine, but did not take another photo as do not want to bore you who look in.
The little Clematis that has shown its face this year, one of the first apart from the Montana's which have been blooming...The Roses are just coming out as well so may even pop some of those on at a later date...

Now lets hope that the rain we badly need will not spoil all the blooms..


The band played some really great numbers on Thursday night at the Buck, but what a shame not many people there to cheer them on, still those of us who were there, made sure they knew how much we appreciated them..
As well as those folk I mentioned in the line up in the last post, we had the added experience of Ray who brought his keyboard and tinkled the ivories rather well...

Ray very serious..
Chris with his trombone also gave us some great songs as well...Alan, Tony and Neil backing them, and Tim with his sax and clarinet...and looking healthy after all his golf! And dear Derek who makes you feel the beat he is sooo good.
So if you want another great night of live jazz music, come along to see the lads on Thursday.. I will pop the line up on tomorrow..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12th May Flixton Buck Jazz

On Thursday the line up for the Sole Bay Jazz are....

Tony Jullings..Double Bass.. Neil Kane.. Drums..

Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar.

Tim Densham..Reeds..Derek Cubitt..Reeds..

Joining them will be Chris Capocci on Trombone..

So yet another good line up hope to see a nice lot of people coming to hear live music at its best..

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thursday Jazz

A bit late this week getting these photos and report on, but the garden has been calling and have a lot to do out there, but here we are again.. Last Thursday night again was a great night of Jazz, and Simon to sang as well...very nice..
Tim as usual very good and full of wit in between the music...they do enjoy themselves, they react to us folk who love it all...
Dick again making great music from the trombone, he can get more notes out of that than anyone I think. He is blending in with the background there, I think Phil (the landlord) needs to change the wall colour!

Sorry I missed getting Alan and Tony in these, but do not like to intrude on the folk who watch with me getting in the way.
Neil looking very serious...Peter took over for a few numbers on the drums..
Duncan and Colin.. had to include our best friends, they are always smiling and great fans of Jazz.

Some really good music and great friends company, a nice lot of people there, again some who come when they are on holiday, locals and jazz fans all mixed together.

We have a few missing who are not well and we wish them a speedy recovery, look forward to this Thursday, I know a nice lot of people look in here, so come along and join us, I can assure you the musicians are top class.

Thanks to June who again drove us, you are a star.

I will give the line up for this week when Alan sends it to me...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I could not resist putting this on here as the trees looked so good the other day when my friend and I took a nice walk in the lanes. enjoy!

5th May ...Jazz at the Flixton Buck

The line up for Thursday night will be...

Tony Jullings..double bass.. Neil Kane..drums..

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..

Tim Densham..reeds..

Joining them this week will be Dick Mayhew on the trombone,

Simon Nelson.. brass and some great singing..

That sounds like a really good line up again,
so hope a nice lot of folk will come and enjoy the live jazz.. you cannot beat live music, so come along and have a great night with the Sole Bay Jazz..

Two days Jazz

I was lucky enough to be invited to two days of Jazz..the first at the Diplomat in Coltishall, on Sunday.. thanks to Tim ,Sheila and Keith, great day out. The young lady playing the double bass is Peter the guitarist's daughter, and she was really great.
The photos are again blurred as I did not get near enough with the little camera, but hope you can see the folk in Blue!
Then we went to Banningham Crown, on Monday..and the lads played outside, I hope you can see how cold they were, it was a good day out, but the wind was bitter, so they all did a great job in playing.
Tim looking very cold..
Bill trying to warm his hand in the trombone!!
But the brave ladies managed to sit outside and listen and smile as well..but they did have a bit of sunshine, me , well I was inside most of the time, but did get out of the wind in the end and joined them.
Thanks for the company and the meals had a great time..

Now looking forward to Thursday night at the Buck.
Will pop the line up on next...