Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jazz ..Flixton Buck 2nd December 2010

Alan has just sent me the list of the Sole Bay Jazz members playing on Thursday night at the Buck:-

Weather is a factor this time of the year, so drive safely all who can come..

So weather permitting.. Playing his double bass Tony Jullings..

Craig Hipperson on the drums..Alan Cugnoni ..banjo and guitar..

On the front line Tim Densham..clarinet and sax.. Simon Nelson..Cornet..and
Tony Parsons.. trombone.

Looks like another great musical evening so hope to see a nice of of people supporting the band, come and have some fun.

If you are thinking of a meal please book a table.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


It may look pretty but would prefer this snow to not have fallen in November, never mind just hope everyone who has to venture out will be careful, always someone who thinks they can still drive fast and furious, so stay safe. As age creeps on like it less and less such a shame as it is just nature.
I hope my poor fish are sound asleep under the ice and snow! have got the barrel wrapped in bubble wrap which was Ok last year, but have to get out and clear the bird station asap..

Brrr roll on Spring!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thursday evening with the Sole Bay Band at the Buck turned out to be a really good night despite the terrible weather outside the guys warmed us up with some great jazz... I did not get pics of them all but Ray played a rather yummy keyboard with a nice lot of little tunes which some of us picked up on, well done Ray, and Peter sat in for Neil a while on the drums, just managed to catch him behind Derek, who as usual gave his all.
The prof on his double bass always a pleasure to listen to him. Alan on banjo and guitar, love seeing his grins back there, often wonder what his thoughts are!
Roy gave us a couple of songs as did Chris. Who was the Tramp Roy?
Tim as always wonderful sounds from his clarinet and the sax.
Bill playing his trombone with zest. and bringing lots of different music from his little electronic music book!
Sorry Chris and Ruth could not resist putting this one on lovely to see your smiling faces, and nice singing Chris.

Thanks Phil for managing to tolorate the great music.. you love us all really!! Missed you Heather hope you soon feel better..Colin and Duncan for the great company as always and the many friends who make the night special, thanks to Linda for driving in that terrible frosty weather, even if I did have to clamber over your seat as we could not open the passenger door.. glad everyone got home safe and sound.

Roll on next week hoping that the weather will be better, and some of the folk who have not been able to come of late, will return, we do miss you..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flixton Buck 25th November

The line up for next Thursday will be..

On the banjo and guitar Alan Cugnoni..Neil Kane..drums.Tony Jullings.. double bass.

The front line will be Tim Densham ..reeds Derek Cubitt..reeds.
Bill Brewer ..Trombone. and Ray Symonds on his keyboard.

What a great line up really should be a musical night worth a nice lot of folk turning up to cheer them on, so hope to see many of you there.

Come and join Phil and his team at the Buck for good food ,fun and great music, because as I have mentioned many times live music is wonderful.

Jazz 18th November

Sorry gentlemen I did not make the best use of my camera on Thursday night, but the music as always was great.. Nice to see Mike again and Dick (trummy) with such great trombone playing.
I have to say thank you to Alan who makes it all come together, and so glad that Phil (our landlord) has decided that we make good customers! Even if I have to take a lot of his strange humour to keep him nice and sweet....(sorry Phil) but it is worth it.

Tim who always manages to play such clear notes, our dear prof. who makes his double bass speak..and Neil who hides away behind his drums..and this week the sound different again with Dick and Mike, nice singing Mike as well...and of course Alan on banjo and guitar, (not at the same time).

So once again thank you for the music and thanks to all our friends who come week after week to appreciate the music and company.
See you on the 25th I hope..I will put the line up next..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday David, glad you enjoyed our lunch ,,Phil you missed your favourite, but there will be others. Love Mum x

Jazz11th November..

At the risk of saying the same thing again about these musicians.. and those who do look in here will be fed up with hearing it I am sure!
they were really really great on Thursday night at the Buck.
A different line up and a different sound, even Phil (who is not keen on jazz) enjoyed it! and we like to please our landlord!

Alan who does so well, as I have said, in organizing the players here with Derek who is Mr Music man ..
A little song from Roy who as we all know puts everything into giving us a performance ,with Tim on his clarinet, sorry about the lighting looks like he has a halo,well perhaps he deserves one..
Chris giving us more songs with the prof and Ray there with him, Ray you were really on form after your hectic day Ruth said you had, so what can we say but 'thank you for the music' such great fun everyone had.
Here with Francis a little snowman which she too gave away for a youngster, as I did last week..we are soppy us women!

The line up for the 18th Alan has just sent me is:-
Tony on double bass..Neil on drums.. Alan banjo and guitar..
the front line Tim on reeds with guests Mike Leigh ..trumpet and songs (good to have you back) and Dick (trummy) Mayhew on his trombone.

Another good line up and we never know who else may appear, so if you want a good night of jazz, good company and fun join us at the Flixton Buck.

Let us show those who play live music that we appreciate that in this day and age live is best.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Seagull..

Well not the bird Seagull.. but the theatre, what a great night of music and laughter from
"The Art Deco 'Hot' Orchestra."

Or as we know them the Sole Bay Jazz folk but all dressed up! and what a show.
Simon Denny did a really good job of the singing as usual, and don't you look good Simon ..liking the togs!

Lovely music and singing thanks to one and all, Roy and Janet for taking me and June for getting the ticket, so good to see a lot of the Thursday night folk there and we all did a little PR talking to some of the people who had not seen you and telling them to come on Thursday nights.. because Alan does a huge job of getting it all together, and they all love to play whatever mix it is.

So tonight, hope to see a nice lot at the Buck for more fun and jazz...Look out Phil here we come!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jazz Flixton Buck

Another good night at the Buck last Thursday, even though just two on the front line you did a great job. and nice songs Tony.
Keith this is for you, hope your great grandson liked it!

The line up for the 11th November will be:-

Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar)..Tony Jullings(double bass) ..and Craig Hipperson(drums)..

On the front line we have Tim Densham (reeds)..Derek Cubitt(reeds).. and Ray Simmonds(trumpet)..

So looking forward to another great night.. lots of different music with this line up, so do come and have some fun on Thursday..

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by, so tomorrow night Thursday the 4th November at the Buck we will have the Sole Bay Jazz guys again... this week the line up is:-

Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar) Tony Jullings (double bass) Neil Kane (drums)

Front line Tim Densham (sax and clarinet) and Tony Parsons (trombone).

One never knows who else will turn up to play as well.. so if you want a great musical evening come and join us at the Buck...

The food is great by the way...

Monday, November 01, 2010


A good lunch time yesterday at the Conservative Club here at Beccles with the Footwarmers..

Hope it sounds OK..Whoops just listened to the video, afraid it sounded much better live!! however they had a good time, think the banjo forgot his way for the first time ever..and I will have to improve on my camera work!