Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On Saturday a Christening buffet for Layla Anne, very busy but nice that everyone enjoyed the food...
Just a few shots of some of the food..
Lots of cups of tea made as well!
Have a great life Layla, you have been born into a loving family..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Two nights of jazz

The usual line up of Tim, Alan, and the prof, and guests, Tony, Ray and Craig..

These great musicians playing last Thursday at the Flixton Buck, thanks lads great music as always.

Then the following night there was a festival at the 'Apollo' Harleston Norfolk, and thanks again to Ivan for the lift, another great night, only I did not think to take my camera, which was a shame, as the lads were nicely dressed up, very good they looked as well..
The line up were Tim, Prof, Alan,Tony, and Simon.. and wow they really got the folk going, so thanks again for such a good night.

Now a bit more serious! as anyone who follows the Sole Bay Jazz lads, will know that the Southwold Festival site is now having to close, so Neil has put the line up on his site, I will, when I have time put the link here, but in the meantime hopefully many do still look in so here is the line up for Thursday 2nd September at the Flixton Buck.

Tim Densham (reeds) Alan Cugnoni (guitar/banjo) Tony Jullings (bass) Neil Kane (drums), and this week Derek Cubitt (reeds) and Simon Nelson (cornet/trumpet/vocal)
For those who always attend you will know what a wonderful night it is, and for those who have not been you do not know what you are missing!

Of course there maybe more in the line up as we have many great musicians who pop in and guest!Come and have a great night, and Phil the landlord does great food.

Friday, August 20, 2010

19th August 2010 Jazz

Wonder what I can say to let you know what a great night jazz was this week again at the Fixton Buck, amazing line up, if you go to Southwold Sole Bay Jazz on the website, and Neil will have all the proper info.

But mine is just a lot of chat about how great the band is! Because they are. A few people who are regulars missed last night for several reasons, but they missed one of the best jazz nights for a long time, they are always good, but the line up this week, were Tim, (sorry I nearly blinded you with this one) Neil and the Prof, as usual, sitting in for Alan on banjo the lovely Barbara, what a smile..
Then we had Pete Scott reeds, Mike Leigh reeds , and Chris on trombone also they sang a few numbers.

The camera is not good at long range, but did manage to push my way forward as did Ruth to get a few shots, pity I did not get a recording.

Tim, Pete, Tony and Neil. camera could not get all the band in!
Ah ! Chris singing us a lovely song, thanks Ruth for getting this one.
Barbara having a laugh with Chris, and Mike giving it a real jazz sound..
Pete a great solo one this ..thanks, and good with Barbara on banjo as well, cannot recall what it was called but it was good.

Thanks Phil for bearing with everyone knowing how rough you felt, hope you did enjoy the music, and you did a grand job in the kitchen.

Also thanks to Heather and daughter, also Simon hope you both manage good holiday weekends. see you next week I hope.

Thanks to all the lovely friends who gather each week to support these great musicians. As you know I have a ball.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I had a birthday yesterday will not say the age !! I had a great time with family and friends, then this morning this absoulutely gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived, I cannot tell you how lovely they are as my camera could not do them justice.

And the note reads, "Happy Birthday Beryl and a big thank you from the Sole Bay Jazz Band",

Thanks folks they are gorgeous, but it is me who should be thanking you all... for the great music and wonderful company you provide every week, and I enjoy it all, so thank you for the flowers, and the music, you are always worth everything.
See you Thursday...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Flixton Buck Jazz

Another great night at the Flixton Buck with the Sole Bay Jazz folk..such talent.

Rather full of people, some coming from afar to listen to the music. So we were in the big room again.

Such good friends and very sociable, thanks to everyone, you know who you are, for making it another fun evening.

Phil the landlord was very pushed as he had to cook the food, no idea what happened to the chef, but well done Phil, also Heather, Simon and the others for eventually getting all the meals out. Poor Duncan and David, hope you did not suffer eating at 9.45pm but we did have a laugh in the end.

The usual line up of Tim, Neil, Alan, and Tony, with a sit in by Peter on the drums, and Dick on the trombone etc, and thanks Chris turning up for an evening out, and ending up singing for us all well done.

A pleasure to hear such good jazz, with such good company. looking forward to next week.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


When we had some sunshine the other day, Oscar decided to sleep on some of the nepeta, which of course he knows is his cat mint! Now the weather is rainy he is indoors!

Friday, August 06, 2010


Once again another great night at the Flixton Buck, Tim on sax and clarinet, Tony on the double bass, Neil on drums, with Barbara guesting on banjo, Derek on sax and clarinet, Simon Nelson on cornet with that lovely voice, also Simon Denny came along and gave us some great songs..
Tim and Simon giving us some gorgeous jazz music.
Dear Derek with jazz in his bones, great.

The evening was in part for Ken one of our regulars who passed away recently and his widow wanted to have a buffet for the regulars, Ken was a great fan of the Sole Bay and will be sadly missed, Tim and the gang played several of Ken's favourite tunes, and we raised our glasses to absent friends.

Thanks Heather and Simon and of course landlord Phil for being fun!, the usual crowd of friends who make the evening such a pleasure.

Monday, August 02, 2010


I sat last night and watched some TV called "Alan Titchmarsh's Walks of Fame: with Twiggy", not sure if anyone looking in from overseas would know who they are, but it was so nice, as they did a walk to our local Southwold, Dunwich and Walberswick ..in fact nearly everywhere that my photos show from my last post.

It was rather strange to watch them walk where I had been a couple of days ago!