Monday, October 31, 2011


I am going to try harder with this new system of putting photos on here as I do not seem to have a space to write under each one forgive me it will be back to the drawing board... 

The Footwarmers who I named a few posts down.. had an added bonus yesterday lunchtime at the Conservative Club as Ray Simmonds played Trumpet, as you will know a few playing here are with the Sole Bay Jazz band, and they mixed in well with the other Footwarmer players.

They gave us a really great jazz lunchtime, I must say it was a real treat and all the customers joined in the applause even those who just came for a quiet drink.

Chris hid behind the pillar but he not only played but sang as well.. good to see Barbara again on the banjo, Peter Elliot gave us a couple of numbers on the drums, whilst Dave had a break. then Roy Symonds popped in and so he was asked to sing, and hopefully he will do so again, as he went down very well.. Of course I must mention the great number of Tony on double bass and Dave on drums it was  so wonderful ..well done you two.

It is really good that the Club encourages Jazz wish the Sole Bay could play more often there, although I must say that Mikes Footwarmers always give a great jazz session. Hope they enjoyed the addition of some of the Sole Bay folk.

Thank you all the band as I said you were great....and friends for the company you know who you are, and the dog  well he is not with the band ,  he is Peter's (who will not mind me saying is blind), and as some of the customers had food, he was looking longingly at that and so could not resist taking his photo, what a wonderful thing the dogs are who help our blind people, he was so good.

I do hope that we can get a few more members to join the Club, as like all businesses if we do not use it we will lose it, It is a beautiful building with so many facilities a snooker room, function rooms, and a great bowling please pop along anytime and ring the bell and I am sure you will be made welcome, have a coffee, we have some really good directors now who take part in a lot of the running of the club, so do come and support it.

Then of course you can listen to some great music as well as the other items that are on the agenda.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last evening at the Beccles Conservative Club, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Club, they had a dinner a week ago but not all of us could go to that, so we had an evening for those who missed out. And the cake..Which turned out OK, madeira is so hard to get right, but everyone said nice things....and thanks to Julia and Michael for a nice buffet meal as well.

Toccata have been at the club several times, but each time I missed them, but not again, they are a fantastic duo, not only great voices, but a real feelgood act. From pop to musicals and then at the last a request from Jim as it was his birthday, Ava Maria, sung by one of the is the only word I can say, what a performance. You truly could have heard a pin drop even on the carpet.

Tears were flowing when they sang some of the hit musicals past and present, it  really was like being at a theatre and Les Mis. was mind blowing. As you can see I enjoyed it very much.

Jim I hope you like the photos , you were very brave. phew that was great entertainment.

I was not sure I wanted to go on my own, of course I know nearly everyone there, but it was 9 years since my darling John passed away,  although I felt he was  there with me as he is always, he and my brother Derek who we sadly lost this March loved the club where they spent many happy hours playing snooker, maybe not well but with enjoyment.

So thank you friends for making my night, and keeping me company..and today,  as the post says below, today we have the Footwarmers playing jazz at lunch time. Watch this space..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz Thursday 3rd November

Well here we are again! no idea for how long, but Alan has done well and  Landlord Phil of the Buck has agreed to have these great jazz musicians back on Thursday 3rd November.

Several folk have told me the sign for the jazz has been outside the Buck  for the past 2 weeks, just the Sole Bay and us missing! 

The line up being.. Alan Cugnoni. banjo/guitar.. Neil Kane.. drums

Tony Jullings.. double bass

Tim Densham ..back from holiday on reeds..

Ray Simmonds..trumpet..with Tony Parsons.. trombone

So I certainly hope that as many as possible will return to the Buck to enjoy 
a great evening of jazz.     
Because this week they really will be there.

I know quite a lot of you have missed the regular Thursday evenings, I certainly have, thank you  those who have kept in touch awaiting the return of the jazz.. 

See you all there.. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This coming Sunday 30th October at the Beccles Conservative Club 
the 'Footwarmers' will be playing jazz for all to hear..

There is a different line up nowadays and I hope a nice crowd will show their support...

On Sunday those playing will be..

Mike Fermer.. Clarinet..  John Winters..Trumpet..

Chris Capocci..Trombone..Bill Kibby..Keyboard..

Tony Jullings.. Double Bass.. Barbara Green..Banjo..

Dave Taylor .. Drums..

A few of the line up are  Sole Bay Players, so should be a good lunch time...

12 Noon is the start until 3pm..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party Cake!

I would not say this was my best cake as I really am not good at some of the requests I get for the tops of cakes, The writing looked better on the actual cake than on here!  I suppose I like doing my flowers best, however I did enjoy making the car..and they said it was just what they wanted, so should be happy.

The cake was a 10" madeira with marzipan and icing made with 10 eggs, so hope it ate well, as have another one to do this week.

Sorry 'Full' if you look in, the finish on the car is not as you would do on the real thing, but I did my best.

Friday, October 21, 2011


 Last night, as we could not have jazz at the Buck, so a few of us went to the Pier Hotel at Gorleston, as one of our jazz players was asked to play there , and we went to support him... 

Thanks Dave for the lift, really appreciated it and nice to catch up on old times...I think you can see we all had a great laugh and the jazz was good...Just a few of us enjoying the night out, I am the lucky one who can hide behind the camera!
Ian on the sax here, and Roy was asked to give a few songs as well.. Nice music lads a bit different to what we normally hear on a Thursday night. but good.

A really good meal with  prices very reasonable, lovely white linen cloths and napkins, which of course makes a difference when eating....the staff were very nice and friendly, and so a good night was had by all.

A shame that the the Buck decided to give the jazz a miss for a couple of weeks, but at least there are other places that are available for a good night out, maybe the landlord of the Buck missed us all and the Sole Bay Jazz Band will be back there soon.

If not you will have to watch this space for future nights of jazz....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have borrowed this from one of my Son's blog, it reminded me how much I am going to miss our jazz on a Thursday night. A sad Sousaphone and straw hat...

Then even more of a need to make my brain work, blogger has changed its image, I had noticed that some of my photos would not get bigger when clicked on, and now the whole thing has decided to have a different outlook, however this may be a good thing as a lot of my followers have not been able to comment, so hope the new format will allow a few of you google folk who have a password to have your say, it is nice to see how many do look in, but would be nice to see it!

Still hoping that one of the jazz lads, will have found a venue for Thursday nights for the next two weeks, and that the landlord of the Buck will have us back! I do thank all who have phoned me in the meantime, it is sad but nice to know I am not the only one who will miss our nights...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friends night.

This Thursday at The Buck we had "Roy and Friends" playing for us, and what a great night, thank you lads you did us proud..

Roy and Ian always play well together and Barry on the keyboard, what a good voice he has, we had a lot of different music, with backing from a couple of the Sole Bay ..Tony on the bass, and Neil on drums..
A nice grin from Neil, and Ian giving us some great music, everyone played so well together, and some people who had not heard Barry, Ian and Roy play really enjoyed the mix of music.
Barry ..I did as you asked and put the unsmiling one up of you, do not want to ruin your reputation..ha ha.
Another smile from Dave who gave us a few numbers on the drums.
One of Tony who always hides in the back but who has a magic touch with the bass...

Thank you Roy for taking me and Stella, lovely to see so many fans there. Colin and Duncan thanks you know what for..!!

Now this was a sad night in a way, because the landlord has decided to have a 2 week break from the Sole Bay at the Buck , which means we either have to go without our jazz for two weeks or find somewhere else to meet up and enjoy the music...So hope we have lots of people looking in on here so they know what is going on. and hopefully I will be able to tell you when and where the Sole Bay will be playing again...

I did try to get him to change his mind as we have been there for nearly 3 years after losing the venue at the Tally Ho where the Sole Bay had played for nearly 25 years...

I hope he will miss us all and have us back soon...We have such a great crowd of jazz lovers, and I am sure we will miss our Thursday nights. hopefully for a short time.

Lovely to see some of the swing dancers there, and hope you enjoyed your Happy Birthday we all sang to you Haley..

Good news that Sheila our dear friend is doing well and getting better everyday..

Keep smiling ...just wish I still had my "pub" I would welcome you all with open arms.

See you all soon watch this space..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yet another cake!!!!!!

This is a pretty one.... Sweet peas are so sweet...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jan bought me this Impatien early in the year, and it has just bloomed again.

I put it in with my herbs just outside my back door, and so can enjoy it everytime I go outside.

Such a gorgeous colour, this year we had a bad year for busy lizzies another word for the impatien, but although I lost all the lizzies, did not lose this, so can still enjoy it. Thanks Jan..

Monday, October 10, 2011

yet another cake

This cake has been eaten now, and just heard it was now have another ready to go on Wednesday, then three more to do, before I can start on my Christmas cakes...and with this bad back am hoping I can get back to good health very quickly!!

Good job I like baking!

Thursday Jazz October 13th

This week we have a different line up at the Buck a special night with
Roy Symonds and his friends..

Roy is a great sax player and singer we also have Ian who plays a mean sax as well., and Neil will be there on the drums, with Barry on the keyboard...Tony on the double bass..

So come and hear more live jazz with a difference...

I just hope my back will be Ok as I am fed up with missing my jazz nights!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Blinding Light

At last, the (very) long-awaited new album from Alistair is almost upon us.
The single is coming out on the tenth, so you've got no excuses not to go buy it. I'll let you know as soon as I do when the album is out.

In the meantime, brew up a cup, sit back and enjoy this.

Sweet or what?

Friday, October 07, 2011


I was unable to go to jazz this week, because of this bad back, it is a rare occasion when I do not attend, and missed you all.....but Keith just rang and said it was a great night, also added to that Ray Simmonds played as well as those I listed below this post..

So glad also to hear that dear Sheila has come through her operation alright, so sending all our love to her for a swift recovery. such a lovely lady.

Looking forward to the coming Thursday when we should have a different line up ..will post that for those who look in when I receive it

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thursday 6th October Jazz

This week we have another good line up of..

Alan Cugnoni..Neil Kane..Tony Jullings...

With guests.. Pete Scott..Tony Parsons.. Simon Nelson..

So should be really great, hope a nice lot of live music fans will be there..

Hope I will be, but am suffering from a bad back at the moment, I will certainly try as hate missing any music made by the Sole Bay Jazz Lads...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


This is my dear Liz's little one ..15 months but going on 15 years, I can only wonder what he had on his mind. They are so forward these days..

This looks fun, well for him, not me, even watching the bowl going round made me dizzy, but great fun in the park..
We certainly made the most of the good weather..

Monday, October 03, 2011


On our day out last week, just a couple more shots could not resist.
We were with my great nephew, and hope Liz will allow me to put a pic up of him later, I take a lot of him because he is gorgeous, he reminds me of when mine were young! and he had a great time in the play park...

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lazy Days

Just a little photo from the other day when Jan and I went out, in fact have had a good few days out enjoying the sunshine, will get the other pics done and pop on here...

Hope everyone has enjoyed this lovely weather.