Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

The year 2011 seems to have flown by, so here we go with 2012..

So wishing all who look in a Happy and Healthy New Year...

Friday, December 30, 2011

29th December Jazz

This photo of Simon is especially for Amy, thank for the nice message.. 

Last jazz session of 2011 at the Pavilion, and a good time was had by all, a nice lot of laughs and some good music..

It was so good to see so many people supporting the band last night as the weather was not good, also a nice lot of new folk coming to listen, it is proving to be a really good move, and we are looked after so well, tables and chairs can be moved around to suit peoples needs and the coffee is great..

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and good health to all, some have really suffered bad health this year, so lets hope good health will prevail in the coming year..

Will see you all next week , I will pop the line up on when I hear from Alan...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thursday Jazz at the Pavilion Ditchingham December 29th

The line up for this week is...

Tim Densham.. reeds...Neil Kane.. drums..

Tony Jullings..double bass..

Guests at the moment are.. Barbara Green.. banjo..Chris Cappoci.. trombone..

Simon Nelson Trumpet..

As always you never know who may come along and join in with the music.

This is often a strange time, the week between Christmas and the New Year, so come and enjoy some great live Jazz music, and meet up with lovely people, forget about the sales and the hangover!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Green Man at Rackheath

A bit out of sequence this as it was on the 20th December, I was spoilt once again and taken to the Green Man at Rackheath.. Thanks also to Pete who had a table so we were able to join him. This is a very busy pub!

This was just a little Christmas song that I could not resist, even if it is only a clip. Phil Brooke is a great favourite of mine. both Tim and Ray also played a few numbers, another great night. Derek was playing as well, and we wished him a Happy Birthday for the23rd December, such a lovely man and hope he will not mind me saying very fit for being 84.

A few instruments that are hanging about there!
 The pianist was very very good and nice to see a real piano! thank you everyone you sounded great.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas... This photo was taken on the 22nd December of the Sole Bay Jazz Gentlemen.

Have been too busy to post much, but it was a very enjoyable evening as always..Really great jazz.

Sunday, December 25, 2011



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve

I am just popping on here to hope you are enjoying Christmas Eve Day is that the right way of saying it?

Also to sit a few minutes as have been in the kitchen all morning baking,  smells lovely, hope it tastes as good tomorrow...

When the red cabbage is cooked will be off to deliver some presents, then back for a bit more prep ready for tomorrow, then can just relax and cook the meal, and maybe have a walk then just sit with my two wonderful lads, who will probably be bored with having to come to Mum's at Christmas yet again...

Just also to say I hope anyone looking in who has not got family and who may be on their own at this time of year, try and remember the true meaning of Christmas and that you are never really alone while you have in your heart memories of lost loved ones ..and that is is really someones birthday we are supposed to be celebrating, and he is always with us all, whether we believe or not.

Roy Waller a dear man from Radio Norfolk who is sadly  no longer with us always used to say remember the good times, so please do.

Santa will soon be here!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday night 22nd.December

What a great night at the Ditchingham Sports Pavilion with the Sole Bay Jazz Band last night.

Such good musicians and more guests than I stated in the earlier post..., also so many friends of the band enjoying a pre Christmas party.

I have been rather busy today so sorry I have not had time to put the photo on, but hope to do so soon.

I would like to thank the band obviously, for the very entertaining jazz, but also the staff at the Club, thank you Marilyn for heating  the food for us, for Jon and Heida as well, June and Jane for helping to hand it round..and for all the compliments, glad you enjoyed it. So many lovely friends that make my life much happier for being with you all. Thank you.

We are so lucky to be able to have a venue that everyone who comes to hear the band can be in  the same room, and have such pleasant people to look after us.

I am sure you will join me in wishing them all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to many more happy musical nights.

Nice also to see more people coming to the jazz that have found the new venue, someone did mention that the EDP has stated a later time in their publication, so I will repeat on here that the band now starts at 8pm and finishes at 10.30pm. if those who look in here could tell as many as possible.

Look forward to the next session on the 29th December.. I will be putting the line up soon..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Tiger!

This one decided I was not paying enough attention to him, and I wanted to clear the cloth off the table!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz 22nd December

Hello folks, nearly Christmas and I expect many people are flying around like me trying to get everything done in time.

I am spending so much time in my kitchen that the bungalow smells rather delicious, not sure if my cooking is as good as it used to be but the boys and visitors seem to eat it so....

But on Thursday I will be looking forward to a night out at the jazz at Ditchingham, and hope that a nice lot of you will be there.

The line up so far is.. Tim Densham.. Reeds.. Alan Cugnoni.. Banjo/Guitar..

Tony Jullings..Double Bass.

Guesting this week we have Derek Cubitt.. Reeds.. Craig Hipperson .. Drums..

Ray Simmons, maybe Trumpet or Piano, what ever he plays it will be good I know.

And as it is near Christmas one never knows who may turn up, no I do not mean Father Christmas, but one never knows..

Hope to see you there, remember 8pm-10.30pm.

Better get back to the mince pies!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Now why did I win a Tiger in a raffle what is wrong with a bottle of wine?

At Tesco this morning I put my change in a charity tin, and had a go at a raffle and this is what I won! it just fitted on the back seat of my little KA car, but I have donated it to a gentleman that does a lot of charity work, and he is going to put it in a Christmas raffle that he holds in Beccles next Wednesday, I will donate some money but dare not have a raffle ticket he he.

The Tiger is sitting on my sister in law Phyllis's sofa as we always go shopping on a Friday morning together. she is going to get John to collect it as soon as possible as I do not think her cat would approve, and neither would my Oscar.

Monday, December 12, 2011

More chocolate cake

Well thought I would post something not to do with jazz for a change, a little chocolate sponge that went down well according to the folk who ate it...rather goey!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Friday evening I was once again spoilt by getting invited to join some friends at the Southwold Pavilion to hear Dixiemix perform, the Pavilion has recently been updated and the acustics were really good.

The line up was a bit different than I had seen before, but what a great night of music, and of course fun as they usually have lots of that in between playing..

They were all really good, but have to mention the drummer who was sitting in as he did a solo which went on for a long time and was very very good, like the old big band drummers we used to go and listen to.

Thanks Simon for the welcome, you are good to your second Mum and I hope the photos although not good are OK for your lady to see you. 

So if that is the first of Southwold having Jazz back it will be a success I am sure...

Thanks to all on our table for the company, and congratulations to the staff who made everyone welcome, the food was very nice as well...the tables looked really good with white cloths the chairs were comfy as well.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


 A few photos from Thursday...

Another great night of jazz on Thursday, It was amazing how many people came to support the band as it was  really horrible weather, but great fans turned up and enjoyed a night of good music. Thanks  June for taking me think we were a bit more cosy in your car than mine in that weather.

Ray Simmons came along as well as the members I had posted earlier, so we had 7 musicians.

I would like to thank the staff, who have been providing food for some of us, they did not 'do' food before we came along,  as the facilities are not there, they have tried their best but are no longer able to provide meals.  I am sure we all appreciate they have 'given it a go'  so please eat before you come to the jazz..or just feast on the music.. and again we thank them for giving the food a try for us.

It is a lovely venue and everyone has made us all welcome, and like Alan say's you all make the night by turning up and supporting these great jazz players...

Next week do not forget, there is a prior booking, so no jazz for the 15th, but looking forward to seeing a good crowd for the 22nd..

Alan will be giving me the line up at a later date.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thursday 8th December Jazz..

Sole Bay Jazz playing at the Maltings Pavilion Ditchingham

Nearly another week gone by, and time tomorrow night for some more live jazz music..

This week the line up is.. 

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..Tony Jullings.. double bass..

Neil Kane.. drums.. Tim Densham.. saxophones and clarinet..

Guests are Derek Cubitt.. reeds.. and Tony Parsons.. trombone..

As I always say one never knows who may come along and join in..

The new start time of 8pm-10.30pm, seems to go down well, so hope to see another great crowd to support these fine musicians.

Next week the 15th of December as I have mentioned before, the new venue had a prior booking so we will miss a night of jazz that week, but not long to wait until the 22nd and  they will be back again..

Monday, December 05, 2011

The Diplomat..

The Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band at the Diplomat. Sunday 4th December.

 Thanks to one and all for a really great Sunday lunchtime of jazz with the company of good friends.

Thanks Tim for taking me and the yummy lunch. We put the world to rights didn't we..
 A pleasure to hear such a great guitarist..Phil Brooke and the lovely young lady Liz Gregory on the double bass .. great.
Vic would like me to point out that the January Celebration at the Diplomat will not be the first Sunday of the month but on the 8th of January 2012. 

It will be the Norfolk Dixieland Seven as Peter Oxborough will be joining the band for one date.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Hope you do not get sea sick sorry it is a bit jiggly but hope you get the music, also a little clip of Roy singing.

Sole Bay Jazz 1st December

Last night at the Maltings Pavilion Ditchingham the lovely new venue where the Sole Bay Jazz Gentlemen now give us the pleasure of live jazz music on a Thursday, was as ever a great night.

We had Tim, Alan, and Tony, with guests Ray, Craig,Trummy and Ron, what a line up, you would have to go a long way to hear better jazz, and with the really good crowd of fans that follow the Sole Bay it turned into another night of music, laughter and friendship. Thank you all.

Roy gave us a couple of good songs as well, have done a couple of videos so will see how they turn out at a later date, mainly because I have to remember how to put them on here! 

As I mentioned in the last post it is a really nice friendly place and pleasant people who take care of us all.

Hope to see another good crowd next week, Alan will give me the line up after the weekend, so watch this space. 

Thank You..

I have decided to split the report of the Sole Bay Jazz from last night as wanted to just say a few thank you's.

Firstly of course to the band, who last night once again gave us some really great live jazz music, I have taken some photos and will post later, and maybe a video at a later date albiet a rather shaky one I think.

Thanks go I know from the Sole Bay to all the great fans regular and occasional who support these musicians, and I am proud to be one of them.

A thank you to the Social Club who have let us into their premises and for the football players who suddenly have found their venue overtaken by jazz fans..I do hope that some of them will join the jazz crowd when they realize what good jazz musicians we have that come to play for us.

The staff at the club have welcomed us with open arms, and a big thank you to them, I think I can say that we were all a little worried what it would be like at a social club, but I think it is also fair to say that the venue is  proving to be a success thanks to them all, how good of them to let us move tables and chairs, have a warm and comfortable clean spacious place to listen to the jazz, and the bar staff who provide a smile and the drinks to us all, having been a landlady I do appreciate them..also thanks for having some food laid on, something which was not expected at the start of moving to the Maltings, I have managed to not have a peep in the kitchen as yet, but having spent a lot of my life loving cooking, am always interested in other peoples kitchens!

I personally would like to mention a thank you to the landlord of the Buck who decided he did not require the band or us fans anymore, because he has done us all a great favour by not appreciating the musicians or the wonderful crowd of people who support them, thank you all and hope that it may continue to flourish at the new venue.

Thank you to all who do look in on my blog, I do hope you forgive some of my ramblings, but I also hope that you will pass on news of the jazz to those who do not have a computer.

Just to add how good it was to see the Denny family back again and Keith looking in much better health.

Look forward to next week and meeting up with you good people, but I will post some photos when I get home from shopping of last nights gig.