Sunday, March 05, 2017

Night out!

At the Conservative Club last evening…a night with Rob Charles a really good entertainer and great voice… had the really good crowd singing and dancing from the start.

Great to meet up with such good friends and nice to see a lot of new people now joining the Club, it is a good venue and the members work hard to provide entertainment.

We had sausage and chips from the Worlingham chip shop, something different and certainly very tasty, wish I had taken a photo of them but was too busy eating them!

A good raffle was had and nice to see the upstairs bar open well done Brian good to see you singing along as well.

I spent a lot of time down the club when my hubby was alive also worked there for a few years, but of course have not wanted to go to many 'do's' on my own, although do attend the Jazz on Sunday once a month…but the welcome I got last evening has changed my mind as friends are always there, so thanks to everyone, and Jan for coming with me, and for the dance John.

Roll on the next one…

Not like me but forgot to take photos, too busy singing along, but did manage a couple…a bit dark and his name is Rob not ob! I was not drunk ha ha…

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