Monday, June 27, 2011


Sunday on a summers day in June what more could you require, a nice cover causing a lovely breeze...and sheltering us from the scorching sun, good friends and the sound of the Sole Bay quartet giving us some great jazz....

The Hog Roast at the Huntsman and Hounds at Spexhall where nearly all the village and surrounding area were out enjoying the day..
Two real friends who support the band in everyway, and also yesterday supplied us with some comfy soft chairs thanks guys as always lovely to be with you.
Just a few of the crowd and this was before it got busy, think the hog roast was a great draw, but we went to hear the band!
Nice pic of you Bob .. always forget to put if you click on the photos hopefully they become a bit bigger..

Another lovely day thanks June once again for taking me, and being such good company...we enjoyed our meal at the Triple Plea, must try there again...but of course we were to full up to enjoy the hog roast!! never mind...thanks to the Sole Bay lads for the great entertainment, even if you did laugh at us clapping!! We must be the oldest groupies, as June said...but it is fun..

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The year has flown around, and once again the Hangar Dance in aid of the Waveney Hospice has been and gone ...

The big band are really great and played to about 500 people on Saturday night, and about 350 on the Friday night..a good raffle in aid of the Hospice and all prizes donated by local people.
Maybe I have captured some of the mood, I hope so, people are great when they let their hair down and dress up, not minding that they look so different, in fact some people you could not recognize from when you meet them in the street, maybe that is a good photos of me this year thank goodness, but it was fun to dress up..
Hello sailor!, well never enough men to go around and these swing ladies always dance so well either with the men or together....oh to be young enough to go to lessons, so enjoyable to watch...
Liz is learning and doing well...
Ruth and Chris... were you telling him off for standing on your toes Ruth... you both looked good!
Now this chap I have taken a lot of photos of in the past as he is one of the swing dancers, and goes to the Flixton do's as well, he is sooo good.
These two as well great to watch..
Now this is how fast they go!

I had a great time thanks for the company June and all the other folk at the tables... nice to see you dancing Barry I am impressed...

Nice to have your company in the breaks Dave .. sorry the beer was not the same, but it was wet.. you played great especially 'sing sing'..

Who knows all being well next year we will all have learned to swing...

Sole Bay Jazz 30th June

The line up this week will be....

Tony Jullings..double bass..Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..

Craig Hipperson.. drums.. and a big smile!

Ray Simmons..trumpet..Tony Parsons.. trombone..

With Pete Scott on reeds..

Hope to see a nice crowd to support the band....

Friday, June 24, 2011


Sole Bay Jazz at it's best last night.. once again we had a great 7 line up and an extra with Simon Denny giving us some great sings... and Peter sitting in a few numbers on the drums...
Gottcha! boys..
Barbara and Ray performing some really great music.. in fact everyone gave their all and we had a really good audience sing in when "so do I" was played...

A nice lot of folk to support the band and nice to meet some more people who are finding the venue to listen to live jazz...nice to see you all..

Nice to see people taking photos beside me!! mine not so good this week must be more careful!

Thanks June once again for the lift, and the 'lads' for all the fun and mickey taking!

Such a good night out, please try and come and support these great musicians on a Thursday night.. well worth the effort....

Keep looking in for the line up for next Thursday night....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz 23rd June

The line up for Thursday night at the Buck looks like yet another great one..

Tony Jullings..double bass..Craig Hipperson..drums..and Barbara Greene.. banjo..

Tim Densham and Derek Cubitt..reeds..Chris Cappoci..trombone..
and maybe Ray Simmons playing the piano..

Now that sounds rather good hope to see a nice lot of folk there
to let the Sole Bay Jazz folk know how much live music is appreciated.

Come and have some fun and listen to really talented people
who play for us every week and their guests who come and sit in
to provide our entertainment.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Well she said I could go and play in the nepeta...
The sun was shining..

But I think I overdid the nepeta as I could not stop laughing ha ha...

Friday, June 17, 2011


Here we are another week gone by and last night the Sole Bay played us some more great jazz.

An added guest being Ray on the piano, who with Bill on trombone, John on trumpet Tim .. Alan.. Neil and Tony.. made another different mix of live music..

Sorry seem to have missed Neil and Tony from the photo, but they are there...
I really hope Phil the landlord decides to decorate with a more pleasing wall! The colour and the lighting does not make for nice photos oopps or maybe it is the photographer!
Two very serious folk here, but nice sounds!

I know a lot of people do look in here, as you tell me thank you for helping to keep the Sole Bay in the limelight, maybe some of you could post as well.

Thanks again June for the lift, and as usual all the many friends who make the evening so pleasant.. not too many there this week but I think we all managed to make the band know they were appreciated...

So if you want to keep live jazz music going please come and support these gentlemen, you will love it I am sure...we all do...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jazz 16th June

The line up with the Sole Bay Jazz for Thursday night at the Flixton Buck is......

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar..Neil Kane..drums..

Tony Jullings..double bass..Tim Densham..reeds..

The guests this week are Bill Brewer..trombone.. John Gooding ..trumpet..

So that looks like another great line up, and who knows there may be some more folk pop in to play and if you want a good live jazz evening, come along to the Buck..


My roses are nearly over from the first flush of bloom, but think these faded blooms, looked so nice..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Of all the places that are soft to lie on Oscar decided the windowsill was the best this morning. I know a comment will come from Dive to say he is too fat and lazy, but he is such good company.
The garden is begining to look a bit better after the rain thank goodness...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz

Last night at the Buck the Sole Bay gentlemen produced yet another great night of live jazz music, and as usual with the 3 guests Simon, Derek, and Ray adding their skills to Tim, Alan, Neil and Tony, provided those of us who were lucky enough to be there great pleasure.

Also the usual fun and laughter and some great singing from Simon.
It was good to see a nice lot of different people looking in but some of the usual ones not there, maybe holidays, but please try and make an effort to support these musicians.

Thanks June for taking me, and for the fun from Colin and Duncan (our pals), who now are able to read this and hopefully comment, well done Duncan!! I must remember not to say naughty things about you ha ha. Lots of friends as well really great company as always..

Luckily for everyone my voice was still far from better so rather quiet for me again..Thanks for all the cuddles, much appreciated.

I am late posting this today as when I got home from shopping we had a long power cut, and it has taken a lot of hassle to recover everything, but thank goodness for my Apple Mac and one of my Sons who guided me back again.

Look forward to seeing a nice crowd next week I will post the line up as soon as Alan can get it together..

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Happy Birthday Phil I just do not know where the last 50 years (whoops should I have let that one slip)! have gone, but thank you for being someone who I am proud of to call my Son.

Have a great day even though you have to work. I bet you are glad I picked this photo instead of one of the baby ones!!

Monday, June 06, 2011


I can hardly believe that you are 1 year old today.

I do not post photos of children normally, but this one is so very special.
This is the youngest of my great nephew's and the joy of many lives.

You have brought such pleasure into our lives and I am sure your Gan Gan (my Brother Derek) is looking down on you today.
Your Mum and Dad..Nana's, Grandad and me, even without all the rest of the family and friends have had a fresh light that was needed in all ours lives when you came along.

May your day, and the rest of your life, be as blessed and happy as it has been so far.

You are a little poser, when I see you and get the camera out, just like your Mum was when her Dad used to take all those photos of her.


Sunday, June 05, 2011


Seems I missed a great weekend of jazz and live music at Pontins because of being unwell, glad to say someone phoned to tell me today was great..some who played today are our regulars at the Flixton Buck, hope to see a nice crowd there to cheer the musicians on.. me being one of them I hope...the line up will be:-

Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar.. Neil Kane.. drums..
Tony Jullings ..double bass..Tim Densham..reeds..
Guests will be Derek Cubitt..reeds..
Simon Nelson trumpet/singing..

As always one never knows who may pop along and join in..

Friday, June 03, 2011

2nd June

These photos are a bit blurred, me again I think... anyway Trummy trombone and Ray on the trumpet were the guests this week, and so another great night of different music.. Neil back on the drums...Also Roy came and sang a few songs, always puts a lot of fun into the crowd.
Thanks for yet another live jazz music night.. and also thanks for the company, all lovely friends.....June for the lift, and Colin and Duncan for laughing at my loss of voice, I will make up for it next time...and we had some fun with the pencil and paper..

Hope we have a few more folk to come and listen next week.. and do not forget Pontins have a jazz weekend so hope to see some of you there, I will hopefully be there if I feel better.

I am sure it will all be great, after all you canot beat live music...

I will post next weeks jazz at the Buck when I get Alan's e mail to say who is playing...

Jazz again

Well just a quick hello at the moment, photo to follow..the Sole Bay last night again were wonderful, but have lost my voice and so feeling a bit yuk so will post later, just wanted anyone who looked in to know if they did not come to jazz they missed a great night...