Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lowestoft Lifeboat..

My friend works as a volunteer at the Lowestoft Lifeboat shop on the South Pier some days, and she asked if I would like to go with her last Thursday, ever eager to try something new, I went along, and apart from a very windy rough bitter cold day, I really enjoyed it, nice to meet and greet families on holidays.
The Lowestoft Lifeboat is reliant on people to donate, they do a really good job, and had already had 2 call outs over the past is a dear little boat and how it battles the rough seas is amazing and the crews are so brave.
One of the crew saw me taking photos so she told me to keep the camera ready as they were having a big lifeboat call in, and wow was it big, it is the Humber one and it made our little Lowestoft boat look so tiny, but they both do the same job, big or little, and I so admire them.
You can see better in this one the difference in size...So next time you are anywhere near a lifeboat shop or when the tins are about in the shops, please spare a little to give to these brave people who risk their lives to save others...and if you get the chance pop into the Lowestoft shop and buy some goodies, lots of nice gifts in there, oh yes of course I came home with some!!
The view from the shop, pity it was not nice and sunny, but the holiday makers were making the best of it.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Craig keeping the beat..with his the Buck..
Alan and Tony P..
Yet another live jazz session at the Buck on Thursday night.

Just some of Tim's Reeds...looking good..and sounding it as well..
Tim ..Tony and Derek.
Tony P singing us some great songs..
The Prof posing, usually cannot see him at the back..

A good crowd enjoying live music, great to see everyone...

Some who usually come were unwell and so wish them good health..especially Barbara, Dave's wife...and Don..hope you soon recover...

Thanks June for taking us, Colin and Duncan for providing the laughs, and all the lovely friends that come and support the Sole Bay band..

Look forward to next week ....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ruth hope you look in... the plant is still gorgeous....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


David called over this morning, and took some photos, gorgeous ones of my flowers in the garden and this one of Oscar doing his usual thing!

Click on it and see how good his camera is. David's not Oscar's!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dive just told me to take photos of my Wisteria, nothing as good as his photo of the Norwich ones but mine is only 6 years old! and it is not all out yet, but the sun is shining so hope they are OK D!!
Just realized how bad my trellis is nowadays oh dear must get the paint brushes out!

The flowers smell delicious...Enjoy...

Flixton Buck Jazz 28th April

Another good line up for the Jazz on Thursday night at the Buck.

Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar..Tony Jullings..Double Bass..

A looked forward return visit from Craig Hipperson on the Drums..

Tim Densham.. Reeds..with guest Derek Cubitt..Reeds..

And a welcome return of Tony Parsons..Trombone..

So look forward to seeing a nice lot of folk to listen to some
really great live jazz music..

Friday, April 22, 2011


Sorry for the blurred photos, but could not get too near the band this week...

What a really great night, the lads played so well and the place was packed..and oh it was sooo good!

Thanks for a really great evening to all concerned..I cannot praise it all enough..
Thanks to Phil for being a good host, for all the friends
and folk who contributed to the evening.

Just wish I had recorded some of it because they were really loving the audience reaction, and played some great music...

Simon sang some great songs and as always put such feeling into them.
Tim played a great solo, and Bill on the trombone making it all look easy,
Ray on the piano tinkling some lovely sounds! Alan, Neil and Tony holding it all in the back line...

Also Peter came and gave us a few numbers on the drums giving Neil a chance for a break...

Really full on great live music.. and good to see so many people there, lets hope for more next week..

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well another week gone where does the time go,
but it means the line up for Thursday 21st at the Flixton Buck is here..

Tim Densham.. reeds..Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar..

Neil Kane..drums..Tony Jullings..double bass...

Joining them this week will be Simon Nelson..brass and songs!..
Bill Brewer..trombone.. and Ray Simmons.. keyboard..

A great line up so if you want a good night of live jazz, come and join us..

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yet another good night of live jazz music enjoyed by some loyal fans, a lot of people on holiday and some rather poorly, but still a nice appreciative crowd for the
Sole Bay boys to play to.

Different again with some not heard for a while music! Ray with his brass
Derek with the reeds, joining Tim, Tony, Alan and Neil..

Roy gave us a few songs as well, so all in all another great night..

Hope to see a few more folk next week.

A speedy recovery for all who are unwell, hope your foot soon improves Heather...thanks to June for the lift again, good meal... thanks to Phil and his helpers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

The line up for Thursday 14th April at the Flixton Buck will be......

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar.. Neil Kane .. drums..
Tony Jullings..double bass..

Tim Densham..reeds.. Ray Simmons.. trumpet..
Derek Cubitt.. reeds..

Maybe someone will sing as well, one never knows...

Hope to see a nice crowd to enjoy some live jazz music..
Good food .. and great company..

Friday, April 08, 2011


Wednesday night at the Seagull Theatre we were entertained by Simon..Tim.. Ray..Neil..Alan..Tony..
A great evening of jazz, thanks Roy and Janet for the lift and June for the ticket and good company, just what I needed to take my mind off the next day! Thank you all for a great night.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz 7th April 2011

Another good line up for the jazz tomorrow night....

Tony Jullings. Double Bass.. Neil Kane. Drums..
Alan Cugnoni. Banjo/Guitar..

Tim Densham.. Reeds..Dick Mayhew. Trombone..

Unfortunately I will be unable to be there this week, but hope a good crowd gets to hear the great live jazz...

See you all next week..

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Drums..Double Bass..Guitar..Trombone..Cornet..Carinet..
well what more could you want you were great folk..

Sorry these are a bit out of focus when you click on them ,
but could not get nearer for the crowds!!
Tim and Pete what a great combination the sound was so good.
What a great Sunday lunch time! Thanks folks for inviting me, thank you for the lift and the food and the good company, and thank you so much for the wonderful jazz...I am so spoilt..
I love those Blue shirts..!! And the leather sofa was a laugh!!

Friday, April 01, 2011


Has spring come at last... my favourite camellia...
second favourite camellia!
Pasque flower of many years standing...

It is so good to see the flowers blooming, makes the world seem a happier place... now just have to tackle all the weeds (which I know are just flowers growing in the wrong place!) and get the moss out of the lawn. or just go back to admiring the flowers..


Simon great playing and singing thank you.
Seem to have lost the Prof on this one...Peter sitting in on the drums....
Ah our happy Craig, drumming away..
Whoops sorry Peter this looks like you are really serious..

Another great night of jazz from the Sole Bay, and lots of nice company..Thanks June again for taking me...
Good food.... and I see that Phil our landlord has even put an ad in the Beccles and Bungay this week, so no excuse for people not to come and look in, if they do not check on here....