Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday Trip out

Got taken for a lovely ride today, and ended up having fish and chips and then a lovely walk around Dunwich here in Suffolk. the old church and half of the village is under the sea now.
These are some of the cliffs that are fast disappearing into the sea, but the Sand Martins were making the most of the cliff to nest.

The 13th century Friary or rather the remains of it, lovely flints.
Yet another view the sky looks a bit black but we were lucky we did not get wet here.
Of course the usual seagull who posed for me!
Quite a few fishermen some were managing to catch fish, and in the background the Sizewell dome.
These trees were waiting to have a photo taken of them the colours looked so good.
Miles of beautiful walks through Dunwich and Minsmere bird sanctuary, all owned by the National Trust.
Then on to Walberswick the other side to Southwold where I usually take photos, the old church ruins.
The new church stands tall a large church for a small but select village.
Down to the sea, and looking across to Southwold.
Thanks Ivan for a lovely afternoon, getting lost was fun!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday night Jazz at the Buck

Once again how can I praise these jazz men enough? Last night another great evening of music and laughter with good friends.
We had guests Pete Scott on sax and clarinet also Bill Brewer on trombone, a few good jazz sounds from drummer Peter with our great usual folk Tim, Alan, Tony, and Neil, and singing from Roy and Chris, and Pete.

Dear Prof on his great double bass, finger licking good Tony.
Tim on his clarinet, great music as always.
Just managed to catch Alan in the background great banjo Alan ,this week especially.
Some of our lads enjoying the music as always, Keith you are sitting instead of dancing!

Thanks for taking us gals Ivan, and for the good company of lovely friends, another great night.

Neil sorry about Sunday photos ha ha! you are such a sport.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Jazz

The Sole Bay boys on Sunday afternoon on the field at Flixton Buck, it was not very well advertised so not many people came to see and hear such good music, which is a shame as they were as always brilliant..

The usual Tim (reeds), Alan (banjo,guitar),Tony (Bass) and then Craig (guesting on drums), and Ray (keyboard), then Roy who joined the lads ( on his sax, and great singing voice). There may not have been many there watching, just some of our usual crowd, but hope we did you proud with the clapping!
Great music from all as always and Tim and Roy that was really good.
Sorry Rosemary and Norma caught you on the way out! but great to see you.
Alan and Ray really lovely sound boys.
Craig was hidden behind the drums but caught him and Tony at last when they had finished!
Nice one of some of the boys, great knees Keith! not sure about the hat Ivan in the background, sorry did not get a good one of you!
Nice one Duncan actually caught you without strange hand signals!!
Whoops sorry Sandy I seem to apologizing a lot, caught you sipping the beer.
Some more of our regular crowd, will get some good ones of you all one of these days, but it is half the fun to catch you unawares! please do not sue me.ha ha.
Linda with her smile
Stella always such fun, actually caught you sitting still for a change I enjoyed our little dance if that is what you could call it!

Great afternoon folks, see you Thursday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jazz and Friends

Yet another great night at the Flixton Buck with the Sole Bay Jazz playing to keep us all enjoying the music, as always the usual core Tim clarinet and sax,Tony the prof on his double bass, Alan on banjo and guitar, Neil on the drums, and guests Ray on his trumpet and cornet and Derek what sounds that man can get from a clarinet and sax, and later when I had put the camera away Tony Parsons, on his trombone and great voice. glad you look in on the blog Tony.. so thank you once again folks you are a pleasure to come and listen to.
Tony and Neil, ha ha in a fuzzy way as the photo did not come out good so thought I would tweek it a bit sorry boys, will try and take a better one on Sunday.!
Tim and his great sax playing, you look real lost there Tim!
Ray giving us some great jazz. While Derek looks relaxed.

And who yelled 'wish we had a camera'!, well you two serves you right, I could not resist this, will miss you next week Colin (and Duncan) and Heather what a little tease you are, as I have said before, an asset to the pub, as well as a great friend.

So thanks for taking us Ivan glad the girls enjoyed the company again.
Lovely to see all the great friends there, and what a good crowd this week. Look forward to next Thursday already, and we have a music Sunday this week at the Buck open air so we are hoping for good weather. get the BBQ out Phil!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Morning, just had to write a little about my dear Liz's and James new baby, he is now 6 weeks old and a darling, although he does keep his Mum and Dad awake a lot.

Jan and I went to baby sit last night, and what a great evening we had, Great Auntie Beryl (that is me) had lots of cuddles, even managed to change a yukky nappy, well they do not have nappies nowadays just very cute little things, so different to the terry towels of years ago! and I managed some really nice photos, and of course we were told that he would scream and play up as he does in the evenings, maybe it was my singing? he had a little moan while waiting for his feed, so I sang (ha ha) him 'speed bonnie boat' which my boys will have a laugh at as it always managed to get them to sleep, or maybe they just went to sleep so they did not have to listen to me.....must have been a different baby as he was really good, I had to put him down after his feed, and he slept until they came home, so hope they had a better night than usual, we even managed to watch some TV and have a good chat, and Jan made a lovely supper for us, so I was completely spoilt.

It was so nice to just sit and catch up as we used to spend a lot of time together, but nowadays we always seem to be busy doing other things, so thanks Jan ,Liz, James and of course Max for a really nice evening, hope Max did not keep you awake all night guys, hope we can do it again soon..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Jazz post!

No camera this week! but had to write a little to say thank you for the company last night.

It does seem to be mainly jazz on here at the moment, so not much else going on, but I know some of my Alistair friends look in, so will try and find something else as well to chat about soon! I have been trying to get the garden in order, and have not been out a lot apart from jazz, which as usual yet another great night in the company of the Southwold Sole Jazz Band.

The line up, our main core, Tim on his reeds, Alan banjo and guitar,Tony on his lovely double bass,Neil on the drums, and we had guests Trummy Mayhew on his talking Trombone, honestly that man certainly can bring it to life, and Simon Nelson who brings all us ladies to life with his singing and trumpet playing.

Always because of the mix, every week is different, and we also had a happy birthday for Don one of the regulars.

As always such a great crowd, did notice a few new ones coming in, and some of our regulars not in, as expect it is holiday time for some, but still a good crowd to ensure that the band get a good response.

Our Heather was not well so wish you better Heather she works so hard and we do enjoy seeing her on a Thursday night, but Emily helped, and Simon smiling as usual, so still Phil (our landlord) had to forego his night off, but as the lads played his favourite Isle of Capri he enjoyed himself...

Thanks also for the good company of Colin and Duncan, Ivan also for taking Linda ,Stella and me, and Tracy what a great prawn salad we had, never had such a lovely display on a plate, very tasty thank you for indulging us without it being on the menu.

It was tinged with some sadness however as we lost another wonderful fan, I know his wife does not want anything written to her, but I feel I must say from all of us on here how sad we are that our dear friend has passed on, and hope like all the others he will be watching on a Thursday night from above. we miss you.

Lovely as well to see our usual crowd in the 'back room', you know who you are, such nice people it is a pleasure to know you all and you make me so welcome when we have our half time chat.

Thanks again to you all, great night, hope to see you all next week, as usual Neil will have the news on his Southwold Jazz site.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Here we go again

Yet another great night in the company of some of the members of the Sole Bay Jazz folk.
Tim on clarinet and sax, The Prof on his double bass, Neil back on the drums, and guests Barbara on banjo Mike on trumpet and Tony on trombone.. what a good line up, and some real old fashioned jazz.

Mike and Tony sang for us as well..

Not only did Mike play so well, he also sang, and we had a bit of the 'singing postman' well sounded like him anyway.
Great solo Barbara, seem to have missed Neil out this week, will have to get a bigger lens on my camera, but one day will manage to get everyone in.
The prof was a bit far back for me to get him! but just managed to get a peep of him!

Another great night at the Buck, it was buzzing this week, and so we used the big room, so lots more people to join in the fun.

Thanks as always to all the good friends for making it a lovely night, and for Heather who does not realize just what an asset she is.

Great to have Colin and Duncan back. too many good kind people to mention.. but pop over to Sole Bay Jazz that Neil writes to get the information on who will be playing next week.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Jazz at Flixton last night..

Yet another great night at the Flixton Buck with the Sole Bay Jazz Folk.
I suppose I keep repeating what good fun and great music it is on a Thursday night, but it is!
We had another great line up, Tony (the prof) on double bass, and later a guest borrowed the bass, but I have forgotten his name but not his playing.. brilliant.
Alan on banjo and guitar, Tim with all his different reeds, as always great, and to add to these dear Craig, who I have missed on these photos, but played such good drums, and guests Ray on the keyboard and Tony Parsons trombone and who added singing to the evening entertainment. loved the slow one Tony.
Did not get Tim on his clarinet, but the sax was yummy. and Alan, got you in at last.
Tim getting lost in the music!
Tony looking serious!
And a dear one of Alan and his knees!
Ray looks as though he is losing himself in the music as well...

It is such a good night of fun and meeting with friends. thanks Phil the landlord for putting up with me, ha ha you enjoy us there really!, Ivan for taking us women, Heather lovely as ever, you will have Colin and Duncan back next week to torment..and yummy Simon..and to many more to mention by name, you make the night so enjoyable thank you.
Hope to see you all next week.