Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pre birthday party!

I have been spoilt again by my lovely family pre my birthday…

Lovely day in no particular order as love them all…David,Phil,Dawn,Pete,Tom,Emma…

I said no fuss but however am so thrilled as it was such a good day, meeting up at Phil and Dawns, we all went on to The Ugly Bug Pub it is called the Norfolk Lurcher now but locally known as The Bug!

What a great welcome we had such very nice people and rather special pub, (lovely clean loos! ex landlady so always check loos!)

The meals were so tasty we all ate too much but it was worth it, so thank you family it was very very good.

I took a few photos … then off we went back to Hockering… Dawn had made me a lovely sponge, we had tea and then sparkling wine! great…

Opened a few cards, then Tom and Emma said would I open their present to me, well how they managed to get it done they only arrived back off honeymoon on Thursday evening, photos in a frame with "Family" then the words 'is where life begins and love never ends', people looking in will not all know what that means to me from my grandson and his wife, but Phil and I  shed a few tears of happiness how thoughtful and precious after all these years.

Having a Kindle arrive soon I am told  as well from the boys and Dawn will seem strange not to hold a book! so as it is not yet my birthday have some nice looking parcels to open when it is!!!

It is nice to be able to write my blog diary and not be all jazz, although of course love my jazz posts! Even some nice Jazz bits at the pub!

Thank you all for a very special day I am so lucky to have you all in my life. And very proud of you all.


Alan Cugnoni said...

Lovely sentiments Beryl family are so precious Happy Birthday
Alan & Gina

Alifan said...

Thank you both… how lucky am I x

dive said...

Remembered my password … Yay! I can comment again.
It was a truly splendid pre-Birthday party. The food was amazing (I recommend the seafood tagine) and the company - of course - peerless. Happy Birthday, Mum. xx

Alifan said...

Thanks Son, at last you can comment again x