Friday, July 14, 2017

Sole Bay Jazz Band…

Last evening The Sole Bay Jazz Band played for us, at The Sports Pavilion Ditchingham…

A rather nice gentle evening of music played as always with such talent.

Sad not too many people there, but those who were hopefully enjoyed the evening.

Nice to have Barry singing for us such a good voice and always with a bit of a quirky melody.

Lovely to know these fine musicians enjoy playing for us, and amazing how no matter what the line up they mostly all know how to fit in, ha ha even if sometimes a different key is needed, thanks to one and all.

Good raffle thanks Clover and Chris, thanks for everyone digging deep to help to keep the band coming along each week, also for our ticket folders …and of course Jon for having us there.

Heidi lovely smile as always, thanks for what you do for me as well.

I have not got my camera working at the moment so Fudge has let me have a couple of photos that she took.

Our man in Black with his hat!

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