Sunday, June 18, 2017

Garden and Norwich…

David took me to Norwich this morning to meet up with some of the volunteers who man the tent there, Chris has been taking some wonderful photos as always of the Peregrines, so selling mugs with the photos on also prints as well he has raised a truly amazing amount of money for the trust,.

There are several photographers  but Chris has been the one from the start that has given us great images, thanks Chris for all your and the teams hard work, I will not put how much the cheque is for as it would spoil the surprise when it goes in the paper.

Lovely to meet up again this morning  with some of the folk sorry the heat was too much for me to stay, but will treasure the mug and photos, as will David.

While we were there I took a couple of shots of the cool cloisters as we sat in there listening to the service in the Cathedral, what a wonderful place of calm that is. 

Chris was kind enough to allow a photo of Bezza with him under the shade of my parasol no idea why people do not have those nowadays better than a hat!!!!

I took a couple of the garden yesterday it is suffering but I have been working hard of late, and thanks Craig for cutting the tall shrubs…even if we discovered the blackbirds nest she is still sitting on it even though she is very exposed. just hope for a good result with the chicks.

I  framed my photo of "Solo" thanks Chris.

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