Friday, April 07, 2017

Sole Bay Jazz Night…

A rather good evening of live music by some talented musicians was had at The Sports Pavilion Ditchingham last night…

And the time of finishing was 10.30pm not 10pm that I put on the blog, but at least it proved that folk do look in even if they do not comment. Still a lot can now check on the Face Book that Fudge has of the group on there.

Thanks to the band who set the volume well so we could hear some great music…sorry to have moaned last week but what an improvement!

As well as the music Barry came in the second half to sing for us, think it gets better each time Barry!

A very good crowd that came to support the band, some new and old faces which is always good, and lovely raffle prizes, thanks to those who donate prizes really appreciated. Clover and Chris for doing the raffle and the 'boys' for folding the tickets.

Nice to see Heidi behind the bar again hope you soon feel better Heidi.

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