Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jazz 31st March

Another good line up Alan has sorted for the
Sole Bay to play at the Flixton Buck on Thursday night.

Alan Cugnoni.. Banjo/Guitar....Tony Jullings ..Double Bass..

Craig Hipperson .. Drums

Front line ..Tim Densham..Reeds.. Derek Cubitt..Reeds..

and a welcome return of Simon Nelson.. Trumpet..

Knowing as well that sometimes we have a surprise guest popping in..

Hope I can be there this week, and that a nice crowd will come and support
live music..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was unable to attend the jazz this week but my dear friends have told me what a great night was had by all.

As well as the line up I posted ...Mike Leigh and Ray Simmons where there, so it turned into another good jazz evening..

Thanks June and Rosemary for helping!! and I hope to see you all next week.. I will post the line up later..

Just want to say thank you to all my lovely jazz friends, who have contacted me about my dear Brother, I do not know what I would do without you all..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

The line up for tonight at the Flixton Buck:-

Tony Jullings.... double bass..Alan Cugnoni....banjo/guitar..

Craig Hipperson....drums..

Tim Densham....reeds..Tony Parsons....trombone..

And one never knows who may turn up to play for us...

Sorry this is so late this week my fault entirely.

So please come along and join in with some great live music...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ray's Party

Just a few photos of the party for Ray, one of the best gentlemen to ever play the trumpet.

Thanks for inviting me Ray, what a great night, everything,
(well apart from the hard seats ha ha) was really so good.

A real joy to hear the trio ..who we all thought were fabulous.

The mixture of some of the Sole Bay, with your lovely daughter and brother, well what can I say.

Thank you again for a great evening.. Ruth you did a good job, you and Ray are a lovely couple.....thanks Roy for the lift, and thanks to everyone who made the night so good..including that great buffet....

Sorry this is short, one of my brother's is in hospital, so very busy at the moment, but had to stop and just pop this on..

Will post the Jazz for Thursday night as soon as Alan lets me know....

Friday, March 18, 2011


Each week I keep saying how great the Sole Bay Jazz is, and it is the same this week!!

So different again, Tim and Derek with Ray on the keyboard in front, and Alan, Tony and Neil providing the back line, with the added bonus of Simon Denny providing us with some great songs... How everyone manages to know all those notes is amazing.. Well done lads another great night of live music.

It was so good to see a nice lot of the regulars as well as a few new faces, seems that the word is getting around at last..Thanks Phil for the nice meal.. hope you liked at least some of the music..

Thanks to June for getting me there, and the laugh about me getting in and out of the car... bad backs are no fun!

Colin and Duncan for the company and laughs, and all the many friends who appear week after week to enjoy the music.

Keith told me that you are doing well Don.. good luck with the chemo, we think of you...and all the friends who are not well at the moment hope good health will soon return...

To the other Keith.... may I put on here, you are really such a trouper, I hope your pain eases I know Sheila looks after you well, you do a great job each week and I know you enjoy the music even though the pain is bad...

So if you want a good night out, come next Thursday to the Flixton Buck, keep live music going, you really cannot beat it...

Monday, March 14, 2011


The line up for Thursday night is..

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo/guitar.. Neil Kane.. drums..
Tony Jullings.. double bass..

front line.. Tim Densham..reeds..Derek Cubitt.. reeds..

Hopefully Ray Simmons..on the keyboard..

Alan has suggested there may be a surprise guest!!! watch this space.. or come on Thursday night to some great live Jazz music at the Fixton Buck..

Friday, March 11, 2011


Thursday 1oth March at the Flixton Buck..

A great line up with wonderful jazz ..upbeat and fun..

Nice to see a lot of folk there listening and singing along..

With the usual line up of Tim..Alan..Neil and Tony.. this week they were joined by Mike Leigh and Dick Mayhew..

Mike had some great material, and gave us some good trumpet and songs.

Dick plays so many notes on his trombone always a pleasure to hear...

Craig joined in for a few numbers on the drums, all in all a fun evening.

Thanks June for taking us Rosemary and Nigel.. Colin and Duncan for the good company at our table, we were joined by Craig..also Tony Parsons who hopefully will be one of the guests sometime soon, there are always some good musicians about and that shows how they respect the Sole Bay Jazz to come and listen in, and sometimes get asked to join in ...
Good company good food, and lots of live music, so come and join us next Thursday.. I will put the line up on here so watch this space..

Thanks for looking in, the Jazz folk work hard to bring pleasure and it is nice to know I do not sit and write this just for myself! Even if not many actually comment on here, I do get some feed back..

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Jazz 10th March 2011

Looks like another great night of live jazz at the Flixton Buck on Thursday..

Alan Cugnoni. Banjo/Guitar..Neil Kane .. Drums..

Tony Jullings.. Double Bass..

Tim Densham.. Reeds..

Dick Mayhew..Trombone..a wizard player..

And great to welcome again Mike Leigh ..Trumpet.. and hopefully some songs!

Come and enjoy a night of live music,
as Delia Smith said once at Norwich City Football.."Lets be having you"..

Great company.. great live jazz.. good food, and fun bar staff...

Live music is the best and the Sole Bay folk are amongst the best,
so please come and support them.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


This was made for a raffle for the lifeboat appeal in Lowestoft...
Hope the lady who won it enjoys!

A rather strange yellowing on the top photo, but that was just the way I took it...
This is a sponge for a football fan..

Friday, March 04, 2011


Another great night at the jazz... Thanks to Ray on trumpet and Derek on reeds again sounding so different, and very enjoyable, with a few songs from Roy to add to the mix..Tim.. Alan ..Neil and Tony as always playing their all for us...

I suppose the cold weather is keeping more people from turning out now, but you know what they say folks 'if you don't use it you lose it', so please try and come next week, live music is the very best, and the Sole Bay is hard to beat....

Thanks June for taking us, and for the good company on our table...and good to see the many friends that did come..and a smile from Phil as well!!!! thanks Phil the meals were good...

Alan will let me know the line up for next week, so I can put it on here.. in the meantime hope all of those who are not so well, soon get a lot better...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jazz at the Buck March 3rd

How the time does fly.. March 1st today hope it is a
good month for everyone.

The line up on Thursday will be..
Tony Jullings..double bass..Neil Kane.. drums..

Alan Cugnoni.. banjo /guitar..

Front line is Tim Densham..reeds..
Derek Cubitt.. reeds..Ray Simmonds.. keyboard..

You never know who may pop in and give a song as well..
So if you want a good night out come and join us..