Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hangar Dance

Thought you might like to see a montage of the hangar dance that we went to last night. Not great photos as rather large hangar for my little camera, but hope you get the picture.

Such great 1940's costumes, everyone looks so good, and great atmosphere just like the old days, which I actually remember, as I think I mentioned last year!

My dear Ann with friend Richard, Ann and I grew up in the same road, something nice about not moving away from home.

Another dear friend with whom I like to have a dance. But next year I will dress up not down, as khaki is not very good for this OAP…
Lovely to meet up with good friends and the music as usual was great.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jazz at Flixton

Another great night last Thursday at the Buck... What a line up, and Art Deco singer to help them good that I forgot to take the camera out! Get the real chat from Southwold Jazz where Neil will tell who is coming to play next week....

A real night for good music, it never fails to amaze me that everyweek we get a different sound, and I know that is something to do with the great guest artists, but Tim, Alan, Tony are always so solid and this week Craig sitting on the drums, very good solo Craig....

Derek on his sax and clarinet, that man has soul in his bones, and Tim and him make such yummy music..

Ray on his horns! wow what a lovely talent, and the solo as well..

Looking forward to next week of course... Thanks for taking us all Ivan and great that Linda and Francis, you are enjoying the music, and the company...Must mention Keith who provided great movements. no comment! but you know what I mean, thanks also Francis for making sure he got home OK...hope the head was not as bad as Neil's from his party ..

Lovely as always to see such good friends there, makes my week.....thank you..Colin and Duncan are still on holiday, but hope they will be back soon...ha ha bet they are having fun...

Sad that we have lost Neville, he has gone to join his dear wife, you will both always be sitting in listening in your seats up high, we all loved you both..have such nice memories and photos to remember you ..

Must also say Ken.. sad that you are still unwell enough to attend, but always imagine you there, hope to see you soon....

If anyone looking in likes great Jazz you know where they are on Thursday nights at the Flixton Buck, hope you are liking all this free advertising Phil!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One more cake!

Glad all went well Mr and Mrs S.. well done for reaching 60 years together, thank you for always thinking of me when it comes to cakes!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Neil's birthday cake

Thursday was a really good friends birthday, so his lovely wife planned a celebration at the Buck with their jazz pals and family, and a good time was had by all... a fun cake this...thanks for a great time. Glad the photos turned out OK..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jazz at Flixton last night..

Wow what a great night at the Flixton Buck last night, thank you Sole Bay for some fantastic music. Managed to nearly get you all in the photo this week.....
Colin came and played drums, and gave us a real treat, have not heard a drum solo like that since the big bands many years ago.
Trummy on your trombone and other! never knew such a great sound could be played on them.
Sorry Simon the mike stand got in the way of your lovely smile, and thank you for some gorgeous songs, always a pleasure to hear your voice, and to see you as well! oh yes and the cornet was great also!
Thanks as always to Tim,Tony and Alan, such a great night out....
Must thank Ivan for taking us there 4 women in a car it was good of you!

Of course we had dear Neil's Birthday Party going on in the other room, wonder if you managed to get him home OK Sandy? bet the head is sore this morning...great buffet Phil, also glad the cake went well....

If you look in please come and join the good crowd of jazz lovers at the Buck on a Thursday night, as always Neil does a proper write up on Southwold Jazz site.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest wedding cake

Wedding last Saturday, hope they enjoyed it!
These are the top flowers, they saw the last one that I made and decided they wanted something like it.
Do try to make everyone a little different..but the lilies seem to be popular.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Southwold in cold June!

Friends day out..Francis, Linda and me! well we decided as Linda had a friend Julie staying with her we would show them Southwold... in June in the wind and rain, but if you are a follower of this blog you will know I am a great fan of Southwold in whatever weather, so here following are us enjoying the cold but having fun!
Of course they sell the most fabulous real ice cream on the pier, even in the cold!

Of course the clock as always brings lots of laughs, you can see how bad the weather was, but never mind good girlie day out, thanks folks..made a real change, oh and by the way on the way home the sun came out.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jazz at Flixton last night..

Another great night at the Buck with the wonderful Sole Bay Jazz folk..... managed some nice photos for a change but Alan is hiding in them all, you can just see him behind Derek, so sorry Alan will catch you next time..

Ray played a great keyboard as always, and Derek on Clarinet and Sax, joined the usual Tim, Neil, Alan and the dear Prof on the double bass....if you look in and have not been to see them you are missing a great night out.
Every week somehow they manage to get some different sounds and as always a lovely feeling listening to them...
Tim making the sax come alive.
And dear Derek, such the boots D!

This week Keith thought as there is a lot of money to pay out having live music in a pub, (as it was in my day as landlady), but this day and age always something seems to try and stop live music, Phil the landlord can struggle , but as he lets the jazz folk invade his pub, even when he is not into jazz, Keith decided to run a raffle why we did not think of it before I do not know , as everywhere you go nowadays you have to pay, so no one feels that buying raffle tickets is much to pay for listening to great jazz.....

Thanks Heather for your help, you are such an asset you can get the youngsters to part with there cash,. (ah those where the days, ) anyway I digress, as folk were wonderful, and Keith has just rung me to tell me what we raised, very pleased, so a big thank you to all concerned, and for all the help, and hope you remember to bring your money with you next week, as we intend to do it all again!
Have to add, missed you Colin and Duncan, and still some people who could not come because of illness, so good health to all of those...hope to see you back soon...

As usual look in on Neil's write up on Southwold Jazz site...and next week, we celebrate Neil's birthday, so should be a great night...such lovely friends you all make my life so much richer, so thank you.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Liz and James

I just want to say Congratulations to my dear niece Liz and her hubby James, on the birth of Max on Sunday at 3.10am, what a gorgeous baby, I will not put a photo up until I have spoken to them, as nowadays always a problem with baby pics, however I can say his photo is sitting on my screen looking wonderful...and I must say how very proud of you both, as know life has not been a bed of roses healthwise Liz, but well done. love you both, and looking forward to seeing you all in the flesh so to speak!