Saturday, October 20, 2018

thank you…

This is a copy of the letter that Ron sent to Ray to put on here, will try to get a better copy but at the moment this is the best I can do, my efforts have all gone wrong but thought  you might like to see at least a version of Ron's letter to you all.  Sorry it is so small and dark…

Sole Bay Jazz night running total

The Band  would like those who were there on Thursday evening Jazz night with all those wonderful musicians …to  know how much the amount of money was collected that night toward Ron Hockett's fund, I know lots more will come in from those who were not there and some other sources any money collected will be passed on.

How generous you all are every week, but this week, from the raffle …the band …Jon(bar)…DVD's from Tony, and in general those who came and gave me more money, it took some working out but was so thrilled when could give to Ray for Ron the sum up to now was £802. I had to count it a few times as could not believe it. Well done to Christine and Clover you did a fine job of collecting for the raffle from our lovely Sole Bay fans.

So from everyone who donated and may still will… a very big THANK YOU ALL, no doubt we will hear from Ron when he gets the amounts through, in the meantime we wish him good luck, so he can get well and come and play for us again some day.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Letter from Ron Hockett…

I have been asked to put on here the letter to Ray that Ron Hockett wished to be read out at the jazz night, just in case some folk were not able to be there.

Ron with the Sole Bay

This was a little video I did back in Oct 2015, sorry about the noise in the background the reason I always have a moan about people talking loudly while the band plays…And of course my moving about rather a lot at least have got better at videos since then… but a nice rendition, loved hearing Ron with Tim and great playing by all the band.

Wonderful evening of music…

 Ron Hockett good luck with the operation  from all the jazzers at Ditchingham

A great evening of live music for the Jazz night to help the fund for Ron Hockett…

Ron loved being in England and we loved  his playing he always said how much he enjoyed playing with the Sole Bay Jazz Band on a Thursday evening, as you know Ron has to have a lung transplant and is now in the USA and all in all will cost a lot of money. something to be said about our NHS!

Ray has a letter from him that he read out and in due course I will print it on here in case you did not hear Ray reading it.

A good crowd of people many faces had not seen before, and maybe they will come again and join our merry ban of regulars, all to support Ron, and you did it with style…Some of you could not make it but sorry and hope all who were unable to come along because of ill health will soon recover…… you missed a great night.

So thanks to all who played, what a marvellous evening of live music and donating your money to the fund. All the money collected will go to Ron's fund. you all did great, loved your rendition Tim of Ron's favourite. Pianos /Trumpet/2 double Bass/ guitars /trombones/drums/clarinet/saxophones/ Nice to have so much talent in one place…again thank you all.

Tony J our dearest bass player managed to some along and play, thank you Tony you did great although you were not really fit, you are a treasure, hope you got home safe and sound and have a good rest today.

The raffle, well you outdid yourselves so thank you all for being so generous thanks of course to Christine and Clover, who did the raffle, great prizes as well, not enough to go around however all in a good cause. Thanks to Don and Jan for ticket folding…took ages didn't it!!

Thanks Tony for the DVD's lovely amount collected for them.
Thanks to all who donated in many ways all as I have said will be going to Ron's fund. No doubt Ray will let you all know how much was collected altogether next week.

I took some photos… have to apologise for flitting about but wanted to get as many as the band as I could, unlike Fudge who has a very clever phone that can take photos without the flash!  she has a selection on FB.

So here goes…in no particular order…and hope I did not miss anyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jazz night…

This Thursday evening the 18th October at the Sports Pavilion Ditchingham…

The Sole Bay Jazz Band will be playing for our entertainment.

This week all the money given including the band plus  raffle and more will be for the benefit  of Ron Hockett who has to have a lung transplant in America… 
so know you will be generous as you always are.

We have Tim Densham…Dick Mayhew… Ray Simmons…

Alan Cugnoni…Craig Hipperson… 

and hopefully Tony Jullings…

Plus I know a few guests will be appearing at some time!!!

So do hope to see a good crowd coming along to support the band for this  benefit of dear Ron.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Family …

Yesterday Emma my grandsons wife received her BA Honours Degree in children's care and learning development at Lowestoft St Margarets Church amongst many others who have been working so hard, well done to them all.

So proud to be at her graduation dinner and to meet up with all the family again, after last years wedding… time has flown by…lovely meal  thanks to everyone, so thought would share with my blog diary, although photos not good and did not get everyone at the nice long table packed full… trust me to forget to take photo when it was full of family…as most had gone to get their meals,  ha ha but of course we had ours as you can see.… great family time. Love the new specs Dawnie …I did borrow one from Emma's  photos so that is a bit blurred, but after all that hard work both her and Tom are so proud of one another…as we are of them both.