Saturday, June 30, 2012


This year my roses have had such a lot of wind and strange weather thrown at them, but I do manage to save a few to enjoy indoors, not good for the hay fever but they are so lovely…


Friday, June 29, 2012

Musical Magic

Well another great night of live jazz from the Sole Bay Gentlemen, thanks to one and all for some wonderful playing.

Some great clarinet and saxophone from Tim and Ron they really blend well together, Ray tinkling the piano and playing some really lovely melodic music, Craig wow what a drummer you deserved the applause for the smile as well…( it even made the rather noisy crowd at the bar quiet for a while! I know it is their club so I should not moan, but this is my blog! so sorry) Alan and Tony giving great back up… so well done to all.

What a way to spend a summer evening we are so lucky to have such good musicians locally.

Roy and Chris both gave us a good song each in the second half, so that  also really enjoyable.

 Just a couple of photos, Neil will tell me off if I say they are not as good as his, but of course they are not, never mind they give you an idea of these fine people. I really appreciated the ones last week Neil.

Thanks for the lift June and all the nice comments from friends that I was better, I only had a cold and missed one week, however it was nice to be back, the week did not feel right without my Thursday night music.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Still no comments on the blog about the jazz, but I will keep plodding on as I can tell by my stat counter that people look in, and some people do say they like to see who is playing each week so…

Another week gone by and this Thursday at the Pavilion, Ditchingham we see the return of the 
Sole Bay Jazz Men.

Alan Cugnoni…banjo/guitar…Tony Jullings…double bass…

playing  drums will be Craig Hipperson… 
with Ray Simmons playing piano…

Front line will be Tim Densham…clarinet/saxophone… 

with a welcome return of Ron Hockett… clarinet/saxophone…

Good line up Alan, hope to see a nice crowd to support the band.

Monday, June 25, 2012


As many of you know I have been following the Peregrines at Norwich Cathedral on the 
Hawk and Owl website since they started to nest there.

Also you will know the two surviving chicks have now fledged.

But since the nest has been empty there has been a lot going on with the Peregrines.

I did not join the forum where many followers have been like me amazed and in awe that we have been allowed to watch these wild birds, especially as  they have grown so beautiful.

I do ask you to pop on the site and click on forum where there are the most amazing photos taken by the many people who have been part of this look into something we could not have dreamed of, I do not think I am allowed to post their photos so will bide by the rules, but I cannot tell you how much you will be missing if you do not go and take a look.

Thanks to all the many people who have made this all possible.

This is our lovely city of Norwich, the Cathedral which is beautiful and whilst watching the nest there has been wonderful singing and organ playing from there.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Neil took these last night …Wow I think I will give up on taking photos ! Neil they are great 
thank you.

I was unable to go to see Roy and his Boys last night, so Neil took these amazing photos, (could I have some lessons Neil?) It sounds like everyone had a great time, and I am so sorry to have missed it all, also let down my sister in law as well as June and Stella, so hopefully I will soon be fit again and look forward to seeing the Romping Roy group next time they play.
As usual I hear the group played with their usual verve,   you all know how I love the guitar, and Peter Pease played with them so missed that, rather good they tell me. I think as you said Neil I had seen him  playing when several of us went to see Ian playing…Barry as always sounding great, Dave …Tony and Ian with Roy made up for an evening of fun and great music, and I was all sad and miserable here wanting to be there, but thanks to everyone who has rung and e mailed me I feel as though I have not been forgotten, and hopefully I will be back next week.

Thanks to June for coming over last evening with  some grapes and Beechams which have helped very much appreciated. Sorry also to Jan for being unable to go as know how she was looking forward to seeing Romping Roy…And again thank you Neil for these great photos.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romping Roy and his Rhythm Boys

This Thursday at the Pavilion Ditchingham, we have a welcome return of Roy and his Boys!

There was a good turn out last time, so hope the fans who are not on holiday or ill will come and support them … as you know you will have a real fun time… lots of great music and talent… with giggles, because they all enjoy playing and singing so much…they always make easy listening.

So come along on Thursday 21st start time 8pm…

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jazz with the Sole Bay

Another good night of jazz from the Sole Bay Band and some singing from Simon as well.

The photos are not great will have to get myself in a better place to take them I always seem to think they will be good, never mind at least it gives an idea of who was playing.

I hope the ones of you Simon meet with your approval!
It was a nice crowd of the usual fans although a lot are on holiday also some new faces which is good to see.

Thanks to everyone for making it a good night out …hope to see you all  next week where we will have our old friend Romping Roy with his Rhythm Boys to play for us.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz this Thursday 14th June

This June has brought some strange weather but nothing seems to deter the fans from attending and listening to the Jazz …thank goodness.

This weeks line up is looking good…

Tim Densham…clarinet/saxophone…Tony Jullings…double bass…

Alan Cugnoni…banjo/guitar…

Craig Hipperson…drums …Bill Skinner…saxophone…

So what a great line up… lots of talent, so come along and hear some great live music and have some fun with some fantastic fans.

There maybe some singing as well!

The venue as you know is The Pavilion, Ditchingham… start time 8pm.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz

Another great night of Jazz … Blues … Fun …there may have been a few less playing last night, but the sound was very good, also Simon Denny gave us some great songs, and Craig… drumming which brought a lot of appreciation. Tim with a solo that I love.… Tony on his bass he makes it talk…with Alan on banjo and Dick trombone…In fact a really good evening of live music…Thanks Sole Bay.
Simon I never seem to catch you with your eyes open!
This is Trummy playing his (arsonium) well that is Tim's  favourite title for this instrument that Dick plays very well.

Alan concentrating and Craig with his lovely smile as always!

A lot of fans on holiday or unwell, so a smaller crowd, but never the less a lovely time was had by all a few new faces which is great.

Thanks June for the lift as always… for all the good friends that attend each week to show how good it is to have live music… Heidi for your smile and good service, Jon hope you keep liking us! we love being at your venue.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Another week gone by and tonight at the Sports Pavilion Ditchingham the Sole Bay will be creating some great live jazz.

The line up this week… 

Tim Densham…Clarinet/Saxophone…
Dick Mayhew…Trombone…

Alan Cugnoni…Guitar/Banjo…Tony Jullings…Double Bass…

And a return of Craig Hipperson…Drums…

I think we will be having some songs as Simon may pop in and Roy maybe? anyway it will be good, so looking forward to seeing a nice crowd to support these musicians.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Although I was in the middle of decorating this past week, could not miss the Sole Bay Gentlemen who were playing at the picnic in the park.

Jan and I go every year but it is usually in August, so as the weather was not good, we did not decide to go until later, so we missed having our picnic!

However we met up with family and Sole Bay friends, and although we had a rather wet shower of rain in the middle of the afternoon, we had fun, as always the Sole Bay was great, and also Neil and his band in the interval.
 I should have got a lot nearer to take this, but as you can see Simon was giving us a song when I took this one, looking very smart! Click on the photo to enlarge…

My darling great nephew came dressed for the Jubilee, and had a great time.

After the Sole Bay finished playing we decided to get home, then my Niece decided we would go in the maze! have not been in for years, but many happy memories from my courting days!! as my father in law worked on the Somerleyton Estate in those times, so spent many happy times there, anyway we managed not to get lost, and here are the fab three in the middle.

So a very happy day thanks to everyone.

Now back to the decorating!

Line up for Thursday Jazz will be on tomorrow, have to get on now!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz

Another great night at the Pavilion with the Sole Bay Band.

Here we have Tim…Ron…Alan…Tony…Neil…All such brilliant players…

Then along came Simon Denny and gave us some really good songs.

For another bonus Ray Simmons turned up with his wife and his trumpet!
 so the second half turned into an even better sound. 

Thanks to everyone for some great Jazz and some fun.

It was nice as always to see a good crowd to support.

 A lot of very loud chat going on in the second half while the band were playing …
much more than normal…and it was not all me! hopefully the band were not so aware 
as those who like to just sit and listen were,  
Sorry if this offends anyone …but I am allowed to moan on my blog! 
chatter by all means but quietly please… 

Having said that it is always nice that people are so relaxed, friendly and happy together!

The Sole Bay will be at Somerleyton Gardens on Monday 4th June, it is usually lovely there in the open air and you can bring a picnic or they sell food and drink there.

Just hope we have good weather.

Will put the line up for the Sole Bay as soon as Alan has got it sorted.

Just a little note that on Sunday 3rd June The Norfolk Dixie Land Band will be having Jubilee Jazz in the garden at 'The Goat' Skeyton post code NR10 5DH.