Wednesday, February 29, 2012


'Cool Blue'  a local group of really good musicians who used to play at the Bear and Bells public house, are having a change of venue this coming Sunday the 4th of March. They are moving to 
'The Butchers Arms' on London Road in Beccles.

You will have Craig Hipperson..drums..Simon Denny… singer…

Barry Langstan…keyboard and singing…Mick Betts…bass…

Lin Mileham…saxophone…

Maybe other guests will pop in as they do at our Sole Bay Jazz nights.

The gig starts at 1.30pm so give the band a look and support live music.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sole Bay 1st March 2012...

My goodness where is the year going, time is flying…

The line up for this coming Thursday at the Pavilion, Ditchingham will be…

Tim Densham…Clarinet/Sax… Alan Cugnoni…Banjo/Guitar…

Tony Jullings…Double Bass…

Guests this week…Derek Cubitt…Reeds…Chris Cappoci…Trombone/songs…

Craig Hipperson…Drums…

Another great line up so hope to see a nice crowd to support the band.

Every week it is so good to see many friends old and new turn up to support live jazz music.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Conservative Club Sunday Jazz… plus a bit of promoting of the Club!

 A good crowd attended the monthly Sunday Jazz by the Footwarmers, but some of the gentlemen from Sole Bay came to help out, and it turned out to be a rocking good lunchtime of jazz, I do love it when everyone enjoys the music and of course there was a great deal of fun and laughter as well.
Here Chris is giving us a blast, very well played Chris and the singing with the help of a few lines was really great, Bill Kibby in the background playing some good keyboard and a song or two, and Barbara as always the banjo giving out great jazz.
 Tony a great double bass player was as usual fantastic, he makes that bass talk to you.
 Tim first time playing at the club went down really well, another musician who brings the sax and clarinet to life.
 Ray playing a wonderful trumpet and cornet, if you are wondering why these are all individual there were a lot of people there, and I was tucked up the corner…and Ray was behind the post!
 Dave and his drum kit, they all gelled so well and some great drumming Dave.
Sorry Barbara but I could not resist this one of you singing away and showing on here how much we were all enjoying the lunchtime.

Stella you sang some good tunes as well, and helped Chris with some words, ha ha I think it was a help!
The Conservative Club opens its doors for the monthly jazz and everyone is welcome, they also have a very varied amount of things that go on there, so please come along to those that are open to non members, and if you are not a member why not? as it is a great facility in the town, I will put some of the forthcoming "whats on" on here soon see if we can tempt a few more to join, a great building and an asset to the town, a bowls green that even if you do not play you can sit round the green and enjoy the view. Great snooker room as well as the function room upstairs, The staff will look after you, so do not let this place suffer for non use come and have a look and join in the fun.

Friday, February 24, 2012


 Yet another (sorry but have to keep saying that because it is true)! great night of live jazz…
`Also sorry Simon not a great one of you again, I must try harder, but oh wonderful songs thank you.
 Of course I did have some help taking these photos, if you call getting really tormented by some of my favourite folk, so hope they have turned out OK.
 Craig as always some wonderful drumming, you are a star.
 Alan on guitar and Bill with his lovely trombone, such a gentle player, glad you found your way home last time with my directions!
And last but not least, it was Dave's birthday, so a few of the jazz folk gathered around, thanks again to June for the lift and for all the good company as always. Happy Birthday young Sandy for next Tuesday, hope it is a good one.

Thanks to the Sole Bay for once again giving us all a fun night of jazz.

I am now off to fill in Jon's form on the Bungay football club site, have a look and see what it is all about. He needs a nice lot of people to fill it in.

On Sunday some of the Sole Bay will be playing at the Conservative Club Beccles, sitting in on the Foot Warmers gig, while some of the folk are on holidays…worth a look starts at 12 noon until 3pm.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz … Thursday 23rd February 2012

The Sole Bay Jazz at the Pavilion…Ditchingham…

This week the line up will be…

Tim Densham…Sax/Clarinet…Alan Cugnoni…Banjo/Guitar…

Tony Jullings…Double Bass…

With guests this week…

Ray Simmons… Trumpet…

Bill Brewer…Trombone…Craig Hipperson…Drums…

What a great line up, looks like yet another night of enjoyable jazz, always so different with the mix of people changing, and how lucky we are to have such high class players to provide us with great music in our little corner of Suffolk.

So come along and support these musicians, we have a wonderful little venue, if you want a good night out with friendly folk,  good music, fun, make it Thursday night at the Pavilion.

Music starts at 8pm until 10.30

Monday, February 20, 2012

Art Deco

Just another little photo from the other night at Pipers one with Simon on this time, thanks Horace for sending it to me, as my camera ran out of batteries and I missed Simon … He sang well and looked very smart. As you all know the only fly in the ointment as far as I was concerned were the lights and the wallpaper!  But that is just an age thing, great for the youngsters I would think.

But again as I have mentioned the friends and the jazz made up for those.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


 One of my Camelia's is trying to look good after all the frost and snow.
 Year after year they try hard to please.
This one has been badly affected with frost, but is going to bloom even if it has brown edges to the flowers, the crocus are coming out so nice bright little patches that hopefully will bring Spring soon.

Just hope Jack Frost will allow them to let them flower.

Friday, February 17, 2012


 Am I to old to say WOW! well maybe, but once again I have to say these gentlemen of jazz seem to have pulled yet another great night of jazz for us fans.
 Ron and Neil with a little bit of Tony! Ron played a couple of solos as well which went down very well.
Ray jazzing his way through his keyboard, thank you Ray really sweet music…

It does not seem possible that each week these folk manage to give us some different style of jazz, some great solos as well.  
Each one gives his all and the sounds are so wonderful, I admire their skills so much, as do all of us.

Roy gave us a few songs with his usual verve, and what a lot of fun and laughter from the band as well, and some of Tim's jokes had a good result! the audience was showing how much they appreciated it all. Peter played a number or several on the drums to gave Neil a break… 

Can I have my favourite jazz number next week Tim?

I am sorry for all those who did not make it this week, as it seemed even more special, but no doubt Alan will manage to pull out some more great muscians for next week.

I have to say once again how good it is at our venue as everyone is in the same room, and Jon,Marilyn and Heida, always gives us such a warm welcome.

Thanks to June for driving, and for all the lovely friends that always make me feel special, they make the night as well, I am so very lucky.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jazz at Pipers

 Last night the Art Deco Hot Orchestra with Simon Denny played at Pipers, but of course the battery ran out in the camera, so here is the band minus our Simon and that is a shame as he looked really smart and sang well, with his dinner suit and a red hankie for Valentines night. Nice to see our gentleman in their matching gear as well.

Alan is always saying that I say nice things all the time about the jazz, but I will have to be fair and say it was not the night for me, but so pleased that a lot of people turned up to support the band and David did a good job in organizing it all. Always good to have a different place  to promote live jazz.

I had never been to the venue, and for me it was not a good night as far as my poor old eyes were concerned, rather too many lights and the Zebra wallpaper by the end of the evening was over the top, also the seating was not right as we could not all see the band, and I do like to see them as well as hear them, but that is only MY opinion, and of course being with the usual crowd a nice time was had by all. I just hope I did not spoil it for them as I was rather moaning about the lights.

Sorry folks not a good write up from me this time, but looking forward to Thursday night when we will be back at the Pavilion at Ditchingham where we all get to see and hear the musicians without the bright lights, oh dear I am getting old.
This is what I mean although they show a bright glare they were all little lights and there were more as well, and not for me. Sorry about that.

But you cannot beat live jazz music, so thanks to one and all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jazz line up for the 16th February

Well looks like Alan has done it again, another great line up for Thursday night at the 
Ditchingham Pavilion with live jazz music.

Alan Cugnoni …banjo/guitar…Neil Kane…drums…

Tony Jullings…double bass…Tim Densham…sax/clarinet…

Guests this week adding to those great musicians are…

Ray Simmons…brilliant piano…Dick Mayhew…terrific trombone…

Also a welcome return of Ron Hockett..sax/clarinet…

Come and join the merry crowd of jazz fans and enjoy a wonderful night of live jazz music 
and fun.

The not so new venue now, as we have been there a few months, is proving to be a good place where we are made welcome and everyone can be in the same room to listen and meet up with fellow jazz fans.

They have not got the facility for food, but they make a nice cup of coffee! and the Broom Artichoke just down the road have a good menu, but do not be late for the jazz… 

Start time 8pm-10.30pm

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am not sure how this will come out, but one of my Sons loves the stars, and last night in all the cold took this, whilst at the observatory. I hope he does not mind that I have purloined it.…
Click on the photo to enlarge.

'Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are,' and nowadays some people know what they are, I just like to think they are the spirits of all our loved ones shining down on us.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I have no idea how I managed to take such an unclear photo but did manage to get everyone in! so decided to put it on here. Sorry folks.

It was great to get to jazz again, thanks June for deciding to go, the roads were clear after all the forecast said, not so many people, but again the weather was probably the main reason. Those who were there enjoyed some great live jazz…

Good jazz, and some nice singing from Tony in between his trombone playing, Tim and Derek giving us some great clarinet and sax playing, Alan happily on guitar and banjo, Tony on his bass with the orange lead! Neil played some good upbeat drums, and Ray so nice to hear the piano played so melodic, really lovely..Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes after my night off last week! I missed you all as well.

Some of the Sole Bay members, playing as 
'The Art Deco Hot Orchestra with Simon Denny' 
will be at Pipers, Burnt Hill Way, Lowestoft on 
Tuesday 14th February, Valentines night, so if you have not already got your tickets to take your favourite Valentine out, I am sure there will be some on the door if you did not take the opportunity to buy at the Pavilion on Thursday nights.

Doors open at 7.30pm for the start at 8pm-10.30pm.

Worth a visit come and enjoy live jazz music at this different venue for the night. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


My little great nephew enjoying the snow, could not resist this one…

Monday, February 06, 2012

Jazz 9th February 2012

I do hope this week I will be amongst the crowd at Ditchingham Pavilion to see the great line up Alan has produced for us…

Neil Kane…drums…Alan Cugnoni…banjo/guitar…

Tony Jullings…double bass…

front line …Tim Densham…sax/clarinet…

Guests this week…Derek Cubitt…sax/clarinet…Tony Parsons…trombone…

Ray Simmonds…piano…

Live jazz at its best… 

Hope the weather is kind to us and that everyone is fit and well to support these gentlemen…

 Keep looking in to see what 'Art Deco' has in store for us on Valentines night…

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Well they promised us snow and it has arrived, not too bad at the moment, but think apart from some snow clearing out there, it will be an indoor day!

Oscar my cat has not been well so does not want to go out, he usually revels in it, so it is all smooth and pretty still.

Now it can go away ..winter has been a long time coming this year, so all this is now spoiling the flowers and of course the birds are wondering what happened to the Spring! 

Thinking back to the old days!! 

I suppose when I was young it was a big adventure and snow came at the start of winter, we wrapped up and went out and built snowmen (persons nowadays!) had snowball fights etc, but these days it just seems to bring the country to a standstill, of course there were not many cars on the roads then and aircraft were for the military not for jetting abroad...Trains used to take all the cargo so lorries did not jack knife  all over the roads...

We would wrap up warm and love it, but with the TV and radio telling everyone to stay indoors, all the terrible driving causing so many accidents ..snow nowadays has become the only talking point..ah well thank goodness for central heating and electricity, computers and nice food, staying in for the main is nice and cosy for most of us OAP's , I remember waking to the ice on the inside of the windows, water heated in the copper, and rationed food, so those days are best gone.... and Spring will emerge again someday..

Of course the bad weather does not affect all of us, but those who are sleeping rough ..  having to be taken to hospital, who have to go and clear the roads etc will have a busy time, so I am very grateful that I am one of the lucky ones.

The blackbirds are making a lot of fuss outside so better go and make sure they have some food and water.. stay safe and enjoy the day.. it looks pretty .. so that is a bonus, and the children will love it..

David just sent this from his garden, weather seems to be worse Norwich way…

Saturday, February 04, 2012


A little sponge I have just made for a friend, and a little posy for another..sweet peas are so delicate, and they look like spring amidst all this snow outside...hope you like them!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz

Sorry to say I was rather unwell last night and could not get to jazz, however I am sure that some fans will enlighten me so that I can do a report.

I do hope everyone had a good time, I was miserable, seemed so strange not to be able to go and see them...but hope next week all will be well.

Thanks Duncan for the phone call !
Thanks for all the e mails and phone calls nice to be missed,and thanks to Mrs Skinner for her help!

So pleased it turned out to be a good night of jazz and I will make sure I am OK next week, have missed you all so much.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Golden Wedding Cake

Have just heard that all was well at the 50th Anniversary and the cake was good..
Nice to know they are still turning out OK.