Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Line up for February 2nd .................. Sole Bay Jazz

 The weeks are flying past, and although the weather forecast does not sound good I hope there will be a good crowd to enjoy the live jazz at the pavilion this week again.

The line up is at the moment..

Tim Densham.. Sax/Clarinet..

Alan Cugnoni.. Banjo/Guitar..Neil Kane..Drums..

Tony Jullings..Double Bass..

Guests this week Derek Cubitt..Reeds..Simon Nelson.. Trumpet and a few songs we hope.. 

I know a lot of folk look in on this blog as they tell me, and I have a stat counter, so I can tell where people are, but sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself! so I would love to see some (nice) comments on here, all you need is a g.mail account it does not cost anything, you just go to google account and put a password in to join. It would make this jazz link a bit less one way..I do not want to make it open for everyone to comment as this is not face book, it is a bit more private. So a g.mail account is needed, so hope to see some folk letting me know on here that either you think the Sole Bay blog is useful or not!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

More Jazz

This Sunday at the Beccles Conservative Club for the monthly jazz session, we had a few of the Sole Bay playing, and what a pleasure it was...

A nice mix and a good crowd as well. I actually got a photo of our Tony with his head up! sorry Dave not such a good one of you this time. Hope the throat gets better soon Chris, but you did a good job, even if the guys did make you laugh when you were singing!

Barbara as always still playing a great banjo, and Mike you play well and will be missed next month, have a good day off.. Tim Densham will be playing next month in Mike's place.

Roy who sometimes gives us a song or two had a bad cold so hope he will be fit next month, he does bring some good energy to the set, and the ladies love him.. Nice to see Alan looking in as well, it was like home from home with a nice crowd of Sole Bay folk.

You may notice the keyboard player is not there, he was late! so the second session inlcuded him, and also Tony and Dave with Ray helping gave us a great little number which went down very well.

The Conservative Club welcomes all on these Sunday lunchtimes once a month, well worth a look.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What a wonderful night ..

 Every week when I write on here a little about  the live jazz that is performed for us fans  on a Thursday night I think it cannot get any better, but this week at the Pavilion it did just that. 

Thank you gentlemen for a really great night of music, not only did we have a wonderful mix of different sounds, with Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe influences among the many other themes, the fun you all had made it even better, I have never heard so much applause and cheering, you all played so well and your drums Craig looked as good as they sounded...

I have managed to get most of you in the photo this week which makes a change as well. Trummy always manages to get more notes out of that trombone than anyone else, and Tony on his magic double bass what a player.

 Ron, you told me you like playing at the venue, well we love having you there, so welcome to our little corner, a nice smile as always from Craig here..
 Ray you played so well, so many different sounds, and Alan there in the background, well done Alan you always get a great mix of players, and this week was especially good.
Roy was invited to sing a few songs and as always he gets everybody going with all the energy he puts into them..

Thanks again to our hosts Jon, Marilyn and Heidi who always make us welcome, and thank you as well to the footballers who let us share this nice place with them on  a Thursday, good to see that some are getting a kick out of the jazz, they do not hurry away after the game but stay and listen.

And  to all the friends who make the night .. you know who you are..what a lovely crowd that gathers together to listen to live jazz.   Nice to see you Mike and Bill as well, may get you up there again one day?

I will post the line up when Alan gets it together for next week, so if you want a good night out come and join us..

I will be posting a few other jazz functions as well..that are coming up, so keep looking in.


I cannot wait to report on last night at the Pavilion, but you will have to wait as have to go shopping first...
Watch this space!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOLE BAY JAZZ 26th January 2011

Another great line up this week so come along and 
hear live jazz music by some wonderful musicians..
in a very nice venue with lots of lovely people.

Front line will be Ron Hockett..Sax/Clarinet..

Ray Simmons..Trumpet..  Dick Mayhew..Trombone..

Backing them ..
Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar.. Tony Jullings..Double Bass..

 Craig Hipperson.. Drums..

I am always amazed we get to hear such good musicians playing in a local venue with free entry,  not many places can do that, so do come and listen and support these gentlemen.

I know that the guys appreciate all the support they do get from the regular fans who turn up every week, and to all the many who come when they can and some have long a journey to get there.

Start time still at the moment 8pm-10.30pm.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday cake

I have almost forgotten that my blog is called Cakes, as have mostly posted jazz of late.

Hope that the cake went down well yesterday.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Romping Roy and his Rhythm Boys!

 A great night out at the Cratfield Poacher, thank you boys you ALL played some really good numbers, and Barry I have to say your playing and singing were so confident last night keep it up.
 Romping Roy giving us some good sax.
 Dave and Barry looking serious!
 Chris and Tony, I will get a photo of Tony looking up one day!
 Now I am not sure I should be posting the next few photos as there were a lot of cameras about and I, like these folk, do not like my photo taken, but this is just to let you see the fun with the gang....and I have a feeling that on Neil's site a few will appear  that I will be laughing at...
 Marian I think this is so nice of you..
 Jean in hiding..
 I hope you notice the coffee cups ha ha! Well it was a long night.
A lovely meal which we all agreed was very good even though I certainly ate too much! Thanks to Roger and his wife for a night of live jazz and friends who make life worth living.

I thought the Romping Roy night was a success for everyone, and hope we can have another soon...Thanks Roy for the lift with Janet and Rosemary, it was a long way round because of the road works, so glad you knew where you were going.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sole Bay Jazz 19th January

 A bit late posting today been a busy one..
Once again last night proved to be a great one for live jazz music, nice to see a few people starting to pop in from the locality.

Simon gave us some lovely songs, nice to see you again Simon, and looking forward to the Art Deco night on February 14th, I will post about that later...
Very good as well to see Bill at the new venue, I love his style of trombone playing..I do hope you managed to find your way home alright Bill. My directions are not always reliable!

So thank you all for yet another good night, thanks again June for giving me a lift and for the laughs, also Colin and Duncan tormenting me as usual, and the many friends that gather to hear the music.. makes life very uplifting for me.

Thanks as well to the very nice folk who run the Club and make our night so happy, you always make us feel welcome. The coffee is great as well...

Alan will give me the list of players for next Thursday and I will pop it on here..I had a sneak preview, and you will not want to miss the line up so make a date in your diary.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


How time does fly! Thursday will soon be here again..

This weeks line up at Ditchingham Pavilion will be..

Tony Jullings..double bass.. Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar..

Neil Kane ..drums. Tim Densham..saxophone/clarinet..

Guesting this week Derek Cubitt.. reeds..

and a welcome to Bill Brewer..trombone..

Another good line up and maybe a song or two from Roy? 
one never knows, 
that is what live music is all about.

Look forward to seeing a nice crowd to support the band. Also to come and join a merry crowd of people.. believe me you will have fun with live music from some great jazz players.

Although there is not food there now they serve a really good cup of coffee! and of course a very good bar..

The Broome Artichoke is a good place to eat
if you need a meal before the jazz 
and remember the music starts at 8pm-10.30pm..

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ditchingham Pavilion Thursday 12th

 We were treated to a great night of live jazz music at the Ditchingham Pavilion last night thanks to some really good musicians..that are named in the post below..
 Three serious fellows here!
 Ron who did so well as had a very bad throat, but played so well.
 Tim with his saxophone.
Trummy with his Trombone..

Making it a very nice mix of fun and good music, plus Roy came and gave a few songs.

A good crowd turned up to support the band, and some new folks as well, glad to see also some local people looking in, so pleased that the new venue is turning out to be "just the job".

Thanks to June for the lift and all the lovely people who are making it possible for the Sole Bay to share their talent and provide a great evening of live music.

There will be some news about several jazz gigs coming up, I will put them up later, a link
to Neil Bland's site who is an old hand at writing about the jazz and is my mentor thanks Neil for all your help.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jazz at Ditchingham Pavilion on Thursday 12 th January

What a great line up Alan has managed to get for us jazz fans this week.

Tim Densham.. sax/clarinet..Neil Kane ..drums ..

Alan Cugnoni..guitar/banjo..Tony Jullings..double bass.. 

Guests this week..

Ray Simmons..piano..Dick (Trummy)Mayhew..trombone..

With a return of popular Ron Hockett..on  reeds..

We are always treated to great jazz playing, but 7 this week again which I hope will draw many regular fans that have not so far made it to the new venue.

I must say again what a fantastic group of jazz followers every week are finding the Pavilion a rather nice venue, but still room for more to show their appreciation of live jazz music in our little part of the countryside. Nice also to see some local folk coming to listen, we are so lucky to have such a great place for the musicians to show their talent and entertain us. Great to relax and let the worries of the day reside for a while.

Start time 8pm-10.30pm.
If you need a meal before the jazz it is certainly the Broome Artichoke that keeps being mentioned has good food fast and friendly service.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

A little taste of jazz

Pete Oxborough and Tim Densham duet with Vic, Liz and Pete hope you enjoy it everyone at the Diplomat did.

Oh dear it is little as well sorry will try again soon technical I am not! 
Well Monday morning and have just tried to make the video larger, so will try and find out what I have done ..in the meantime enjoy the music.

The Diplomat

 Sunday lunchtime at the Diplomat, and the Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band, played a real treat for us all...
Vic usually hides behind everyone, but managed to get one of him.
 Pete and Liz both so good..
 Bill a treat to hear as always.
Here is Pete Oxborough guesting today, Tim Densham, John Gooding and Bill Brewer with  some wonderful music.

It is always a pleasure to be taken to see some great musicians, and once again I was spoilt today when Tim took me to Coltishall to hear these gentleman of jazz.. Thanks for the lovely lunch Tim, and for the music.

Thanks to Jean and Judy for looking after me again. Nice to see some folk that follow the Sole Bay Jazz there as well.

I have a little video that I am hoping will turn out well, as the music was so wonderful, Pete and Tim doing a duet, so fingers crossed I will try and get that up on the next post.

Thank you one and all, a nice way to spend a sunny winter afternoon.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Well a really good start for 2012 at the Pavilion, I was so pleased to see so many people turn up in such horrible weather to support the band.

Once again I have to comment on the fact that the new venue is turning out to be so much  nicer, and to thank the staff for not only taking the fans of Sole Bay on but for being such good hosts.

It was such a good night of jazz, with seven great musicians playing some different arrangements that Derek Cubitt had been working on, and everyone enjoyed it. 

The whole place was a buzz with enjoyment, so thanks gentlemen for another night of live jazz.

Just added the photos, Tony Parsons singing some really great songs.. also playing the trombone, (not at the same time) and Derek with his bright shirt happy as always...Ray concentrating.. Alan working hard, seem to have caught Neil with his head coming out of Tony's double bass....and Tim on the clarinet.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Line up for Thursday 5th January 2012

Suppose we have to get used to it being 2012, last year seems to have flown by, so we must look forward to a happy and healthy new one.

This week we have for your musical pleasure..

Tim Densham..Reeds..Derek Cubitt..Reeds..

Ray Simmons.. Piano..Tony Parsons..Trombone..

Tony Jullings.. Double Bass.. Neil Kane ..Drums..

Alan Cugnoni.. Banjo/Guitar..

That sounds rather good to me.. 

Please remember the jazz now starts at 8pm until 10.30pm..

Food is not now available at the Pavilion, so eat before you come, it seems the Artichoke at Broome seems to be a nice place according to several folk, 
if you do not want to cook for yourselves...

Come and enjoy a live music evening with some very nice people!

Monday, January 02, 2012


 The Phil Brooke quartet + one!
 Phil Brooke.
Jasper Smith. 

Last evening I was again spoilt and had a wonderful evening of jazz with good friends..

Phil Brooke was playing at the Hatfield Hotel which has a basement that is ideal for intimate jazz called 'Milestones' Of course I have only got into jazz again in the past few years, all my friends have been ardent fans for many many years, and I am so grateful that they include me in their journeys to hear live music.

Jasper Smith was fantastic as well a great touch on the strings, reminded me of how my David used to play at his gigs...

The young man in the top photo gets it altogether and he does a grand job, also plays a very good guitar, the bass player and the drummer were at the Green Man the other night, and they of course added to the great jazz.

But to hear the duets of the guitars had to be the highlight for me.

Thank you dear friends for a lovely start to the new year...