Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jazz in the Park Somerleyton

Another year gone by since I posted the jazz at Somerleyton, and here we are again...

Part of the Sole Bay Jazz band playing and in the interval Neil Kane and his trio keeping everyone entertained..
Great music as usual from them all..and it was appreciated by the crowds...showing live music can still draw the people..
Simon did try to get people up to dance, but no takers this year, but never the less it was a great afternoon.

The sun came out for some of the afternoon, but the wind was chilly, it was funny to see how the weather changed us folk..we kept putting coats on and off according to how the weather behaved!
Just a few shots of some of the crowds..

This dear little peacock had been walking around all afternoon picking up bits of food off the ground, so at last I decided to take its photo, only a couple of little boys had already decided to chase it, so it flew up onto one of the roofs... so you cannot see the lovely colours on its neck. ah well you cannot win them all...

Thanks for taking me Jan and June for the great company, and meeting up with family and friends..glad we all enjoyed our picnic, next year perhaps we should include wine as most people did!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Buck" Jazz 1st September.

Goodness me the year is flying by 1st of September this Thursday.

The line up looks good as well....

This week we have Tim Densham..Neil Kane.. and Tony Jullings..

the guests will be Barbara Greene on Banjo..

Derek Cubitt on Sax and Clarinet.. and a visit from Chris Cappoci on Trombone..

And of course one never knows who may turn up and play or sing for us..

So if you want a good evening of live jazz music do come along and join in the fun...

Friday, August 26, 2011


At long last I've got this stupid video to load on to Blogger.

Summertime with the very wonderful Sole Bay Jazz Band, with apologies to Simon as Elsie is providing unofficial backing vocals.

What a Party

The Sole Bay Band gave us yet another great night of live jazz music, with the usual players..Tim, Alan, Tony were guests Simon, Bill, Ray and Craig, singing as well Simon Denny and a few drum numbers by Peter, so everyone there had a real taste of good live music for free..How lucky were we. Oh and Craig that solo was great..
Simon giving his all..
Bill with that great trombone..
Ray and Alan concentrating hard!

All in all a great night, the crab was delicious Phil (landlord) and the company as usual fun .
Hope you soon feel better Sheila and Heather ..and Shelia and girls have a good holiday.

A nice crowd although several of the usual fans were missing, so look forward to seeing them back next week..Good that you could make it Ruth and Chris you have both been so busy..and happy holidays to all those now off for their annual ones...

Thanks as always to June for the lift sorry we had to go the long way round.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flowers redone!

After enjoying my lovely flowers in their arrangements all week, had to dispose of a few this morning, however have rearranged them so can enjoy a longer time with those left.
A few more..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jazz at the Buck 25th August

I cannot believe how fast time is flying this year ..Thursdays come around rather quickly, still something to look forward to..
Live music and meeting a lot of friends..

The line up looks really good again this week, well done Alan..

We have Tim Densham.. sax/clarinet..

Alan Cognoni..banjo/guitar..Tony Jullings..double bass..

Guests this week are Craig Hipperson on drums..

Bill Brewer.. trombone .. Simon Nelson on the trumpet and singing we hope..

Hope to see a nice lot of people to support the band.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday morning

Had a baking session this morning, even though I must not eat too much! but have great neighbours who cut a piece of my front grass so like to repay them with some goodies...of course I had to sample one of each first!
After I had baked and done the ironing, Oscar wanted to play, pity he choose the mucky patio to roll on, or maybe he knows that he will get a good comb when he comes in!

The sun is shining at the moment here, so hope it keeps that way until the washing is dry.
Hope the weather is good where you all are. Have a lovely Saturday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz

What a great night of jazz, afraid the photos are not good as something went wrong with my camera and the flash did not work on all the ones I took.

But you can see a few faces, pity you cannot hear how well the music sounded if you were not there..

Lots of guest players, and Simon came and sang some really good songs...
Thank you June for taking us and for the wonderful surprise of the cake, I could not believe it when I saw Heather bringing it in! I still cannot believe I did not take a photo, mind you the way the rest of the photos came out just as well..for the band as well for playing Happy Birthday, also for Ann because it was her birthday as well..

Really good having so many people that we had to be in the big room, so many diners glad you were happy Phil (landlord).. and a really nice crowd, lots of regulars and a nice crowd of new faces. And to see the Denny family out in force!

Glad you enjoyed it Jan and Bernadette, and that Colin and Duncan managed to have a laugh with us, oh no that is wrong they always are laughing AT me! do not really mind lads.

Hope to see a nice lot of folk again to cheer the Sole Bay Jazz band on next week, some come a long way to play live jazz for our pleasure....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What a great day I am having,.... thanks Phil for the flowers and chocs, and oh so pleased they came in a vase!
As Lesley sent me these..
And these are from the Keith, Sheila and the Sole Bay Jazz folk... so thanks one and all shall really take great pleasure from them.

Hope the folks that I received some lovely cards and e mails from look in because you are all great and I appreciate all your thoughts..Do not think I have had so many vistors in one day

I should be forgetting about birthdays as the years go by, but only getting old on the outside still thinking I am young in my head!

Now then no comments you lot ..you know who you are!

18th August Jazz

This Thursday it looks like another great line up..

We have Tim Densham..Derek Cubitt..Tony Jullings..

Neil Kane.. Alan Cugnoni.. Ray Simmons.. and maybe more..

You must know what they all play by now!

So come and have a night of live jazz music at the Buck..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Air Museum open day

Our little party in the hangar on Sunday..... we had a lovely meal at the "Buck" before wandering over to the museum...Lovely weather .. thanks for a really good day folks.
Some of the swing dancers. it was very hot in the hangar so they done really well, our feet were tapping..
A silhouette of a couple of the aircraft that did a fly past, as usual they were too fast for me, but in the bottom one you can see a little aircraft just tottling along, wow glad they did not get too close... I missed the helicopters as did not get out of the hangar in time.

Another lovely Sunday a great place to visit, there were a lot of jeeps, vintage cars, stalls and a good amount of people so hope they did well,.
I have put photos up before, but the museum started off about 1972 and was officially opened in May 1976 as a very small place where some enthusiasts had a couple of pieces of aircraft, and held a meeting for volunteers and today it is a great place to visit, and as I have posted before, a lovely walk down to the river, so if you get a chance go and visit.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Night!

Sorry about the nice grey hair in front! but good to get all the lads in the photo.
Only five last night but what a great sound they made. they certainly played so hard and thank goodness we had a lovely crowd in so they were well appreciated...Roy also gave us some songs, I forgot to recharge the camera battery so took Roy's pic. on June's camera, but of course cannot put them here, but thank you Roy you sang well...
I could not resist this one of Trummy, my goodness that man can play ..this is his!!!!!!!!well everyone who comes to the jazz knows what Tim calls the instrument, and what a trombone player as well.. so many notes, well done Dick it was really good as were you all.
These four lovely people are the swing dancers that come to join in when they can, and they are brilliant, sorry the camera battery ran out lads as wanted to get you both in full uniform, but will do so next time I hope...
Looks like bliss.. Andy thanks for asking me to dance it made my night, even if some friends (ha ha Duncan and Colin) thought it was amusing to see the old gal dancing with a man in uniform!
This of course is a put up fight, sorry it took so long for me to take it, but it came out well, last one before the battery ran out!

I know a lot of folk look in even if they do not comment on here, so thank you for supporting the Sole Bay Band.

Thanks Alan for the magazine, so glad that the Just Jazz Magazine decided to post the article, and maybe I will do another at a later date..

Thanks for a great night everyone, and if you like the swing dancers they will be doing some dancing on Sunday in the hangar at the Air Museum, also the Spitfire hopefully will be arriving for a fly past, I will try for another photo..

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sole Bay Jazz 11th August..

This week we have a small cast, because of holidays, but it may grow!

Tim Densham..clarinet/sax..Alan Cugnoni..banjo/guitar..

Tony Jullings..double bass..Neil Kane..drums..

Guest this week Dick (trummy) Mayhew..trombone.

So come along and join the fun and listen to some live jazz,
there may not be many musicians but they make a beautiful noise!

Also as I mentioned you never know who may come and play and sing with them...

Saturday, August 06, 2011


I just popped out and picked these, pity you cannot smell the perfume coming from them.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Flixton Buck 4th August

Well.. we were a bit short on numbers in the band and in the room, but what a great night. Tim, Alan, Neil, Tony and guest Derek, played their hearts out, and Roy came and gave us some songs also.
A pleasure to see some of the swing dancers attending again, and oh what a great joy it is to see them, get a bit jealous as my age is against dancing much these days, but oh would love to think I could manage some lessons again! or maybe that is just a dream..
They so enjoy themselves so thanks guys hope we see you, and more of your friends another time.
This photo I could not resist you do it so well....This is the one dance I want to re-learn have forgotten how to do it, and could probably manage it. although you make it look so easy...thanks for the confidence boast (of you actually asking me to dance!!) and could not let dear Colin, Duncan and the rest of the crew have a laugh at me tee he! I can see you grinning reading this Duncan!

Anyway thanks June for taking us and for all the good company there...

Hope next week a few more can turn up and hear the music live is the best...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thursday jazz 4th August..

Well another month and a nice line up for Thursday night at the Buck.

Alan Cugnoni..Banjo/Guitar.. Neil Kane.. Drums..

Tony Jullings.. Double Bass..

Tim Densham.. Sax/Clarinet..

Guest..Derek Cubitt..Reeds..

And one never knows who may come and join the above, look forward to seeing a nice lot to appreciate some really good Jazz from the Sole Bay Gentlemen....

Monday, August 01, 2011

Reepham Kings Arms

The Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band..
once again I was spoilt and been taken out for the day, so thank you one and all for a lovely time...It was a glorious day for sunshine and a lovely little spot in the courtyard a nice crowd to listen to the Boys in Blue..Tim on the clarinet and Vic on the drums, seem to have missed the bass player on these...
Alan came with his banjo and guitar and sat in as Peter is on holiday, and you look good in Blue Alan, well they all looked very smart.. Bill you played a great trombone and John pity the mike did not work.. always enjoy your singing.... a very enjoyable lunch time..