Monday, January 31, 2011

Banningham Crown

I was treated yesterday to Sunday lunch at this lovely Pub and Restaurant, then a good session of Jazz to follow with the Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band..

Vic Brown..Drums..Bill Brewer.. Trombone..
Tim Densham..Reeds.. Pete Gregory..Banjo/Guitar..Vic Hopbon..Bass..

Loved the blue shirts gentlemen..

It was really great, good friends to spend the afternoon with, I much appreciated the invitation and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much.

I must congratulate the staff of this lovely place who must be very proud to have such a nice place to work in, the service and meal were so very good, and by the size of the crowds eating a very well known place as well...

In this day and age with all the cut backs, there are still people who know how to run a good business.

I expect some people who peep in here will know the place but if like me you did not here it is.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Each week I write that the Sole Bay was the best yet, but once again they proved me wrong! because Thursday night was one of those evening when the music and friends all came together for an even better great night of jazz.
Great line up .. such different music again.. and with the added pleasure a couple of songs from Roy and from Graham.
Craig was sitting in for Neil with the drums, what a great show Craig.. very are a great drummer, with a lovely smile!
Alan, and Trummy, Ray on keyboard..with Tim, who had a good deal of funny introductions! and of course the prof, all made such good sounds..

So if you were not there you missed a good night.. come and join us next week, I will write the line up in a couple of days..

Thanks to all the lovely people who support the jazz, and Linda for the lift this week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is what retired old woman can do in an afternoon, look after great nephew, yawn!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Thursday 27th January 2011.

Another great line up with the Sole Bay Jazz at the Flixton Buck...

Alan Cugnoni..(banjo/guitar) Tony Jullings..(double bass)..

Craig Hipperson ..(drums)..

Front line..Tim Densham..(reeds) Dick Mayhew..(trombone)..

Ray Simmons..(keyboard).. and a special visit from
Graham Burdick.."Art Deco"

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yet another brilliant night of music from the Sole Bay Jazz Band at the Buck...

Every week we get such different sounds, and it was very upbeat last night...

Derek you may have been deaf in one ear, and had to sit at the other side ..but my goodness your playing was great...

Alan on banjo and guitar.. Neil on the drums and the Prof on the double bass, nice solo Tony.
Tim as always a master of the reeds.. and Simon singing and playing, all in all a really lovely music.. good friends.. what more could you want...

Simon Nelson giving his all and below Simon Denny singing for us..
Come and join us next week, Alan has sent me the line up but will wait and write it up later..
Thanks Alan for always finding some of the good Sole Bay muscians to play for us.

Thanks June for the lift and good company..and the food!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I took one of my sister in law's to visit Dive today, and he then drove us to Norwich where we had a great time, after walking our feet off! finished here at the Cathedral. As always he is such a great guide as used to work in Norwich, and knows all about the secret places that some people do not realize are there..
Before we went into the cloisters, the Lords Prayer was said in the Cathedral, puts life in order hearing that in such a wonderful place.. I did not take any photo's inside today but am sure Dive will send me some and I will pop them on here. I lit a candle for my John.
Just one of dive's special little spots!
As sister in law had never seen the Forum we went there as well.
Of course the brain is always worth a photo.
Of course there was jazz! manage to get some music wherever I go! they were brilliant.

Thanks Dive for a great time, look forward to the next time..Glad you enjoyed it Phyllis.

Oh yes and if you look in Robyn great to have a chat with you seems wonderful that we can see you all the way from Ohio.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jazz Fixton Buck 20th January 2011

This Thursday the line up for Sole Bay Jazz will be

Alan Cugnoni..(banjo and guitar).. Tony Jullings..(double bass)..

Neil Kane.. (drums).

Tim Densham..(reeds).. guests will be Derek Cubitt..(reeds)..

and Simon Nelson..(trumpet and hopefully some singing)..

Looks like Alan has got another great line up for us so come along and have a good night out with friends and listen to live music..

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flixton Buck Jazz

It is very hard each week to say how good these people are, their music seems, because of the different mix of musicians, so great..

Last night again a real upbeat jazz night, with some added singing from Roy even with the bad throat it was still good Roy..

Some great sounds from Ray and Bill who joined the main band.

For the second half we had Peter sitting in on the drums and some real hot sounds..

All in all a great night, lovely to see some old friends back again, especially Peter, looking good Peter, so pleased to see you, we have missed you.

Ruth and Chris back from their visit to South Africa, looking forward to the photos guys.

Thank you Ben for the lift and June getting it all sorted...and safe journey Ben on your holiday..

A huge thanks to all the Sole Bay Jazz lads, looking forward to next week already..hope to see many more there to support the live music, nothing quite listening to a live band. And to be with friends.

The food was good Phil nice to see a few more eating...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jazz 13th January 2011

Well Alan has managed another good line up for Thursday night at the Buck, so here we go:-

Alan Cugnoni..(banjo/guitar) Tony Jullings..(double bass)..
Neil Kane..(drums)..

Front line:-

Tim Densham..(reeds)..Ray Simmons..(trumpet)..
Bill Brewer..(trombone)

So look forward to seeing many of you there..

Friday, January 07, 2011


Another great night of jazz at the Buck, glad to see a nice lot there, although some of our regulars were missing, hope that if any are ill and look in that you will soon be feeling better.

Some different numbers again last night, and thanks lads for the 'Saints' at the end, great finish!

Nice singing as well as the trombone from Tony.. Derek as usual played so well, and of course Alan ..the Prof..Tim and Neil thank you for some lovely music. You all give us such pleasure.

Thanks to Ivan for giving us 'ladies' a lift to jazz, and friends (especially June) for some laughs...

Looking forward already to next week, pity the old VAT went on everything, we may have to win the lottery to go out shortly but as I do not do the lottery will have to go out less, but cannot miss the jazz...!! hope to see you all there next week ...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

6th January 2011

The line up for the Sole Bay Jazz at the Flixton Buck on Thursday is:-

Tony Jullings..(double bass).. Neil Kane..(drums)..
Alan Cugnoni..(banjo & guitar)..

Front line .. Tim Densham..(reeds)..Derek Cubitt..(reeds)
and another guest may appear! Alan has just mailed to say the another will be Tony Parsons, that is good, a singer as well as trombone player..

Hope the weather is kind to us all and look forward to another great night of Jazz with friends.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Ha ha Dive took this of me Christmas Day..the idea was to see the lovely scarf sister in law made for me, afraid it did not match the red!!