Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last evening I had a phone call to look at the sky as it would make a nice photo!
So thanks Ivan for the call, and hope I have at least got some of the beautiful sky.
Autumn is upon us, it is not a pleasant month for me as my John passed away this month eight years ago.. but it is still good to look up and wonder! He would have loved these.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Line up for the 28th..

Hope we will see a nice lot of people to support next week at the Flixton Buck.

The line up will be Tony Jullings (double bass)...Neil Kane (drums)...Alan Cugnoni (banjo and guitar)... and the front line is Tim Densham (clarinet and sax)..Dick (Trummy) Mayhew(trombone).. and Simon Nelson (trumpet) and we hope some songs..

These people work so hard to give us a good evening of jazz and so please come and support them.

And one never knows there may be some more musicians popping in..

Jazz Flixton Buck

Well another great night of jazz, thanks fellows...not too many people last night, but hope we who were there made up with our clapping..

Phil the landlord did say he enjoyed the music last night, I am glad about that.

As I said in my last post a good line up, and added to that we had Ray on the keyboard, so those who did not come missed some really great jazz ...different this week again because of the line up.. some yummy playing and singing.
A couple of solo's from Tony on his double bass, he makes good sounds. and the front liners blowing their socks off for us.
Alan does so well getting everyone to play each week, maybe we will have a few more followers back next week to cheer them on.
Lovely evening ..Colin and Duncan thanks for the laughs and the chips!! Nice to see Heather back as well....and Simon of well as all the other pals there, what a great bunch of people.

Thanks for the lift Ivan, and just want to say a get well soon for a very dear fan of the jazz who is in hospital at the moment, hurry back Peter we all miss you.

Alan will let me know who is playing next week, so watch this space..

Those who just want to see the jazz click on the banner above please..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flixton Buck 14th October

Yet another great night of Jazz last Thursday, nice to see everyone there enjoying themselves.

What a great line up as well. Neil on the drums and a change over at half time with Peter on drums...Tony as always our lovely man on the bass.. Barbara so good to see her again on banjo. and the front line of Simon Nelson who did a really good job of fronting the jazz this week, both playing and singing, ( not at the same time)! Chris on trombone, plus singing..and Pete Scott, who is also a great player, and songs from him as well, a bonus of Simon Denny who popped in with some great songs, so all in all a very enjoyable evening.
The jokes were great Simon!
A nice smile from Barbara...

Next week the 21st of October, the line up will be Alan Cugnoni ( banjo and guitar) who does all the business of getting the gigs together and it is a hard job to find all these good musicians every week. Tony Jullings (double bass)..and Neil Kane (drums)..front line this week, is Mike Leigh (trumpet) so nice to see him again..Bill Brewer (trombone) and Pete Scott (clarinet and sax).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jazz 14th October

This Thursday 14th October the Sole Bay Jazz will be at Flixton Buck again ..the line up is....

Tony Jullings(double bass)..Neil Kane (drums)..Barbara Greene (banjo) on the front line is..

Simon Nelson.. Pete Scott..Chris Cappoci..

..Another great night of jazz looks to be heading our way, so come and join in the fun..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wheatacre White Lion

On Thursday evening another great night of Jazz from the Sole Bay folk..

Then on Friday, Chris Capocci's Big House Jazz Men did a gig at the Wheatacre White of course many of us went to hear them play..

What a great night good music lovely people as always, and so tried another little video.

Hope you enjoy, thanks guys looking forward to the 12th November..

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jazz 7th October

This coming Thursday 7th October the line up at the Filxton Buck is:-

Alan Cugnoni (guitar and banjo).. Neil Kane (drums)..Tony Jullings (double bass).. and on the front line Ray Symonds (trumpet).. Derek Cubitt (reeds) and Trummy Mayhew (trombone)..

That sounds like another good line up, so hope to see all you jazz lovers there to support these great jazz musicians.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

St. Louis Blues

Yay! At last here is some more video of the amazing Sole Bay Jazz Band playing live at Flixton Buck. A great version of St.Louis Blues featuring Tim, Derek, Chris, Tony, Neil and Barbara.

Enjoy (except my camera work - I am still learning).

Friday, October 01, 2010


Those of you who look in and missed last nights jazz, well you missed some great music.

I cannot believe how different each week sounds with the wonderful musicians that come and play for us fans.

What a line up we had, Tim Densham (reeds) Tony Jullings (double bass)and sitting in for Neil on drums Craig Hipperson what a really talented drummer he is, and for Alan on banjo, our dear Barbara Green, she can make some really good sounds and always so happy..
Derek Cubitt (reeds) one of the lads guesting, and Ray Symonds who I was not expecting to play but he is so good on his keyboard, and can he tinkle the ivories.. also Tony Parsons on trombone and wonderful singing voice. You sang some good ones last night Tony!
As you can see we had young Zeb on his trombone again, and what a pleasure to see young people playing jazz, and how good for him to play with so many talented did a really fine session young Zeb, thank you.
A great night thanks to everyone, such a lovely crowd of friendly people who I have the pleasure to call so many of them 'my friends.'. you make Thursday nights such good fun and great listening. Thanks for taking me Ivan .. Duncan and Colin so good to have you back again.. A pity we cannot get all in the same room so many had to sit in the bar, but luckily the music sounds in there as well...

I will hear from Alan soon and will post next weeks line up on here, my goodness each week one thinks it cannot get better but it does!