Monday, April 26, 2010


Thanks for the photo Neil! cannot find such a good flower one of you, ha ha I will get you though!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jazz and Swing Band

No photos this week, forgot my camera...but what a great night at the Flixton Buck on Thursday again, such a talented group of musicians... as well as the usual great players..we had 'Trummy' Mayhew on his trombone and Ray on the keyboard.... and dear Bill on the sax..if you look on Southwold Jazz web site you can read all about it as young Neil always keeps us up to date with the news...

Lovely to see Colin and Duncan's relations again, sorry you could not get to Malta, but at least you had a good time around here this week, safe journey back to Scotland on Sunday....

This week Neil is tormenting me by saying that this 'old lady' is a 'model girl', ha ha told him he should have gone to spec savers! but they are all such good sports over Heather she is a model gal, and hope you have a great birthday on Sunday sweetheart....good job you have a sense of humour Sandy!!!

Last night I got taken to see the Swing Band at The Cut in Halesworth a very nice venue, I had heard of but never attended, (nice to see you Bob) was it great, and Dave, Ian and Mr Roberts among many friends who play in it.. they are truly good musicians and a real treat for lovers of swing.... next visit to them will be the Hanger Dance in June, now that is something to try and get tickets for.. as we have ours, it is who you know not what you know, however I believe there are a few tickets left for the Friday night....looking forward to seeing if these old bones can still swing... may need some practice before then.

Will try and remember my camera next week, when we visit the Buck again...and may even attempt a video, or that may be asking too much..

You wait Neil I will sort you out ha ha!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flixton Jazz again!

Once again a great night at the Buck. such music these folk give to our ears.
Have actually got them all in this week.Tim, Tony ,Neil, Derek, Alan and Ray.thanks for another good night, not so many people but hope we gave you a nice lot of applause, you deserved it.
Derek and Tim both play sax, and clarinet, and they always make good listening.
I could listen to the Prof on the bass for hours, and Ray plays the trumpet most times, but is ace on the keyboard!
Tim giving us some moody jazz
Derek blowing up some magic as well.
Thanks again Neil for advice on the camera, lovely man! Colin and Duncan for sharing your table with us... Roy for the songs...Thanks as always Ivan for taking me, and girls thanks for the chat and the sweets, hope you had a great birthday night Janet.
Phil our landlord thanks for the cuddle, and Heather for being you, you are an asset to the Buck, and Simon of course, and lovely to see so many good friends, loving Thursday nights as always, if you look in and read this should make an effort and come and have a great night of jazz.

Monday, April 12, 2010


A peep at the top of one of the wedding cakes! Kerry and Stewart have seen it now, and are happy with the cake ..will post the rest after the happy day..

I thought I would pop this birthday cake for my cousin on as she is in South Africa at the moment, it is her present from Jan ,cousin Janet and me for when she comes over next month.. think she will like it....

Friday, April 09, 2010

Flixton Buck Jazz

Thursday at the Buck again another great evening of Jazz, and thanks to Neil and his advice a few better photos!
Did I say better! ha ha but Bill is looking to heaven for advice and Alan and Roy both moved faster than my camera could.... and a lovely smile from our trombone player.
Now that Neil said try playing about with the photos I think I have taken a step too far but great moody pics!
Dear prof you play beautifully, and now I have made you all glowing!
At last have got all of the lads in one photo, and what were you two chatting about? while Tim was doing his solo?

Thanks to everyone for another great night such talent, and we do appreciate it, roll on next Thursday...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jazz at the Buck

The above is a link to the Southwold Sole Bay Jazz site .. Well hopefully anyway as I am not exactly clever with things like links, one of my boys has shown me, but you know what it is like one sometimes forgets.! especially at my age..

I know I do not get many comments actually written on my blog, but I do know a lot of folk look in. and Neil and Alan who do a lot to promote the great people of the Jazz band has asked me to pop the link on, if it does not work just type in to your browser. Do look as it is very informative.

The guys are on the look out for anyone interested in coming to play with them sometimes, so if you are a player please go to the link and read about it.

Everyone has great fun on a Thursday evening, and Phil the landlord and his staff, as you may have read before, are very welcoming.

Looking forward to seeing them all tonight.. and if the link does not work Neil will have a great laugh!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


My lovely Camellia once again this year is gorgeous.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Jazz at the Buck

Not sure what has happened this week to my photo's they are bad but hope you can get the picture of a great night with the Sole Bay Jazz boys.
~Great line up Tim ,the Prof, Neil, Alan, the backbone of the always...Ray Bill and Tony giving us a really good line up this week. loved the singing Tony.
Bill nice to see you again. Even if I blurred you!
Tony and Ray, great music and loved the keyboard...and a little bit of Alan.
Some of our lovely ladies, and a bit of Tim!
More of our ladies, sorry about the flash girls.
Heather sending Colin into a yummy state! well she is gorgeous..
Thanks to Ivan for taking me...Phil our Landlord, Simon, Colin and Duncan, Neil and Ken, John Ruth and Chris to mention a few.and all the other great folk who make a wonderful Jazz night on a Thursday, we love you all. Missed you Roy!
Will have to relearn how to take photo's or get a new camera!